Friday, December 21, 2007

Daley's endoresment of Ed Smith

From the Sun Times on Daley backs Council foe for county job,

Moore acknowledged that the mayor's endorsement of his opponent was a blow to his campaign. "The mayor probably wants to get rid of him from being an alderman."
I thought they made you a Congressman instead when they wanted you to leave.


fedup dem 9:15 AM  

It used to be that the Machine made you a judge.

Snidely Whiplash,  6:26 PM  

Moore's English is horrendous. Maybe he wants to get rid of Gene from being a Recorder of Deeds.

Deep Water 3:44 PM  

Alderman Smith is a very nice person. He has served in the trenches, Ed has a rough ward.

Anonymous,  12:15 AM  

I guess everyone has a price and it looks like Daley has found a matching bookend for the City Clerk Miguel DeValle, former reformers who have sold out. I would have voted for Ed Smith but now I am going for Eugene Moore

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