Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Did Illinois Ban Ashtrays at Work With Its' New Smoking Ban ?

I saw this over at the Newsalert blog talking about the state ban on smoking at public place. It seems that state official can't determine how to enforce the law. The story is from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch...

Toni Corona will be a Metro East smoker's worst nightmare, a carcinogen cop looking to clear the air.

When Illinois' new smoking ban kicks in Jan. 1, Corona's job as Madison County Health Department director puts her on the front line of keeping smoke out of public places.

Problem is, she's not sure what the new law covers. Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed in July the Smoke Free Illinois Act, which bans smoking in virtually all public places. But a state committee hasn't adopted the specific rules that clarify the law.

"Those rules need to be in place before the enforcement really can commence," Corona said.

Smoking on patios, for instance, is still uncertain. The law says smoking will be banned in all indoor public places or places of employment, and within 15 feet of an entrance, open window or ventilation intake.

"Our interpretation is that if you have a patio, you can have smoking as long as it's 15 feet from the door," said Andrew Ariens, of the Illinois Restaurant Association.

But if wait staff attend to those tables 15 feet away or farther, is smoking allowed? Isn't that a work area?

"Oh, I see. That's a good question," Ariens said. "Well, you can nitpick over this all day, but are you going to be ticketed for it? Probably not."

Individual fines range from $100 to $250, and businesses face fines between $250 and $2,500. Businesses must post "No Smoking" signs. The law says ashtrays aren't allowed in workplaces. But could someone be fined if they have one? What about ashtrays used for spare change? Souvenir ashtrays?

The process for issuing tickets must be determined, too. Corona says she isn't aware how a ticket will be handled, and which courts will hear the case.
i'm not a big fan of smoking either, but it almost makes me wonder if this is a half-hearted law on a very convenient issue. I'm starting to think so. Why not let individual municipalities or establishments determine whether or not to allow smoking.


Skeeter 12:23 PM  

I agree.
I think that the same should go for mine safety and ironworking.
It is way too difficult for the state to regulate the air quality for mines or fall protection for ironworkers.
We need to leave the safety of waitresses, mine workers, and ironworkers to the municipalities or to the contractors.

Anonymous,  3:59 PM  

I don't have a problem with skeeter's position.

It will all come out in the actuarial laundry when the companies that own the iron mines try to buy liability insurance.

Crummy safety record? Hello premiums! Hello business expenses! Goodbye profits! Goodbye business!

A triumph of the free market.

Skeeter 4:14 PM  

Not sure if you heard.
You can't sue your own employer.
Liability insurance has nothing to do with it.
If the mineworkers are hurt, they are SOL.

Anonymous,  4:53 PM  

Skeeter - No, I didn't know you couldn't sue your own employer.

I live in the United States. It is very prevalent here.

Where are you from?

Skeeter 5:10 PM  

You are one of the worst kinds of dingbat. You are a dingbat who doesn't have a clue as to your own ignorance.
No, in Illinois, you cannot sue your own employer. That's been the law here -- and in just about every other state -- since about 1919 I believe.

DuPage Saint,  5:26 PM  

Pray tell, does smoking ban go in affect for prisons too? And what about politicians will they smoke in their rooms, or will they have to wait to go to prison?

Prof. Goldblatt Ph.D. 9:30 PM  

An ashtray is contraband.

Oprah says says...

I hate everything which is not in myself.

Anonymous,  8:08 PM  

personally i think this all a load of the communist county of usa now i have politicans telling me what i can do and what i cant so we are not the home of the free. smoking is a personal choice i dont have to ask any one (they pay to mcuh in taxes (ie politicans salary) to not allow smoking so you can die in a casino from second hand smoke but not at any other public place in illinois so the goverment has stated with this law if your a casino worker you life is not a valuable as those in other fields like a bartender or waitress. so let the taxes flow and the smoke stop till the next thing the goverment wants to take from you for you own good AS THEY SEE FIT OR GOES ALONG WITH THERE AGENDA WITH THERE POLITICAL PLAN FOR THIS STAE/COUNTRY WELCOME TO THE USSUSAR IT IS A GREAT NEW COUNTRY AINT THIS WHY WE LEFT ENGLAND TRYANTS CONTROL.
As to your comment about suing your employeer getall your facts before you downgrade someone u can sue your employer shows your intelligence level.

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