Sunday, December 09, 2007


So this is how the thread ends: Settlement is good, but doesn't close case on Burge

Sun Times wants to pursue Burge,

And there's the matter of Burge, who was fired in 1993 but is living comfortably on his $2,500-a-month police pension.

Finding a way to cut him off and prosecute him must be a priority. Only then will our long Burge nightmare, and its outrageous drain on city coffers, be over.
We ought worry more about a system where torture became routine.


fedup dem 5:19 PM  

Bill, I'm afraid you are in error with your assessment that prosecuting Burge will be enough to end the Burge nightmare. It will not end until the individual who was the beneficiary of the police torture, Richard M. Daley (then the Cook County States' Attorney and since 1989 the Mayor of Chicago who kept the city from making these settlements years ago), is finally removed from power.

For this nightmare to end, Daley must go!

Anonymous,  12:40 AM  

Mayor Daley was not really involved in the Burge torture cases, it was a few rogue cops. I think we have a different police force today and they should not be burdened with the Burge legacy

steve schnorf 1:23 AM  

No one lives very comfortably in Chicago on $2,500 per month

Pyrro,  9:05 PM  

Is Leroy Orange really not guilty?

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