Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wouldn't it be interesting if....

If there were folks camping at the state parks that are closing and they refused to leave on closing day.  Think of the images that could show up on TV, state police having to evict campers, the local sheriff refusing to do so....
Perhaps sit-ins at the historic sites on the days they were set to close.  Think with Obama running for president it might even make national news.
State senate might be motivated to prevent that from occurring.
Just sayin....


Arthur Andersen,  11:02 PM  

..Assuming there would be enough State Police on duty outside Chicago to mount a decent show of force.

JB Powers 6:13 AM  

Outside Chicago?

How about outside Springfield? The State Police seem to have abandoned the tollways 6 years ago.


Anonymous,  10:23 AM  

That's a fantastic idea!

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