Friday, December 14, 2007

Al Chaib: Tax-delinquent Rezko pal

I love this headline: Tax-delinquent Rezko pal runs toll restaurants

He's another IIT guy. MBA520 must have plenty of case studies with alums like Chaib, Rezko, and Alsammarae.

Leadership techniques for influencing other organizational members, creative problem-solving and decision-making, ethics and values-based managing are covered.
From the Sun Times,
The selling of food on state property is not the only perk Chaib's family has secured under Blagojevich. The governor, in 2003, gave Chaib's wife a part-time job in the Department of Employment Security Review Board, an agency charged with collecting more than half of her husband's tax debt.

Aides to Blagojevich told the Sun-Times that Lori Chaib never tried to influence officials about her husband's back unemployment taxes. Al Chaib also owes sales taxes.


Anonymous,  10:28 PM  

You are an idiot

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