Monday, December 03, 2007

Bill Foster TV Ads

Here are his two TV ads. The first on Iraq.

The next on Foster as businessman and geek: Foster Secures the Endorsements 23 of Nobel Prize Winners

All the Democrats I know in the 14th are ultra Liberals and their hearts are with Laesch. Their still passionate about Iraq (and oddly silent on Afganistan). I'm not sure Foster as candidate of the Nobel winners will sway them much.

I guess it depends on how much they watch TV.


Stuck with Sen. CPA,  6:10 PM  

Not really.

Maybe the ultra liberals in the Tri-Cities are in love with Laesch, but Foster seems is a grown-up and the best shot for Democrats to win the seat.

The local Ds who think Laesch is their best shot are like the Rs who thought Keyes was their best shot.

Bill Baar 7:49 AM  

Foster a better shot to win, I agree... but switching from an ad on the war to run as geek from the lab shows me the real passion will stay with Laesch.

How deep that passion runs among Kane Dems I don't know.

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