Monday, December 10, 2007

Bill Foster files for the special in IL-14

Bill Foster will file 1,832 signatures this morning for the special election in IL-14. They like to point out that's after a week with two ice storms and 8 inches of snow. I like to point out that it's a perfectly sufficient number to avoid a challenge.

I think they needed 870 or so, so 1,832 pads their total nicely and they were still able to do other stuff the past week.

I was out helping the Foster campaign in IL-14 yesterday. I was struck by a few things.

Something I had wondered about with the Foster campaign early on was whether or not they would be able to expand their base and their volunteer pool sufficiently. As I read through their volunteer board on the wall of the office yesterday, I really got it that they are doing the right things to diversify their support. I suspected they were doing all the right things before and I had no reason to think otherwise, but yesterday seriously cemented it in my brain.

Like every campaign should, they started out building upon Bill's personal and professional relationships for financial and volunteer support. One of the things that I look for in candidates is whether or not the candidate's former colleagues like and respect him or her enough to invest time and money in the campaign. Bill certainly passed that test with flying colors! How many candidates can you think of who have world class scientists (and their families) writing checks AND pounding the pavement for them?!

The Foster Scientific Brigade have continued to be out in full effect for Bill and the campaign has managed to recruit many new, enthusiastic supporters form very diverse communities! I've met college kids from Aurora University and Northern Illinois University. I saw several of the Fox Valley Forge strikers and their families. Teachers from Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and Elgin. Nurses from DeKalb, Aurora, and Oswego. At least two Kane County Board members and several other elected officials and their families. And, perhaps most importantly, many people who I know from firsthand experience who have the ability to influence large chunks of the voting bloc.

Couple this with the fact that Bill has raised the most money of any Democratic or Republican candidate (aside from his personal contribution) and has picked up some very impressive endorsements (AFSCME Council 31, Planned Parenthood, Senator Dick Durbin, and 19 Nobel Laureates among them!) and things are looking pretty good for the Foster campaign. I'm pretty happy with their progress thus far.


Bill Baar 9:30 AM  

Re: Foster Scientific Brigade

I'd say it's more like West Suburban Democrats offering themselves as party of the Geeks with candidates in the 6th and 14th with roots in two large Federal Labs: Morganthaler at Argonne and Foster at Fermi... and both labs with roots in the Manhatten Project.

Foster may have the money and the bigger endorsements but I sure don't sense the enthusiasm for him. I visit my kids at NIU and see only Laesch signs and stickers.

Both Morganthaler and Foster may be Democrats closer to my ways of thinking, but somehow they both seem a bit to plastic for my taste.

Check wurfwhile on a similar note of lack of enthusiasm for Foster although he's a convert for sure.

I'm not sure running as the party of the geeks is going to be winner; in primaries or the general.

Stuck with Sen. CPA,  12:28 PM  


I think the adults will have the final say in the primary. Look at how torqued Archpundit is at Laesch. Laesch strikes me as a bit of wingnut. You know, the kind that runs a vanity campaign with no chance of winning when no one else real will step up.

And I'll take party of the geeks. We could use a bright guy/gal or three in Congress.

And if Lauzen doesn't strike you as plastic than you've never talked to him for very long.

George S,  3:57 PM  

Laesch IS a wingnut, Foster is a mouse (if you ever heard him speak you'd know what I mean), Stein is.... Stein - a nice enough guy, but sort of in over his head and his issues need work. Joe Serra, on the other hand - is over looked. Serra has the issues, he's a GREAT guy, he's well known in his community and he's a moderate - he appeals to the republicans and the dems. What Serra doesn't have is money - that is all. If he had the money behind him, he would out shine all contenders. That really is the truth - seriously - he's a great candidate without money.

yinn,  9:15 AM  

Generally, moderates don't think that sticking around in Iraq is such a great idea. If not for that, Serra might indeed be worth another look.

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