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Chris Kelly News Roundup

Early on in his first administration, Gov. Blagojevich was criticized for spending taxpayer dollars to monitor his press coverage.

I wonder what Blagojevich was thinking when he read this in the morning clips:


Illinois governor's former adviser on gambling accused of tax fraud

The Associated Press is reporting that Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s former adviser on gambling issues was charged today with tax fraud for allegedly tapping his company's funds to pay off gambling debts.

I wonder what Jay Hoffman was thinking when he read this:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Blagojevich friend is indicted

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Gov. Rod Blagojevich's former top fundraiser and gambling-issue adviser was indicted Thursday on charges that he hid more than $1 million in personal income — in part to conceal his gambling debts. It was part of a trio of new federal indictments against people connected to Blagojevich's administration.

And I wonder what the ex-patriots in Paris when they woke up to this:

International Herald Tribune (Paris):

Ill. Gov. Blagojevich's ex-adviser indicted in corruption investigation

CHICAGO: Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's former adviser on gambling issues was charged Thursday with tax fraud for allegedly dipping into his roofing company's money to pay off gambling debts.

I love that one. Paris. George Ryan had to get nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize to get mentioned there.

GOP Hopefuls or Hopeless?

Somebody remind me how Rod Blagojevich got re-elected?

Oh yeah, the GOP can't find a statewide candidate w/o both hands and a map.

The Republican Party is so divided by regionalism and social values, they can't seem to get their act together. The only things they agree on are they hate Emil Jones and Rod Blagojevich. And they love Jim Edgar.

Many people have mentioned Tom Cross, Sen. Brady, Aaron Schock as potential GOP statewide candidates. I've got news for you. Tom Cross doesn't play too well in the Biblebelt, and Sen. Brady and Aaron Schock will never make it in the suburbs. Heck, Schock only plays in Peoria.

So, my question is, what OTHER Republicans do you think have a shot at getting elected to statewide office some day. What office? When?

My pick: Mark Kirk. I think Kirk is going to get tired of being in the minority in Washington under a Democratic President. I think he will run for Governor. And I think he'll do it in 2010 if Obama is in the White House.

Okay. That's my pick. Anybody else?


Bill Baar 6:53 AM  

I wouldn't underestimate Brady's ability to sell upstate. I think he's capable of doing a reverse Giuliani in the GOP, a social conservative who can sell himself moderates and liberals.

Kirk is going to carry a lot of baggage from this Congress. It might even be easier for Brady.

fedup dem 8:44 AM  

It should be noted that Mark Kirk will have plenty of time to devote to a gubernatorial campaign in 2009after he is ousted from Congress next November.

Yellow Dog Democrat 10:12 AM  

A good point, Fedup, and I like Dan Seals, but lets not underestimate Mark Kirk's campaigning abilities.

Yellow Dog Democrat 10:15 AM  

bill baar --

I just don't see how a guy who believes Creationism should be taught in schools and opposes common sense gun control gets through the door in the Chicago region.

And I wouldn't tout Guiliani, either. I don't think he's sold himself to social conservatives at all. He's still doing well in national polls, based on his name recognition, but he's expected to lose Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Extreme Wisdom 12:45 PM  


You (and everyone else, for that matter) underestimate the ability of this state to move right once the proper alternative comes along.

That said, I don't think Brady is the guy. He's perceived as having run for the sole purpose of splitting the "conservative" vote to assist Topinka, and you are correct re: the "creationism" critique.

Here's a guy who talks about teaching intelligent design in schools, but argues against school choice.

Not too bright.

Mark Kirk might run, but after weathering 2006, he'll be re-elected by larger margins in 08.

1994 was the GOP high water mark, and 2006 is going to be the Dems peak.

Bush has ratings in the low 30s, and he's making Reid and Pelosi "squeal like a pig."

I'm no big fan of the Republican House bozos, but the demise of the Republicans at the Presidential level is highly overstated.

Hillary loses in nearly any circumstance (she'll beat Rudy and Romney, but I doubt either of them will be the nominee), and the Barockstar won't fare much better.

The best thing that could happen to Illinois is that the R's nominate another limp ("only a moderate can win") rag, and a dynamic independent beats both Ds and Rs with about 37% of the vote.

Why any Illinoisian has an ounce of respect for either of these parties is beyond me.

Bill Baar 1:49 PM  

I just don't see how a guy who believes Creationism should be taught in schools and opposes common sense gun control gets through the door in the Chicago region.

I've seen Brady talk and I think he can make the bridge much as Giuliani does by saying, I stand here, I know you're all not with me, where do we agree and lets work there.

Creationism in schools not that much of an issue... guns a little more so, but if I were Brady I'd turn that into tough on crime.

Speculate on how many Politicans carry concealed guns in Chicago. If you think it's more than a a few, than that's probably the biggest testament to some of the phoniness out on right to bear arms. A lot of people carry guns because they're scared, and while that's bad, I can understand and it's evidence of government failing in one of its most basic duties.

Bruno is right on school choice though. I think choice has to be a big part of any program and it needs to be sold as empowerment... 'cause that's what it is.

DuPage Saint,  3:05 PM  

We always have Oberwise or Allen Keyes. The next Republican Gov. has to graduate from high school first. Thank you Pate, Lee, & govs Jim & Jim for the fine job you did in bringing up candidates for the 21st century.

Anonymous,  10:41 PM  

Bill Brady is a goof. He's a pariah (at least among Repubs with a brain) after helping split the hick vote last year, and handing the nomination to the unelectable Topinka.

Now Brady's taking a dive for Giuliani's campaign (where Topinka is), by making sure Fred Thompson gets no energy in Illinois. Fred's delegate slate and IL team are a joke.

steve schnorf 1:15 AM  

I'm a Republican, I have a brain. I don't think Brady is a goof. Anyone who really believes Brady ran to help JBT is either too uninformed to be credible, or stupid. Anon 10:41, if he's so bad, why aren't you leading the Thompson effort?

Aaron Slick,  6:34 AM  

It is a shame that Steve Rauschenberger no longer has his name prominently out there. He would have made an excellent GOP candidate. Steve made some bad campaign choices however when he ran for governor and later, lieutenant governor.
Chris Lauzen would also be an excellent choice for governor. Lauzen's stance on the abortion issue would be the biggest negative for him getting elected(although, personally, I agree with his view).
Bill Brady is probably a good GOP choice. Brady is considered to be "bland" and I am afraid that is what the majority of Illinois GOP and Democrat voters are looking for. "Bland is good" as far as the voters are concerned after having a foul taste left in their mouths from George Ryan & Rod Blagojevich.

Extreme Wisdom 9:24 AM  

Anyone who really believes Brady ran to help JBT is either too uninformed to be credible, or stupid.

Steve, you may be correct that this wasn't Brady's motivation, but calling people who think so "stupid" or "uninformed" is beneath you.

Running to assist another candidate is a time-honored tradition in IL, and the age old latin question "cui bono" (who benefits) comes into play as well.

For example, if Brady REALLY wanted to run for name recognition and a future run for Gov., the BEST thing he could have done (for HIMSELF!) would have been to drop out a few weeks before the primary, endorse no one, and wait for inevitable defeat of the awful Topinka.

The party regulars couldn't hate him, and the conservative wing would have been more than happy to give him support.

As it turned out, his campaign was quixotic and underfunded from the start, and it just seemed that there wasn't quite enough fire in the belly to warrant "credibility" as a full-bore campaign.

But it DID succeed in splitting the conservative vote.

Cui Bono?

This is neither proven nor written in stone, but neither is it stupid or incredible.

Speaking of this moment, Bill Brady has a good chunk of the right wing blogoshpere convinced that he DID run to assist Topinka (rightly or wrongly).

His staying in the race only served to hurt his chances of getting nominated. Dropping out would have made him a hero to the right.

[BTW, Brady, as well as any other Republican will be defeated by Lisa Madigan, or Giannoulias, or any other Democrat put up by the party in 2010]

To win, the Republicans will have to run on something other than "We're not Blago."

Their unwillingness to campaign on a single idea, platform, or bold initiative are proof that they ARE merely Blagos in waiting.

They currently offer Illinois NOTHING, and nothing is what they will get.

Just who isn't "credible" here?

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