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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - September 6, 2008

-- Hostage situation ends at Wheaton bank - Paul Meincke (Includes video clip)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: WHEATON, Ill. (WLS) -- A three-hour standoff at Wheaton Bank and Trust Company is over. No hostages were injured, police said. An officer was treated for a superficial wound at a hospital and released. The suspect, who has not been identified, is dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police say he is a 50-year-old male. After hearing a gunshot, the SWAT team entered the building at 211 South Wheaton Avenue. Flash-bang concussion sounds soon after led officers to stand down from their original positions around the building. "Several flash bang grenades, several loud concussions, and on top of that there was a stretcher immediately brought in following that. We're not sure what happened on the inside, sir. But there was indeed a stretcher brought in and then brought right back out, after which another group of SWAT members penetrated the building as well. After that, about five or 10 minutes, everything seemed to stand down a little bit," said Bob Krzyzewski, witness. Police said the incident began with a false call of a hit-and-run in the bank parking lot. When the officer responded, the suspect put a knife to the officer's throat and stole his gun. He then ran inside the bank. "Apparently the hit-and-run accident was a ruse. A call was received by dispatch on the 911 line from a cell phone stating there had been a hit-and-run accident in the parking lot of the Wheaton Bank and Trust Company there at 211 South Wheaton. That came in at 1:28 P.M.," said Dep. Chief Tom Meloni, Wheaton Police Department. Police said 10 to 12 people were taken hostage, but negotiations with the suspect led to their release. It is not clear if the suspect had any demands. "I was not on the phone line with the hostage negotiators. They handled those communications," said Dep. Chief Meloni. "Periodically through the afternoon he would break officer communication, yes. We tried to keep phone contact with him all the time." Krzyzewski said a bank executive, Ruth Carlson, is the hero of the day, running communications with the police from inside after getting a support phone from police. "She was standing out in front holding the door, putting herself at risk between the SWAT team and the gentleman inside the bank holding everybody hostage," said Krzyzewski. "Ruth Carlson is a hero. She was watching over the people. She was one of the last people to get out of that bank after everybody else had been evacuated. Thank God everybody is safe and sound to the best of my knowledge." Dozens of people were seen running from the building, which houses office buildings on the second- and third-floor, throughout the ordeal. The bank occupies the first-floor and has offices on the fourth. Those people were bused to a nearby building for a debriefing. "On the second floor. It's a law firm. We were on the second floor when this started. We have offices on the whole second floor," said one man. "We were taken out to stairwells . . . We knew something was going on. We didn't know what.")
-- Autopsy set for man in bank hostage situation - Michelle Gallardo

-- Gunman Dies After Taking Hostages In Wheaton Police: Wheaton Bank 'Secure' (Includes video clip)

-- Wheaton Hostage Situation Ends With Suicide (includes video clip)
-- Rising Unemployment Becomes Key Campaign Issue - Mike Parker (Includes video clip)

-- DuPage County Coroner Pete Siekmann: Wheaton Hostage Suspect Identified

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH 4.5X7-INCH COLOR PICTURE: FROM THE ARTICLE: Bob Krzyzewski, a chiropractor whose office is next to the bank, witnessed much of the police activity. He credited bank executive Ruth Ann Carlson with putting her employees' safety before her own. "She's a real hero," he said. "She was keeping the people calm, cool and collected. She was the last person to leave the bank."
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Abortion advocate Ellen Goodman demonizes Republicans and especially Palin
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Rich Schwanbeck of Elk Grove Village points out that "Chicago schools get around $4,000 per student from the state. Suburban schools get around $1,000."
-- Palin choice separates candidates - Ken Spitz, West Chicago
-- Aaron Schock could become youngest congressman at 27 - AP
-- Palin provides the spark, as it's 'game on' for Election 2008 - Paul Green
-- Wheaton Leadership Prayer Breakfast: Jim Wallis, CEO of Sojourners: Elections alone don't solve problems (DIERSEN: Many thanks to the many Republican elected officials, candidates, and party leaders who offered me a ticket for this event. But, the tremendous amount of time that I have to spend to get GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails out as early as possible each and every morning, emails that are read by thousands of Illinois Republicans each and every day, prevented me from accepting your gracious offers. Your kindness helps me deal with the nasty anti-conservatives, some of whom claim to be Republican, who continue to punish/blacklist me. ) - Catherine Edman

-- Gunman kills self after taking hostages at Wheaton bank - Dan Rozek,CST-NWS-hostage06.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Sneed reports on the Palins' travels, Daschle in line to be Obama chief of staff, Watson comment on Obama's Senate votes, Durkin's future, Pat Boone's shoes, etc.,CST-NWS-SNEED07.article
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH 3.5X6.5 COLOR PHOTO: Patrick Fitzgerald: This is baloney, Tony 'Misleading assumption' Fed prosecutor says flier implies he endorsed Peraica - Abdon Pallasch,CST-NWS-fitz06.article

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH 7X8.5 INCH COLOR PHOTO: Bank standoff paralyzes Wheaton Hostage-taker kills self after stealing cop's gun at knifepoint, police say - James Kimberly,0,3508243.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Chicago Tribune promotes Schock. Because the Tribune is dominated by the anti-conservative Combine, it only promotes candidates, elected officials, and party leaders it dominates or believes it can dominate. Schock must be disappointed that the Tribune promotes him.,0,4513228.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Chicago Tribune promotes Whitley. Because the Tribune is dominated by the anti-conservative Combine, it only promotes candidates, elected officials, and party leaders it dominates or believes it can dominate. Whitley must be disappointed that the Tribune promotes him.
-- Five questions for Rep. Mark Kirk Amid a tight race for his seat, he looks ahead to the needs of New Orleans and nuances of the Palin pick - Jim Tankersley,0,3594601.story

-- Wheaton hostage suspect, Michael R. Long, 1400 block of Cantigny Way, Wheaton, is dead,na05_wheatonstandoff_s1.article

-- As Dr. Bob Krzyzewski told ABC7's Paul Meincke yesterday, my neighbor, Ruth Carlson was the "hero of the day" - Dave Diersen
(THE REPORT: As I told ABC7's John Garcia yesterday evening when he came to interview Ruth, I am proud to say that Ruth and Keith Carlson are my next door neighbors. Ruth is an executive with the Wheaton Bank and Trust Company, where I and many other Wheaton residents have accounts, and Keith operates the nearby Carlson Glass and Mirror. Dr. Bob Krzyzewski, a fellow Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeeman, lives near the bank. Yesterday afternoon, the noise of helicopters over downtown Wheaton made it clear that there was a major problem. I soon learned that as Dr. Bob told ABC7's Paul Mieinke later that afternoon, Ruth was the "hero of the day." She played an major role in assuring the best possible outcome for the hostages that had been taken at the bank. Ironically, during the crisis, police took up positions in the Carlson Glass and Mirror building and Wheaton Police subsequently asked Keith's company to board up windows in the bank that had been broken during the crisis. When he served as a state representative, Randy Hultgren used part of bank's first floor for his district office. I remember being in that office on the morning of September 11, 2001. The new St. Michael Church is near the bank. This latest tragedy brought back memories of the day in 2002 when a resident of my precinct, who is now in jail, burnt the old church down and subsequently tried to have Birkett killed.)

-- Illinois House moves closer to privatizing lottery - Christopher Wills,090608lottery.article

SPRINGFIELD STATE JOURNAL REGISTER-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Doug Whitley blasts Illinois Republican Party (IRP) leaders saying: “I see a Republican Party that is dysfunctional, just like state government” and “There’s no true leadership in the Republican Party. They’ve lost their way since the George Ryan scandal, and they truly need fresh ideas and new people and people who have a desire for a better future.” Since 2005, the IRP has been led by Andy McKenna. In January of that year and again in 2006, the 19 members of the IRP State Central Committee (SCC) elected McKenna to serve as IRP Chairman. Recently, the IRP SCC elected Pat Brady to serve as IRP National Committeeman and Demetra DeMonte to serve as IRP National Committeewoman. According to Article V, Section G, of the IRP by-laws titled Central Committee Votes, "All questions shall be determined by a majority of weighted votes cast on the question." IRP SCC members determine who will serve on each of the IRP convention committees including the committees that recommend who the next IRP National Committeeman and IRP National Committeewoman will be. Because together, they have 50.61% of the weighted vote, if they vote together as a block, just six of the 19 IRP SCC members can control the IRP. Those six are Dennis Wiggins (District 14 with 9.02%), John Birch (Dist. 18 with 8.88%), Roger Claar (Dist. 13 with 8.84%), Dave Syverson (Dist. 16 with 8.29%), Jerry Clarke (Dist. 15 with 8.09%), and Bob Winchester (Dist. 19 with 7.49%). Obviously, if Illinois Republicans could directly elect IRP SCC members, they might have elected different IRP SCC members. Obviously, those IRP members might have elected a different IRP Chairman , a different IRP National Committeeman, and a different IRP National Committeewoman.

-- OUTSTANDING: GOP delegates (including Ray Pawlak, Keith Wheeler, and Gabriela Wyatt) return home, ready to work "We're no longer your father's Oldsmobile, we're your daughter's Corvette," Pawlak said. - Andre Salles,2_1_AU06_GOPDELS_S1.article

-- 'Electrifying' Lake County women leaders impressed by Sarah Palin - Ryan Pagelow,5_1_WA06_WOMEN_S1.article

-- Borling & Syverson: McCain's speech exceeded expectations - Chuck Sweeney

-- Contrasting Sarah Palin with the Illinois GOP leadership - John Biver
-- John Kass describes chance meeting between Kjellander and Fitzgerald at St. Paul convention - Doug Ibendahl

-- Rep. Watson’s welcome home party - Rich Miller

-- Republicans Blast Pro-Democrat Media During Convention: Now That's A Worthy Target - Daniel T. Zanoza

-- Here Come the Christian-Bashers -- Huffington Post Attacks Gov. Palin’s ‘Controversial Worldview’

-- Obama, Ayers, Dohrn and double jeopardy - Ellis Washington

-- Twenty-Two Reasons To Vote Against Obama - Herb Denenberg

-- The Party's Over Millions of voters have moved out of the political party system. The decline of loyalty has made politics less stable and predictable -- and has resulted in close elections. - Alan Brinkley

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Gloria Steinem knows full well that because her own negatives are sky high, that when she demonizes a candidate, she actually helps that candidate. Steinem demonizes Palin, so she must really want to help Palin.,0,7915118.story

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: "Robnesvacil," someone who hides behind anonymity, blasts Dan Curry

-- Business execs w/ political dreams like Doug Whitley need shot of reality to be taken serious - Gregory Tejeda

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