Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Peraica Balanced Budget Plan

I got an email from the Peraica for State's Attorney campaign advertising that he will appear on FOX Chicago Sunday and NBC5's City Desk on Sunday morning. Also he provided a link to his budget plan for Cook County. I thought it deserved some play here.

- Calls for a modest reduction of 2% of the FY2007 appropriation level for most departments. The heads of these departments are the best position to know how to best appropriate the funds that their departments receive.

- Reduces the FY 2007 level for the Cook County Recorder of Deeds by 25%.

- Eliminates the TB Sanitarium District. The department of public health is equipped to handle any and all TB issues that arise.

- Eliminates the Police Department at John Stroger Hospital, which was supposed to be disbanded by September 2007, but was given a reprieve at the 11th hour.

- Calls for the elimination of duplicative administrative positions throughout the Cook County Bureau of Health. Examples include the Human Resource Departments in the Bureau of Health that have been absorbed by the Department of Human Resources.

- President Stroger claims there is a $230 million deficit in the budget, yet wants to clear it up by imposing $1 billion per year in new taxes. The deficit statistics given by the Stroger administration change with great frequency, thus making it difficult to determine what the real deficit level is.

- Even if the currently offered statistics were true, they do not justify adding $1 billion per year in new taxes. What do they plan to do with the additional $670 million?


Anonymous,  10:52 PM  

Er, so is Peraica running for States Attorney or Cook County Board President all over again?

The last time I checked, the Cook County States Attorney was not in charge of setting the county budget!

Anono,  12:13 AM  

Er, 10:52, is Peraica still a County Commissioner? You political operatives gotta put it down once in a while and think about the responsibilities of the office at least a little bit.

Anonymous,  12:20 PM  

I heard Peraica voted with the Democrats against cutting the County budget $100 million dollars on Friday.

Anonymous,  12:51 PM  

Let's face it, Peraica really doesn't want to see anything accomplished on the board. He still has delusions of being Board President. He wants things to remain dysfunctional so he can keep using it against Stroger. He's thinking about a rematch in 2010. Peraica's just putting personal politics ahead of county residents.

Of course Peraica will never be a serious contender for any serious office again. Most everyone has seen through the lies by now and recognize that Peraica has disturbing mental issues. Tony's unsafe at any speed.

The only people still in his camp are a handful of thugs who have nowhere else to go.

Anonymous,  8:04 PM  

Ah the machine slaves--but the budget proposal makes a lot of sense--the budget he proposed.. it makes a lot of sense... real intuitive...makes a lot of the now what do you do...machine slaves? Boo-Hoo, Boo-Hoo @#!%^! That Big Bad Tony he's gonna narc on us!

areyousmarterthanaboardmember?,  8:35 PM  

Uh, somebody tell Tony that the TB district was disbanded and merged into the county health department months ago.

Carl,  11:02 AM  

Areyousmarterthanaboardmember clearly is not. Go online and read the fy 08 budget. Stroger is proposing to refund the TB district to the tune of nearly $5 million. Perhaps you should check your facts before making stupid comments.

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