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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - September 13, 2008

-- Young Republicans Plan To Convert Democrats - Mike Parker (Includes video clip)
(THE ARTICLE: Young Republicans are on a mission to turn heavily Democratic Chicago into John McCain country. As CBS 2's Mike Parker reports they're fired up for the grand old party. On Friday night, in the heart of Democrat country – downtown Chicago - young Republicans and members of "Young Professionals for McCain" got together. They were networking, snacking and drinking, and talking about Sarah Palin and her much discussed appearances on ABC News. Carolyn Noon says Palin's lit a fire within her. "Charlie Gibson was tough, you know, and he did a really great job but she went right into her answers and looked him right in the eye and as she said, she didn't even blink," said Carolyn Noon, McCain supporter. But can Palin do what GOP bigwigs hope, and bring in disaffected Hillary Clinton voters? "I think there will be some soccer moms that will cross over from the Hillary camp into the Sarah camp," said Christine Svenson, McCain supporter. "But her numbers have really gone up with independent men." Friday's gathering seemed to show that Democrat Barack Obama has not completely sewn up the youth vote. "Obama can effectively speak the language of millennials, people who were born in my generation and that is an issue that must be dealt with," said Nick Schrock, McCain supporter. "The addition of Palin to the ticket does help that." Organizers of the bash say they think they've got a fighting chance to actually win Chicago. "Definitely making ourselves known that there are republicans in Chicago," said Jeremy Rose, Chicago Young Republicans. "I don't think Obama should take his home town for granted." The young GOP plan to paint the town red in November is flying in the face of history. The Chicago Board of Elections combed records today and was unable to find a single modern era presidential election in which a Republican carried the city. Even in his 1984 landslide, Ronald Reagan won only 10 of Chicago's 50 wards.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Palin's former hairdresser speaks highly of her (Includes video clip)
-- Palin Defends Earmark Requests For Alaska (Includes video clip)
-- Alaska Lawmakers Vote To Subpoena Todd Palin (Includes video clip)

-- Obama hits McCain as out of touch - Mike Dorning,0,4938314.story,0,2383865.story
-- Hillary Clinton in Chicago area this weekend - John McCormick (DIERSEN: IN LIGHT OF MCCAIN'S SUCCESS WITH PALIN, WILL OBAMA REPLACE BIDEN WITH HILLARY?)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Bonnie Miller Rubin and Lisa Black pontificate about "hockey moms",0,6181497.story
-- Senate Democrats gather to talk campaign cash, not ethics reform - Monique Garcia
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: ANTI-CATHOLICS, DEMOCRATS, AND ABORTIONISTS ARE OVERJOYED: Kimberly Natalino of Western Springs says she is a Catholic and a Republican, but sadly says she rejects the Catholic Church's and the Republican Party's positions on abortion. How hard does Natalino work against Catholics and Republicans who do not agree with her?,0,2542486.story

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Carol Marin, an Illinois Combine operative, advises Obama to promise to make Patrick Fitzgerald U.S. Attorney General,CST-EDT-carol14.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: The Chicago Sun-Times, a tabloid arm of the Democrat Party, demonizes Palin,CST-EDT-edit14.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Anti-White, anti-female, anti-male, anti-religious, anti-conservative, anti-Republican Mary Mitchell ridicules and demonizes Palin,CST-NWS-mitch14.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Anti-White, anti-female, anti-male, anti-religious, anti-conservative, anti-Republican Neil Steinberg ridicules and demonizes Palin,CST-NWS-stein14.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: OBAMA OVERJOYED: Lynn Sweet charges Governor Plain with being "confused" not only about Social Security, but about "other issues",CST-NWS-sweet13web.article

-- Senator Tom Coburn joins Sauerberg in blasting Durbin for earmarks - Joseph Ryan
-- Media twisting, not reporting - Paul Saam, Gurnee
-- Liberal news media is nation's problem - George Kocan, Warrenville
-- Left-wing smear tactics against Palin didn't work - Robert Graham, Naperville
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: OUTSTANDING: Roland G. Ley of Arlington Heights presents 13 reasons to vote for McCain
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Nasty Christ-quoting Tom Power of Wheaton demonizes Palin
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Nasty liberal Democrat Charles Tyler of Wheaton glorifies liberal Democrat Obama and demonizes Republicans. Why does Republican-hating Tyler chose to live in prosperous and safe conservative Republican Wheaton? Why doesn't he chose to live in poverty stricken crime ridden liberal Democrat Oak Park or Evanston or Hyde Park?
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Nasty anti-religious anti-male Jonathan Neumark of Libertyville demonizes Palin
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: League of Woman Voters of the United States wants those Americans who pay taxes to pay more taxes so that Democrats can give health care away for free
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: One reason people get an education, get a job, and take care of their health is be able to afford things like heath care. If people can count on getting health care for free, they have one less reason to get an education, they have one less reason to get a job, they have one less reason to take care of their health. The Daily Herald continues to argue that in America, anyone, who for any reason, cannot afford health care, should be provided free heath care. But who ultimately pays for providing that free heath care? Ultimately, sadly, most people end up wasting if not abusing things that they get for free.
-- GEORGE RYAN IN 1992: "I am disturbed by the number of single issue voters we have in our party. "I would just point out that we need to win all the offices this year -- the presidential, the U.S. Senate and majorities in the General Assembly. "My fear is, that those Republicans may cause the defeat of more Republicans than those they have targeted." . . . "Illinois needs a Republican senator who represents mainstream values. "And Illinois most assuredly needs Republicans in control of the state Senate and House. "It is our duty and obligation to present our vision for Illinois and America clearly and without apologies.")

-- Group petitions Oprah to interview Palin - Ira Teinowitz

-- 18th Congressional District Democrat candidate Colleen Callahan considers reinstating draft - Bernard Schoenburg,091308draft.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Nasty anti-White anti-male anti-conservative anti-Republican John B. Pryor of Bloomington a) saw a "sea of angry white men at the GOP convention," b) equates Sarah Palin with Alan Keyes and demonizes them, and c) tries to argue that in 2008 McCain picked Palin to run against Obama for the same reasons that in 2004 the Illinois Combine said NO to Oberweis and instead picked Keyes to run against Obama

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Lake County News Sun promotes the welfare society. It seems that sadly, every year, more and more people in America are getting welfare and fewer and fewer are getting educations and getting jobs. Why is that?,5_1_WA13_LCFOUND_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar fills Bolingbrook Police Chief vacancy with Kevin McCarthy,4_1_JO13_BOLOCHIEF_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats flee the poverty and crime in areas that Democrats control to take advantage of prosperity and safety in areas that Republicans control

-- OUTSTANDING: Corvette caravan rolls through South Bend (Includes video clip)

-- Blagojevich: One Democrat That's Defending Sarah Palin,2933,421786,00.html

-- Bidens Gave Average of $369 Annually to Charities - Ryan Donmoyer

-- Palin says Obama regrets bypassing Clinton - Beth Fouhy
-- NOT SURPRISING GIVEN THAT VIRTUALLY ALL OBAMA'S SUPPORTERS ARE ANTI-WHITE: Whites lift McCain to slim lead over Obama in poll - Alan Fram

-- Many Versions of 'Bush Doctrine' Palin's Confusion in Interview Understandable, Experts Say - Michael Abramowitz
-- Charlie Gibson's Gaffe - Charles Krauthammer

-- Obama Plays the Age Card. Again - Andrew Romano (Includes video clip)

-- Palin is Hillary's Gift to Obama - Toby Harnden

-- As Envoy to the Right, Lindsey Graham Steers McCain on Conservative Path - Alan K. Ota

-- Daniel J. Flynn's A Conservative History of the American Left - Judith Reisman

-- OUTSTANDING VIDEO CLIP: Iraq was not a mistake

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