Saturday, December 29, 2007

Julie Richmond's Christmas Letter

This letter came with a card and picture of a nice family.

It left my wife and I baffled as to who these pleasant looking strangers were, until I realized it was political.

Julie's husband David is running for the Illinois GA's 50th district in an open race created by Patricia Linder's retirement.

If there was ever a case for putting some distance between a primary and Christmas, this letter sealed it for me.

From the Trib,

Candidates for state representative in the 50th Legislative District stayed busy prior the Christmas holiday. Republican Anton “Tony” Graff and his supporters were busy posting campaign signs in the district in recent days. Graff, a commercial real estate broker and former city manager, faces Kay Hatcher, Terry Hunt, and David Richmond in the Feb. 5 GOP primary election. More information about Graff’s candidacy is available at his campaign Web site at
Democrat Mary Schneider hosted a campaign fund-raising event Dec. 13 and announced that the Illinois AFL-CIO recently endorsed her campaign.

Schneider’s Web site is under construction but more information about her candidacy is available at

The 50th District takes in portions of Kane, Kendall and LaSalle counties. State Rep. Patricia Reid Lindner is not seeking re-election to the office.

Footnote: Schneider came to politics through Stem Cell research and her son's cerebal palsey.

I'm not quite sure where she's on it now but I'm certainly glad Science has figured out how to end the stem cell wars.


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