Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ed Smith: Life & Times of Progressive Politics

More oral history in the video below from Smith than campaigning for Recorder of Deeds, but then how much of a case can he make for an office with a mission that puts most to sleep.

This video would be more effective if Smith had some one asking questions. Would add a little more give and take, like what does a recorder of deeds do?

Anyways, some day I want to interview every Alderman, Mayor, Village Prez along the Metra's West Line from Ed Smith's 28th to Mayor Willy's Elburn . I think there is more uniting those communities, and everyone in between, then seperating them and it would be nice to have it all out there on YouTube.

At least both ends of the line are blogging and active on the web now, and Smith's Progressive Life & Times timely given the progressives posting on just what it means to call oneself a progressive.

Footnote: He's got an effective website at least in my book. A blog explaining why he wants to run (kept me awake), a good bio (he speaks Hindi and Tegulu), and no broken links as far as I can tell. Only piece he needs to finish is this.


fed up,  1:57 PM  

This is just Edsmith pulling a Bill Beavers he wants an aldermans pension and a county paycheck. He wants to double dip.

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