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Rezko tunes: who else will sing?

Trib writes,

Four attorneys have told the Tribune in recent days that federal prosecutors have telephoned them and other attorneys either with news Rezko is talking, or armed with details only Rezko could know. The lawyers speculated prosecutors are using the preliminary talks with Rezko to shake loose more cooperation from other witnesses.
I'm guessing Feds shaking Ayham Alsammare lose too.


Ali,  10:29 PM  

I do not know if the Feds will be able to indict Obama. But it will be bad for his campaign.

Rod and Patti Blagojevich are toast. It depends on how far the Feds will go down the chain but they already have the top.
Mell was out with Blago to long for the statute to apply.
Madigan and Blago didn't get along.
The other possible indictees, because they are close to Blago are Emil Jones and Jim DeLeo.
Rod is not a stand up guy and will sell out his own mother.

Rod will join, but be less popular and less interesting,
Otto Kerner
Dan Walker (not related to his office)
George Ryan
(I think Stratton beat the rap)
Am I missing anyone.

Rod Blagojevich will be a sad and pathetic footnote in Illinois corruption.

I feel sorry for his kids, and the people of Illinois. I have no mercy on Rod or Patty nor their inner circle like Chris Kelly who hurt people.

Bill Baar 6:24 AM  

I wonder if Fitz needs to make some kind of statement on his independence. This is going to look like an Oct surprize... given all the talk around firing people in DOJ, Fitz owes voters a statement.

Anonymous,  7:44 AM  

The only issues that Obama is vulnerable on for indictment (the political issue is broader)are:
1. The personal real estate deals and if the Feds want to get Obama on some technicality like signing a document under oath or something like that
2. If (and I am not saying they did) Obama did any favors for the Iraqi Billionaire or the Oak Brook Civil Engineer or anything related to security contracts with the Frawleys, or pipelines--and even if not criminal embarassing politically that Obama interceded on behalf or Rezko or Rezko friends on Middle East deals and makes Obama vulnerable to the fact if he is naive and ties to Muslims and questionable people and also his integrity tht he stated he did not know the Iraqi Billionaire and he did no favors for Rezko.

I do not know what is out there if anything, but the speculation alone can hurt Obama politically.
There is the saying that you could indict a ham sandwich, so if the Feds wanted to get Obama I am sure they could find something he may have done wrong. The real estate stuff with Rezko. Signing documents under oath that were not true. The Middle East stuff, if there is something there, is the most disturbing.

DuPage Saint,  8:01 AM  

Given the fact that we had a Fed Attorney state for the record that Sec. of State Ryan was not an object of investigation right before an election, it would seem to me we are owed the truth before an election for a change.

Anonymous,  12:32 PM  

That US Attorney that said that George Ryan was not a target of the investigation in 2998 before the election LIED and did it as a favor for Republican US Attorneys Dan Webb and Jim Thompson to keep Republican control and because Glenn Poshard was an honest or at least more honest man.

Glenn Poshard had more integrity in his little finger than George Ryan had in his whole corpulent body.

Some Republicans and conservatives had the wisdom and discernment combined with political knowledge and wisdom to be prophetic and warn us about George Ryan like Paul Caprio, Grant Noble, Ralph Rivera, Tom Roeser and others.
Others lead the conservative movement to damnation in Illinois.

It also shows how corrrupt and influence based the US Attorneys office was under Scott Lassar and Jim Burns and how they were connected to Daley and Jim Thompson.
The US Attorney lied.
Thank God for Peter and Patrick Fitzgerald.
That is why I am voting for McCain.
A vote for Obama is not only a vote for the unkown in many cases but a vote for Obama is a vote for Daley corruption.
The Iraq and Alssamare and other stuff is scary and corrupt.
Not reported a lot either.

Thomas Distajo,  4:36 PM  

Rezko was part of the slum lord housing fraud as was Obama's law firm. Rezko could show the fraud of Obama, his law firm, and the affordable housing scam in Chicago.

They should vote against.

Both parties are responsible.

But also Bill Daley is responsible as he was on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and both he and his son were lobbyists.
He and his son are also in lucrative investment banking and sat on banks that did a lot of this.

Daley has raised property taxes--which makes it hard to keep you home especially for Seniors or anyone on a fixed income and also Daley pushed an artificial beyond the market demand real estate boom especially in high end residential in town homes, luxury homes, and condos including in low income neighborhoods were the residents could not afford the homes.
The home prices were too high because of Daley.
Look at the 2nd, 3rd and 27th wards.
Look at Bridgeport Village.
Look at Developers and consultants like Tommy DiPiazza, Tim Degnan, Snitzer, Kinsella, Oscar D'Angelo, Victor Reyes, Michael Marchese and many others.
Overbuilding, substandard building with building inspectors being part of the conspiracy.

It was under the CLINTON administration that the mortgage re-write took place. Yet Republicans are for deregulation and Bush appointed the crooked and now dead head of Argent mortgage company as an ambassador.
Many of these alderman had cozy relationships with mortgage brokers.

Ray Suarez is involved with Mortgage.
Roberto Moldanado, the brother of Luis Gutierrez has a mortgage company.
Rahm Emmanuel was in high end business deal like the ComEd and buyouts investment banking where he made 2 million on one deal and thousands of people lost jobs.
Alderman Manny Flores has close ties to Tamayo financial.
The GD street gang did mortgage fraud and a lot of alderman knew about it.
Luis Guttierrez wife is in bond and finance deal that she has no education in that are political deals. Gutierrez never did anything about the BC lending that was rampant in his district.

These politicians and our Congressman are disgusting.

Eskimo Pie,  9:48 PM  

Where are the Obamaniacs now?
No spin and lies from Axelrod?
But Obama is the Messiah how could he do wrong? He is not a politican? He is above wrongdoing?
My faith is destroyed.
These are right wing racist lies.

Anonymous,  10:45 PM  

check this web site to see how things get done in Chicago

Ed Vrdolyak and Allan Masters,  7:03 PM  

Son's case pits mom vs. judge - Family fight sets scene for teen's woes, lawyer 'feeding frenzy'
Chicago Sun-Times - June 3, 2003
Author: Abdon M. Pallasch

When June Speaker's son Matthew told her about abusive conditions at his Christian boarding school in Virginia, she drove down, brought him back and put him in a Catholic high school here.

Cook County Judge Allan Masters ordered her to send Matthew, 17, back to Wellspring Academy in Sutherlin, Va.

She refused. So Masters put her in jail, hired a private agency to haul Matthew down there, and sent Speaker the $5,000 bill.

"She is the person who picked Wellspring. We didn't pick it," Judge Masters said in court in January.

A month ago, as more students and parents reported harsh discipline, Wellspring abruptly closed. Speaker raced down again to retrieve Matthew. Virginia State Police are investigating.

Matthew never got a chance in court to describe "the box," a room he spent 20 days in at Wellspring: "It gets to your head. It's a 3-foot-by-5-foot room. You have to sit all day and after all the other kids are asleep in the trailers we sleep in, they bring you down and you sleep in a security room with a light on all night at the end of the bed.

"One day I said, 'I'm not going back in there.' They started trying to physically put me in the box. They slammed me on the rocks and I looked at them and started laughing. I said I was going to flip out every day until I could start talking to my parents. [The headmaster] told me, 'I'm not letting any of your letters through. I don't have to. You're not going to be in contact with your mom for a long time so stop writing your letters.' "

Headmaster Bob Gluhareff said Monday the investigation would show the school did nothing wrong.

Family law experts are puzzled why Masters, a paternity court judge, presumed authority to tell a mom where to send her son to school. Masters said he could not comment on a pending case.

Speaker was in Masters' court because four years ago she sought child support from Matthew's father, Roy Warner, who owns Roy's Furniture in Lincoln Park. The case has taken bizarre twists.

Speaker finds herself in a fight between her ex-boyfriend Warner, 74, and his eight older children from two other women. The older children tried to get him declared incompetent so his money could be put in trust. A court evaluator found him competent. Warner's daughter told Speaker to sue if she wanted formal child support for Matthew.

Speaker has gone through five lawyers who each quit when she couldn't pay them. All of them faced an army of attorneys for Warner and his children. One of her lawyers called it a "feeding frenzy for lawyers" because of Warner's money.

A judge appointed lawyer Ralla Klepak as a "child representative" for Matthew. Minors do not always know what is best for them, but family court lawyers said child representatives are expected to consult their clients.

Matthew said Klepak had only one meeting with him a year ago and since then court records show she has mainly sided with Warner's attorneys.

When Speaker tried to tell a judge that Wellspring closed, Klepak objected. In a motion to be heard this morning, Klepak wants Matthew declared "emancipated" and his child support cut off.

Klepak has billed more than $30,000, which Speaker and Warner must pay. She declined to comment for the story.

The "trouble" that initially convinced Speaker to send Matthew to Wellspring was his getting caught with an eighth of an ounce of marijuana; spending nights at his dad's Lincoln Park apartment, and driving a car his father gave him without a license.

When the state thinks a minor should be removed from a home, the case goes to Juvenile Court, not Paternity Court. Juvenile Court judges interviewed Monday said they would not have ordered a child sent out of state for minor problems like Matthew's.

After the incidents in which Warner gave his son a car and use of an apartment, Speaker asked a judge to prohibit the two from seeing each other. She now regrets that. Masters ordered Warner and Matthew not to see each other.

"This is ridiculous--I can't see my own son," Warner told a judge as he left court a month ago.

Matthew wants to live at home with his mom, finish his last year of high school at a local school, and spend time with his dad. He wants to be a police officer someday.

Speaker tried to withdraw her child support suit, saying she would walk away with no child support just to have her life back.

Klepak argued against letting Speaker drop the case, saying there are unresolved issues such as her unpaid legal bills. Masters refused to let Speaker drop it.

This morning, Cook County Public Guardian Patrick Murphy will ask Masters to appoint him as Matthew's new attorney.

Caption on the picture shown: In a strange child custody case, Matthew Speaker (shown with his mom, June Speaker) was sent to a Virginia school that disciplined him by shutting him in a 3-by-5-foot room, "the box." Jim Frost

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