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Latest Lauzen Mailer

Two pages from a four page mailer I received from Lauzen. He runs on a record which is a lot more than one can say for the Hastert-quit-congress-early endorsed candidate.

Hastert as quoted in the AP story in the link. It's appalling.

"I've looked at the candidates, I've spent a lot of time, because it's a difficult decision to make," he added. "But I thought Jim's ideas on immigration fit best with what we tried to do over a long period of time....
Postscript 1: Jeff Berkowitz had an exhange last week with Oberweis on Hastert and earmarks that's fun to read. Berkowitz called Hastert the earmark king of congress.

Considering Foster found Hastert a key ally for funding rocket scientist stuff over at Fermi who could end up with both Oberweis and Foster as the Hastert style candidates, and Lauzen and Laesch as the reformers and radicals.

So much for Political Parties and Labels.

Postscript 2: Peggy Noonan's column today. Head to the bottom for her thoughts on Pols and immigration. She sums up my fellings and my problem with Oberweis.
It is clear in Iowa that immigration is the great issue that won't go away. Members of the American elite, including U.S. senators, continue to do damage to the public debate on immigration. They do not view it as a crucial question of America's continuance. They view it as an onerous issue that might upset their personal plans, an issue dominated by pro-immigration groups and power centers on the one hand, and the pesky American people, with their limited and quasi-racist concerns, on the other.
A real and felt concern among the candidates about immigration is a rare thing. And people can tell. They can tell with both parties. This is the real source of bitterness in this debate. It's not regnant racism. It's knowing the political class is incapable of caring, and so repairing.


Extreme Wisdom 12:02 AM  

As some one who supported Jim Oberweis against the idiotic Topinka candidacy, I'm saddened that the machine is now supporting him.

Jim was once better than the machine, but has now switiched once again, from reformer to "party annointed."

As some one unfamiliar with much of the 14th party rivalries, it seems to me that all of Hastert's machinations revolve around making sure that Chris Lauzen doesn't get the nomination.

For my part, I'd argue that Hastert's endorsement are all the more reasons to vote for Lauzen.

The Jim Oberweis I supported for Governor was better than a rubber stamp for the likes of Doug Whitley and Denny Hastert.

Vote Lauzen.

Incredulous,  9:00 PM  

So Lauzen is a reformer? Please tell me one thing he has reformed in his time as state senator.

steve schnorf 1:38 AM  

So, Wisdom, if anybody anyone has ever heard of is for someone, you're against them? That's a pretty thoughtful way to select.

Elections aren't good against evil, black vs white, etc; they're between two (or more) imperfect people. And, we get to choose; no one imposes elected officials on us.

I've only met Oberweis once, so I don't know him at all, but I haven't thought very highly of his previous campaigns. Lauzen, on the other hand, I know well. He is as sincere as the day is long, and his word is absolutely good, though I often disagree with him on issues.

Hastert has been a well-thought-of and effective public official for many years, returned to office time and again by the voters of his district, so obviously you would have no respect for him.

Do you just have no respect for the citizens who go to the polls? Do you think they are stupid? Is there anyone currently serving who the citizens have elected that you do think is a good public official? Why were the citizens who elected them so especially enlightened compared to the fools you must think vote in most races?

If the choices are so bad in the 14th, why didn't you run and give people a wider choice? In fact,why didn't you run in the past and knock out Hastert? Surely once voters heard the truth from you they would be convinced.

I guess it easier and safer to sit on the sideline and kibitz.

Anonymous,  3:32 AM  

Right on, Bill and Bruno.

Steve, I agree with your praise for Lauzen. Please don't excoriate someone for not running a primary against Hastert. That is a pretty tall order. We are allowed to criticize without running against someone. I am on a school board, a Huckabee Delegate candidate and candidate for precinct committeeman. One person can only do so much.

Jon Zahm

Bill Baar 6:10 AM  

Re: Incredulous said...

I believe Lauzen when we says in plain language oppose all earmarks.

Considering Foster's record at the trough with Fermi Lab.

Oberweis's endorsement from the King of Earmarks.

I'll take my chance with Lauzen.

If it wasn't for War, I'd take my chance with Laesch.

Earmarks poison everything, and when you get down to electing candidates to actually accomplish something, it's a big issue... something they can really change, as opposed to some of these other issues which I think Pols would have us argue about as opposed to stuff they could really change.

Beowulf,  7:02 AM  

I like both Oberweis and Lauzen but I would have to choose Lauzen over Oberweis. Lauzen's word is the "holy grail" as far as I am concerned. And, that is what elections ultimately boil down to, "Credibility". Jim Oberweis has my respect but Lauzen has my support in this election.
Denny Hastert "changed" while he served in Washington. In fairness to Denny, most of the guys that we send to Washington "do" catch that contagious virus called "self-servingitess". They become one of the members of Washington's "Good Old Boy's Club". The Club's requirements are that "Good Old Boys" must shed their idealistic ideas when they arrive and learn to do "whatever it takes" to promote their own re-election and self-enrichment. It is simply a nasty virulent disease and poor Denny didn't have a chance when he got to Washington.
I may be wrong (but I don't think so) when I say that Lauzen is the one guy that I know who has the necessary antibodies within him to effectively fight off this insidious disease. His wife, Sarah will also faithfully be at his side (as always) to make sure that this "deadly virus" does not get the best of him. Lauzen is "the best choice" to represent Illinois out in Washington. Keep Jim Oberweis in Illinois where he can serve us down in Springfield in some capacity.

Incredulous,  8:11 AM  

I believe that Lauzen has made earmarks of his own. His $10,000 earmark for a stained glass window in a Naperville parking garage is rather famous. I'm quite sure that was not his only earmark.

Every Speaker does earmarks to horse trade for votes. Calling Hastert the king of earmarks is just silly. Past speakers with a real majority did much much worse.

So, are you saying Hastert (and Foster) working to bring a huge high-tech project here is wrong? Was Fermi a boondoggle? Argonne?

Bill Baar 12:28 PM  

Somebody thought Foster's proton driver a duplication.

The proximate cause of my decision was the canceling of the pending CD-0 approval of
the Proton Driver Project by DOE, on the grounds that it conflicts with the push for the “Fast-
Track International Linear Collider” (ILC). This position apparently applies not only to the
Proton Driver, but to any intermediate-scale projects which might provide any alternate or
interim future for U.S. HEP at a cost significantly less than the ~$10B estimated cost of the ILC.
I fear that this approach is likely to end very badly for the HEP program in the U.S.

If it was a good deal, Foster and Hastert did a poor job of selling it to DOE.

I suspect DOE buying us as much science as is wise.

jill 1:35 PM  

Just to lighten the day--When Beowulf said that Oberweis should stay in Illinois where he can serve us in Springfield in some capacity, I thought, before my eyes read that latter part, that he was going to say that Oberweis should stay in Illinois to serve us ice cream!!! Wow, Oberweis is the best ice cream. Now, that is something Jim has experience at! That and money! But isn't it kind of arrogant to believe you can win a seat in Congress with NO experience in public office whatsoever????? He could try for a county board position or something in Sugar Grove? I believe it to be rather presumptuous to attain a prestigious seat in the House of Reps with NO experience!!!!

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