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Cicero Hate Crime

So. I've been gone for a while. If you're at all curious, Official Dan L Girlfriend and I served up the little girl known as Official Dan L Daughter, born November 20, 2007 at a respectable 7 pounds, 9 ounces. First name Katharina, middle name Irene - middle name was determined by popular poll taken the day of birth by....well 3/5ths of the hospital staff and everybody in my cell phone contact list. Mad props go out to my very good friend , Sarah, who was at the hospital at 6am and provided much needed moral support up until 10:30pm. That's what I call a friend.

Sarah is also available for moral support Planned Parenthood escorts, which she does monthly. (Yes, my word choice is very deliberate. Have a nice day.)

Suffice to say, you always hear that having a daughter changes your perspective - and it's true. For example, I used to hope that Joe Francis became the victim of a fiery car crash. Post baby birth, I've adjusted my opinion to instead pray for an elevator accident or heroine OD - whichever will occur before baby Kat goes off to college.

Dark humor aside, all is well, Mom is all good, Dad is stressed, and the baby is thriving.

Anyway, there's still plenty of stupid to talk about. Case and point, the winger response to this:

A Cicero man angry about an alleged homosexual advance raped the man he claimed propositioned him, and then sodomized him with a broomstick, officials said.

Felipe Rivera, 43, is charged with a hate crime as well as aggravated criminal sexual assault and other offenses, said a spokesman for the Cook County state's attorney's office. If convicted, he could face more than 30 years in prison, a source said.

According to a spokesman for Cicero police, Rivera and the victim encountered each other at a party Friday night in the 1200 block of South 50th Avenue.

Pretty obvious: Random Homophobe comes in contact with Random Gay Guy. Random Gay Guy may have made some sort of advance or may not have, which is immaterial to Random Homophobe who is just deathly afraid he'll come in contact with t3h gay. Random Homophobe freaks out and flies into a violent rage. Violent rage is expressed in the form of sexual assault, which as anybody with a few brain cells knows - sexual assault is not about sex, rather is about power. Minority perceived as diminutive is not good enough for your standard beat down, rather is more fitting for being sodomized with a broomstick. And...just curious...does anybody want to put some money down on our Random Homophobe having already served time, where sexual assault substitutes for run of the mill ass kicking on a regular basis? Really? Who wants to bet? I need to start the baby's college fund this week. Somebody step up.

Does anybody beef with that interpretation of events? Ok. Let me qualify that. Does anybody who is neither rascal bound due to obesity, currently wearing a Stone Cold Austin 3:16 tshirt with matching sweat pants from Walmart, or currently seeking female companionship at purity balls have a beef with that interpretation of events? Ok. Didn't think so.

Enter Porno Petey:

We also know that some men may secretly (or even not so secretly) engage (or desire) homosexual perversions yet eschew the “gay” label for themselves – so the fact that Rivera told police that he “hates homosexuals” tells us little. He may hate that part of himself drawn to deviant homosexual acts.

Behavior, not self-labels, is what counts: we wonder how many cases like this end up on the FBI’s list as an “anti-gay” “hate-crime” statistic — to be exploited later, ironically, by “gay” activists lobbying for dubious pro-homosexual “hate crimes” laws … We’ll follow this story closely.

Sure, Rivera penetrated the poor guy with a broomstick and stated that he "hates faggots" and "this is what [they] get", but come on---- this couldn't possibly be a hate crime against LGBT folks!!! Yes of course!!! Rivera is just another homo himself!!! That god damned "homosexual behavioral agenda" and their underhanded fight for alleged/so called "equality".

More fun, from the Illinois Simple Institute:

You may be asking yourself -- as am I -- how can a homosexual man be charged with a "hate crime" against another homosexual? If a male rapist victimizes another man -- isn't the rapists a homosexual by definition? Still, the Cook County state's attorney's office has decided to press "hate crime" charges in this case.


When you read stuff like that, what else can you say? Maybe we should just give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was fucking high like when he told us there are no poor people in America, indeed David must get some really good shit.

Look, here we have a perfect and indisputable example of a brutal and entirely senseless assault driven only by hate for a particular group. Then you have well funded noise making, so called "pro-family" and supposedly "Christian", organizations making every argument from "sexual assault is about fulfilling some sort of latent sexual perversity" all the way to actually encouraging people to cover their eyes and chalk up a hate crime as either domestic violence or just run of the mill random crime - even going so far as to make loose apologist arguments for the assailant. Is there any situation that could be a more perfect example of why we need hate crime legislation?

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Anonymous,  10:41 PM  

WTF? I do not think you read your insane rantings. Why don't you marry the women? Dan L. No one goes to your site. And what is with the Frank and Pat Site? Frank Coconate needs to sue you and your sick friends. I am sorry to say, but I wish you never had a child. Go to Clout City Blog if you wish to discuss this.

ArchPundit 1:36 AM  


ArchPundit 1:43 AM  

Why didn't you abort the fetus Dan?

compare and contrast....

The birth of a baby where I come from is a moment of celebration, not of criticism.

John 7:00 AM  

Congratulations, Dan. Enjoy that little girl. You are in for a lifetime of joy and wonder.

dan l 9:20 AM  

@anon: My drunken Irish much did you have to drink last night?

And please, have Franky call his e-lawyer and sue me. Many lulz will ensue.

@Arch, John: Thanks for the congrats.

Michael Serafinian,  3:51 PM  

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

I agree with you, sans death, about Francis and girls gone wild.
He and girls gone wild is represented by GREENBERG TRAURIG LAW FIRM--the law firm of Jack Abramoff, Victor Reyes, and representing Melrose Park. Sleaze sometimes attacks sleaze.

I also agree with you about the disgusting nature of the crime in Cicero. To me, it does not matter if the perpetrator is gay, straight or anything else. It is a vile crime. The perpetrator may or may not be homosexual. Certainly if he raped the other person there is something homosexual going on. The issues of human sexuality are very complex. The rights of the victim should be paramount, and this type of treatment is evil regardless of some type of supposed initial provocation. So, I think I agree with you and think it is wrong for others to diminish or minimize the crime. It is possible that Rivera was a self hating gay man and he allegedly and according to the article raped the man himself before the object insertion. Whatever the facts are, it should never be used as an apologetic for this type of behavior at all.

I do find your link to your friend Sarah very offensive as she starts out with a message to "fuck the Pope" and other very disrespectful words for the Pope and things he said. This certainly is not professional or courteous language that should be used or even linked to on a professional political blog. There are many Catholics, and even friends of yours, like Pat Hickey--that would find messages like "fuck the Pope" and the other deragatory words very offensive.

I do not know "Porno Pete" nor the "Illinois Simple Institute" but it does not seem your descriptions help your position.
I understand you are sarcastic and there is humor involved but it seems that you cross a line that is certainly subjective but obvious in your case. You are unique in the Illinoize posters in using foul language, insulting people, being explicitly sexual (on a political blog). You seem obsessed with certain topics and you seem to not believe there is any legitimate discussion on certain issues let alone a legitimate position.

Congrats again on your daughter. I would hope for the New Year you could tone down your language and insults and have a more courteous and civil and professional and respectful discussion sans swear words, insults and unecessary overt sexual langauge. I understand humor and a more 21st Century "snarky" Howard Stern way of doing things. However, I think you are unique on this Illinoize blog and cross a line.

Peter Dignan,  4:39 PM  

I think Dan L is right on.

Many psychiatrists believe that Jon Burge is a homosexual. His mother was a fashion editor. He never speaks of his father. Mayor Byrne describes how he was impeccably dressed and he always has perfectly coifed hair.

I can appreciate Dan L's wanting for the bad guys to fall down in elevators. Most bad guys will not go in nicely and deserve a good rib shot or phone book. However, just because Jon Burge made big black men strip naked and he played with and electrocuted their testicles doesn't necessarily make him gay. Lots of heterosexual guys touch each others testicles and sometimes electrocution is used for pleasure and recereation.

Just because Burge electrocuted testicles and liked to see black men naked and play with their balls does not mean that Burge is gay just as Rivera sodomizing another man does not make him a homosexual. Putting your reproductive organs in another man's anus is a sign of violent heterosexual power and homophobic hate encouraged by Porno cristo-fasicts homophobe haters who should be re-educated and not allowed to have any role in society.

Burge and Rivera are not violent homosexuals.

Anonymous,  6:11 PM  

I enjoyed the above postings.
Dan L,
I hope and pray for your daughter.
I pray she is supervised when you are around. I hope you never allow her to read your insane rants. I hope she never meets your shemale friends and lovers. I pray you meet Christ and become saved. I pray for the misguided mother. Thank God for food stamps and the WIC program, at least she will eat. I need to empty my colon now.

dan l 6:38 PM  

Ohhhh here we go:


I do find your link to your friend Sarah very offensive as she starts out with a message to "fuck the Pope" and other very disrespectful words ...... and the other deragatory words very offensive.

::shrug:: Try a preview extension.

I do not know "Porno Pete" nor the "Illinois Simple Institute" but it does not seem your descriptions help your position.

Ok. What description do you choose? I'd like to know what would be accurate. Would you call them respectable "Christian" leaders? Would you call them legitimate social thinkers?

Please, tell me what descriptions you consider accurate - or at the very least tell me how my descriptions are somehow inaccurate.

You seem obsessed with certain topics and you seem to not believe there is any legitimate discussion on certain issues let alone a legitimate position.

Ok, Mike, let me get this straight: I showed you two pricks who are literally denying that hate crimes exist, blaming the victim, and all around grasping at straws to avoid the facts after we have some poor guy get raped by a guy who says - and direct quote "Faggot got what he deserved". Are you telling me that they have a legitimate position?

I think you are unique on this Illinoize blog and cross a line.

You know where to send the email. Interesting though: because this is probably one of my more mild posts.

@Trolls: LOL.

1. Jon Burge will enjoy his retirement. And I'll enjoy you whiny thug lovers crying about it for the foreseeable future. You better get your pal Aaron Patterson to try to "sting the police".

@Troll 6:11: Doesn't your wife live in a completely different house from you? Just curious.

John O'Neil,  10:01 PM  




Fuck him sideways:

There are not enough adjectives out there to describe in any kind of detail how much contempt I have for this pathetic excuse for a human being. Disgusting, putrefying, hateful man.

Hey, Ratz, shut the fuck up, and instead of contributing to the harassment, violence towards, and killing of us queers, and non-baby-machine women out there, just focus on trying to stop yourself from fucking young children ... how about that for a stunning idea, eh?

Fuck off you bitter old queen."

This is the link from your friend Sarah. I can appreciate that you are grateful that Sarah stayed many hours with your wife and supported you having a baby. But the above post and more links are hate speech and unacceptable.
This is anti-Catholic hate speech pure and simple. This diatribe by Sarah is disgusting.

So close to Christmas to have a post about "fucking the Pope" and fuck the Pope sideways and calling the Pope an old queen and accusing him of molesting children is disgusting.

This is disrespectful to Catholics and to the person of Benedict VI.
This should not be linked from a serious political blog.

Ironically, Sarah's logic of calling Benedict VI a queen and homosexual and pedophile (who is supposedly against homosexuals) supports the perverse logic you are against that homosexuals are persecuting other homosexuals becuase

Calvin Stuart Roan,  12:31 AM  


Why would you be happy about John Burge enjoying his retirement?
Didn't the Special Prosecutors say that he should of been indicted and convicted but the Statues of Limitations had been collapsed.

Anonymous,  8:02 AM  

the porno right wing conservative nuts are whacked
but this kid Dan L is whacked too
this is a sick blogger and a bizarre post
you are angry, bitter, twisted, confused person that drips with hate
these posts on his website and here do more damage to some good progressive issues than a roomfull of religious nuts
always talking about death and using foul language and insulting people and being hateful and mean spirited
i do not know if you were traumatized
but get some help, lots of people agree with you on equal rights and not discriminating, that is good
but the hate and anger especially after a child-that is bad
since you are a parent now, go see a psychiatrists, take a vacation, and stay on the meds

Anonymous,  4:42 PM  

Dan L

What is with the Frank and Pat Web Site? It is about Frank Coconate. The site makes no scense?

Don,  9:30 PM  

Your friend Sarah should be charged with a hate crime against Catholics. You are a sick anti-Catholic hatemonging warped sicko.

Anonymous,  1:03 PM  


Anonymous,  5:07 PM  

After reading Sarah's disgusting words about the Pope I have no doubt she's a friend of Dan L. I'd keep that hateful wench far, far away from my daughter.

John 5:11 PM  

You have to admit though, that Pope Benedict is a disgusting human being.

Anonymous,  12:11 AM  

How is Pope Benedict a disgusting human being?

Dan L in defending racism and torture is disgusting.
Dan L swearing and insulting people is disgusting.
Sarah in telling people to "fuck the Pope, fuck him sideways" is vulgar and disgusting.

How can you justify this discrimination against Catholics and hate.

dan l 10:36 AM  


It was a bad year for the trolls. They're a little "jumpy" after having a bad, bad year.

Anonymous,  3:31 AM  

Barack Obama should be clearer on GLBT issues

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