Thursday, December 06, 2007

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I posted on my blog a video provided by The Capitol Fax YouTube channel where there was a discussion about the possible constitutional convention in 2010, that is if Illinois voters vote in the affirmitive for it.

Well I write about it to mention that someone left a comment and this individual posted a link to a blog, Con-Con Illinois 2010, where they propose changed to the state constitution. I'm a proponent of bringing back proportional representation to the state at least for the House of Representatives. This individual wants to go much further.

This individual wants to institute a unicameral (or one-house) legislature to the state of Illinois. In addition to provided for a system of proportional represention for this legislature. This one house legislature will be much larger than the members of the House of Representatives before the cut-back amendment. Let's see 177 pre-1982 in the Illinois House vs. a proposed 249 in the proposed unicameral.

This individual is going further than I'd go, but it's worth a discussion here. So let's see here proposals that could be discussed at the state constitutional convention are school-funding, public pensions, recall, eminent domain, proportional representation, and now a unicameral legislature. If there's anything else that should be discussed at the convention should one be held now is the time to speak on it!


Anonymous,  11:54 AM  

I'd prefer cutting the senate to 39 and the house to 117 with 3 house members per district -- still a reduction in legislators but a return to more rational discourse prompted by the 3-member districts.

Carl Nyberg 1:12 PM  

Let's go to a unicameral legislature of 150.

The state could be divided into Chicago, suburban Cook, collar counties, northern Illinois and southern Illinois.

Each of these regions would be subdivided to have districts that elect five or six legislators. The top five (or six) vote getters from each district would go to Springfield.

This would create a truly politically diverse legislature.

Extreme Wisdom 10:38 PM  

Anything is preferable to what we have now, but the discussion here is still slavering over "representation" over citizen control.

Illinois needs a Binding ballot intiative, recall of all elected officials, and an end to gerymandering.

Frankly, a dramatic increase in representation in a unicameral house is something that should be thrown on the table as we toss the worst Constitution in the 50 sates.

DuPage Saint,  10:49 AM  

Cut WAY back on the number of governmental units and the number of elective offices.

Extreme Wisdom 6:53 PM  

Dupage Saint,

You are absolutely correct about the number of governmental units, which will dramatically decrease the amount of elected officials, but the fact is more state reps means better representation with more competitive elections.

We also need to question the usefulness of the 2 parties and the game they are running on all of us.

Our state reps aren't really our representatives. They are closer to Earls who transmit the edicts from the King and the Dukes, otherwise known as The Guv. and the 4 tops (who have become the 2 tops and 2 mini-mes)

Sure, there are one or two exceptions to this rule, but IL is closer to a feudal system than a representative republic.

Absent a convention, there is no hope to change course, either.

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