Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TMZ clears up the confusion

Like most Peorians, I am just too damn stupid to be able to tell the difference between a grandmotherly doctor and a busty supermodel. All it takes is for two people to have the same last name, and I am lost. For years, I thought Karl was one of the Marx Brothers. I used to wonder why everyone thought Pamela Anderson was so hot and then someone told me I was looking at a poster of Louie Anderson. Boy, was I embarrassed.

Now comes the high-respected *cough* news site TMZ to lead the ignorant hayseeds of the River City out of the darkness:

I was so confused before. Thanks, TMZ.

If you are still confused, Joan Krupa, the Republican candidate for the Illinois House of Representatives from the 92nd District, is the one on the left. She's the one who has done more good for humanity during one single day of her life than Joanna Krupa is likely to do in her entire life.

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Anonymous,  11:01 PM  

Hey, dude, if you're going to deride the TMZ website, at least try to do it while getting your own facts straight. Joan Krupa ain't no doctor.

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