Thursday, September 04, 2008

Distributing School Resources in Chicago

The Rev. and State Senator James Meeks wants everyone to believe that Chicago schools don’t have enough money.

Maybe it’s not that Chicago schools don’t have enough money.

Maybe it is a repeat of what Harold Washington proved was happening in Chicago parks when he and I were state representatives in the 1970’s.

Washington sponsored a bill that would require the Chicago Park District to spend its money equally across the city. You can imagine that the ethnic Chicago Democrats were none too pleased at Harold’s attempt to intervene. There wasn’t even the ”hook” that parks got state financial assistance.

Washington passed the bill, but only with the help of suburban whites like me.

What I heard over two years ago on WBEZ-FM makes me wonder if the same disparity is not occurring with money the Chicago school system spends.

On the way home from swimming, my 8-year-old son and I listened attentively to Chicago public radio’s “Science Sisters” documentary.

It featured two girls from 100 year-old Farragut High School (now called a “Career Academy”) who entered the city’s science fair.

They were compared to the traditional big winners in the competition from 100-year-old Lincoln Park.

What astounded me was that Farragut only has one modern science lab, while Lincoln Park has 10.

Guess which school won the Science Fair.

(Farragut didn't have a web site or I would have put its picture up opposite Lincoln Park's.)

Is it time for some Black or Latino Caucus member to follow in Harold’s footsteps?

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Anonymous,  7:05 PM  

What did Obama do for education in his district.

Obama went to PRIVATE ELITE schools in Hawaii and never had to deal with Black folk. (the Dole sugar family and Hawaiian royal family went to school with him where he had a life of opportunity and never encountered racism and did not hang around with black people)

Neil,  7:11 PM  

The Cardinal (George) of the Catholic Archdiocese that serves 140,000 students from k-8 grades should march every student out of the Catholic schools shut them down and put them in the Public schools. How will overcrowding be?
How will taxes and money be?
The Catholic schools do a great service.

These Uncle Tom Mau Mau Blacks all went to private schools:
Todd Stroger St. Ignatius High School
Emil Jones Catholic Schools
John Stroger Catholic Schools
former Alderman Dexter Watson Catholic Schools
Jesse Jackson the elite Episcopal St. Albans
Alexi Giannulius Latin
John Fritchey Latin
(Latin is more expensive than most colleges, St. Albans is more expensive than college)
Calvin Giles Catholic school
Daley sent his kids to Catholic Schools
Lisa Madigan went to Catholic schools
Much of the elite went to the Jesuit St. Ignatius

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