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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - September 21, 2008

Only 44 days until the election!

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: All Republicans are invited to attend a McCain-Palin Rally between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM tomorrow, Monday, September 22, at St. Andrew's Golf Club in West Chicago
-- St. Andrew's is on Route 59 one quarter mile north of Route 64 (North Avenue)
-- Rally participants to include Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan, Illinois Republican Party National Committeeman Pat Brady, U.S. Senate Candidate Steve Sauerberg, DuPage County Republican Central Committee (DCRCC) Chairman Dan Cronin, and DCRCC Secretary Bob Schillerstrom
-- Free McCain-Palin yard signs
-- Free Sara Palin lip gloss
-- Free Oberweis ice cream
-- Free 2008-2009 DuPage County Republican Directories
-- Free live music
-- Free DuPage County Republican Day Program
-- Golf and Dinner only $175
-- Dinner only $75 (Dinner served between noon and 8:00 PM.)

-- DuPage County Republican elected officials and candidates to look for at the DuPage County Republican Day and McCain-Palin rally tomorrow - Dave Diersen
Bennington, Birkett, Brown, Bucholz, Campuzano, Cantore, Carlin, Cassioppi, Connelly, Curran, Eckhoff, Fawell, Fichtner, Formento, Gilgis, Grogan, Healy, Henry, Kachiroubas, King, Kinsella, Kotecki, Kurzawa, Larsen, McBride, McMahon, Murphy, Olson, O'Shea, Painter, Pierotti, Puchalski, Rasins, Redick, Rion, Ruscitti, Schillerstrom, Scigousky, Schroeder, Schultz, Senger, Sheahan, Siekmann, Whelan, Zaruba, and Zay
-- DuPage County Republican township elected officials to look for at the DuPage County Republican Day and McCain-Palin rally tomorrow - Dave Diersen
Arends, Bertulis, Brown, Busche, Carlson, Clarke, Cockrell, Cuzzone, DelSarto, Dixon, Dow, Durante, Dusza, Earl, Falbo, Fairchild, Finn, Flickinger, Gebis, Gianvecchio, Harris, Heidorn, Hinds, Hinkle, Hundhausen, Jedlovec, Kain, Kammes, Karpiel, Khan, Klaeren, Konicek, Kordik, Levato, Larsen, Leventis, Lozich, Malay, Menconi, Modica, Moretti, Mruk, Muehlfelt, Murphy, Musson, Newell, Peters, Plumb, Porter, Ruzicka, Salerno, Sanchez, Scalafini, Schramer, Schroeder, Smith, Spitz, Spitzzeri, Swanston, Tarulis, Trowbridge, Valle, Veenstra, Vician, Voras, Wheat, Wilkins, Wojtasiak, Wurster, and Yurgaitis
-- DuPage County Republican party leaders to look for at the DuPage County Republican Day and McCain-Palin rally tomorrow - Dave Diersen
Claar, Cronin, Dabrowski, Durante, Filipello, Formento, Henry, Hinds, Kachiroubas, Krajewski, Murphy, Ossyra, Prueter, Schillerstrom, Smith, Spitz, and Wiggins
-- DuPage County Republican judges to look for at the DuPage County Republican Day and McCain-Palin rally tomorrow - Dave Diersen
Anderson, Austin, Bakalis, Burke, Callum, Creswell, Demling, Dwyer, Elsner, Equi, Fawell, French, Guerin, Kinsella, Leston, McKillip, McLaren, Mitton, Popejoy, Sexton, Sutter, Thompson, and Webster
-- Jack Roeser gives outstanding presentation at TAPROOT breakfast meeting
- Dave Diersen
At TAPROOT's breakfast meeting Saturday, September 20, at the Old Country Buffet in Lombard, Jack Roeser gave an outstanding presentation on the future of the Illinois Republican Party and fielded many outstanding questions. Look forward to a report on Jack's outstanding presentation from TAPROOT Communications Director George Kocan. Attendees included John Biver, Wally Brown, Carolyn Connell, Mike Fortner, Bob Graham, Doug Ibendal, Chuck Kern, Vern McCarthy, Kaaren Oldfield, Dave Pittinger, Marilyn Rickert, Cathy Santos, Bob Schmidt, Carl Segvich, Dave Smith, Joan Solm, Mark Stern, and Tim Whelan.
-- Fortner, McAloon, and others give outstanding presentations at Illinois Center Right Coalition annual meeting in Wheaton - Dave Diersen
State Representative Mike Fortner, State Representative candidate Dave McAloon, and others gave outstanding presentations at the Illinois Center Right Coalition annual meeting Saturday evening, September 20, at the beautiful Wheaton Bowl Banquet Hall in Wheaton. Attendees included Don Castella, Phil Collins, Bill Leubscher, Mike Psak, Bob Schmidt, Craig Simmons, Dan Sugrue, Ray and Doreen True, Ray Wardingley, and Andy White.

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Bob Peickert, Chairman of the Democrat Party of DuPage County, blasts DuPage County Republican party leaders, elected officials, and candidates. Peickert outrageously argues a) that candidates who run as Democrats in DuPage County are different from candidates who run as Democrats in Cook County or anywhere else for that matter, b) that if elected in DuPage County, Democrats would end "pay-to-play" in DuPage County, c) that if elected in DuPage County, Democrats would rescind recent pay increases for county board members, rescind recent sales tax increases, and rescind recent property tax increases, and d) that DuPage County party leaders, elected officials, and candidates supported George Ryan and therefor should forever be punished for ever having supported George Ryan. Peickert outrageously ignores a) that Republican leadership in DuPage County has resulted in prosperity and safety in DuPage County whereas Democrat leadership in Cook County has resulted in poverty and crime in Cook County, b) that candidates who run as Republicans are obligated to advance the conservative Republican Party platform that results in prosperity and safety whereas candidates who run as Democrats are obligated to advance the liberal Democrat Party platform that results in poverty and crime, and c) that the Republican Party's problems are caused by party leaders, elected officials, and candidates who claim to be Republican, but, who by their actions and by their failures to act, show that they really are RINOs if not Democrats. Beyond outrageously, Republican Party leaders let people hold leadership positions in the party a) who reject most if not all the of the Republican Party platform, b) who have shown that they are involved in politics primarily, if not exclusively, to advance their own financial interests, c) who have failed to carry out their leadership duties, and/or d) who are full blown Combine members, do the bidding of Combine members, and/or want to be a member of the Combine.
(THE BLAST: DuPage GOP not listening to people The Sept. 8 letter to the editor by state Sen. Kirk Dillard demonstrates the use of fear so prevalent in Republican voter manipulation of late. We saw it with Bush/Rove and we see it here in DuPage County. As much as he tries to compare DuPage County Democrats to Cook County, he fails miserably when you actually examine the history. The DuPage County Democrats have publicly opposed taking campaign contributions from those who do business with the county. The Republicans have and will continue to engage in "pay-to-play" politics. This may be the "ownership" society they are so proud of. The contractors fill DuPage Republicans' campaign coffers and then "own" the Republican county board when it comes time to receive contracts. Bob Schillerstrom, chairman of the all-Republican County Board, received hundreds of thousands of dollars from contractors who have reaped millions in contracts with the county. Democratic County Board candidates opposed the huge 10 percent pay increase that the all-Republican board approved for themselves just before announcing their $40 million budget deficit. The DuPage Democrats also opposed the sales tax increase fought for and won by the all-Republican board. The recent property tax increases should dispel any notion that the Republicans are succeeding in keeping taxes low. Dillard and other Republicans are quick to decry our present governor, but conveniently forget to mention what happened under the leadership of Republican Gov. George Ryan, who left office with a $3 billion budget deficit and a bigger corruption scandal than anything we've seen in Illinois. Senators Dillard and Cronin argue against any Democrats being elected in DuPage, while complaining that they are not listened to in Springfield because they are the minority. The real problem is that they don't listen to or really care about the people they represent. It's time for a change in DuPage. Elect some voices of reason to the county board.)
-- OUTSTANDING: Mark Curran: A sheriff's courage on deportations - Editorial
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Spin on the Presidential election from someone who wants Obama to win

-- Comcast wants DCCC's anti-Ozinga TV attack ad revised - Patrick Ferrell,4_1_JO21_11AD_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Poll indicates that Combine newspapers, television stations, party leaders, elected officials, etc. have succeeded in getting 56% of likely Illinois voters to support Obama and almost 50% to dislike Palin

-- Blagojevich’s style hard on state workers - Editorial

-- Lake County Sheriff's 287G Press Conference - Rosanna Pulido

-- Berkowitz and Johnston join Roeser on WLS Radio tonight: a fresh, balanced look at national and state issues that others won't touch?

-- Repudiating the Establishment - Tom Roeser

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Jill Stanek responses to Obama's abortion ad

-- Which Obama will show up for presidential debates? - Christopher Wills

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Democrats increasingly argue that if you don't vote for Obama, you are a racist, EVEN IF YOU SAY YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT,CST-NWS-Poll21.article,0,7253045.story

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: San Francisco Chronicle denigrates Palin as being "more a token than a feminist"
-- McCain: A profile in courage and adaptation - Kevin Fagan (FROM THE ARTICLE: Graduating fifth from the bottom of his class in 1958, he moved to flight school in Pensacola, Fla., where he cruised around in a Corvette and dated a stripper known as "Marie, the Flame of Florida.")

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