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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - September 25, 2008

Only 40 days until the election!

DIERSEN: MORE EVIDENCE OF COMBINE DOMINATION AND MEDIA BIAS: NBC5 and Chicago Tribune blast Dan Proft who worked for conservative Republicans Pat O'Malley, Jack Ryan, and Alan Keyes. NBC5 and Chicago Tribune would not blast Proft if Proft worked for liberal Democrats Blagojevich or Obama.

-- Eye on Carol Marin, who is giving a good look at Dan Proft - Jeff Berkowitz

-- Cicero PR Guy Dan Proft Getting More Than $300K A Year Better Government Association: 'It Sure Seems Wasteful' - Carol Marin (Includes video clip)

-- Cicero spokesman Dan Proft's firm got pacts worth $578,000 a year to promote town, school districts Larger communities paying much less than Cicero for public relations, records show - James Kimberly,0,4726894.story
-- Candidates bicker: Debate or wait? Obama balks at call to postpone showdown, so McCain may not show - Jill Zuckman and John McCormick,0,5401423.story
-- Democrat state's attorney hopeful Anita Alvarez defends donations by subordinates Meanwhile, GOP candidate Tony Peraica refuses to stop using photo of U.S. attorney in campaign literature - Monique Garcia,0,6445897.story
-- OUTRAGEOUS: (ANTI-RELIGIOUS) Democrats seek to frame suffering economy as a 'values' issue for religious voters - Eric Gorski,0,7708499.story
-- Palin: U.S. at risk of another Great Depression - Sara Kugler,0,5179526.story
-- Immigration polarizes small-town America Some communities are angry about immigration, but the candidates aren't spending much time on the topic. The Tribune's Jim Tankersley and Christi Parsons report from Manassas, Va.,0,5799873.story

-- Grand opening of MTRCC's election headquarters at 925B East Roosevelt Road at the NW corner of Roosevelt and President in Wheaton is this Saturday, September 27, between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM - Dave Diersen
DuPage County is at the heart of Republican politics in Illinois and Milton Township is at the heart of DuPage County. The Milton Township Republican Central Committee (MTRCC) will hold the grand opening of its election headquarters at 925B East Roosevelt Road at the NW corner of Roosevelt and President in Wheaton on Saturday, September 27, between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Look for MTRCC grand opening ads in the September 24 Glen Ellyn News and the September 25 Wheaton Leader. Attendees will be able to take home yard signs and bumper stickers, enjoy refreshments, and meet with Republican elected officials and Republican candidates. All Republican elected officials who represent all or part of Milton Township and all Republican candidates for those positions have been invited. Federal elected officials and candidates invited include Peter Roskam and Steve Sauerberg. State elected officials and candidates invited include Franco Coladipietro, Mike Connelly, Dan Cronin, Kirk Dillard, Mike Fortner, Randy Hulgren, Jim Meyer, Carol Pankau, and Sandy Pihos. DuPage County elected officials and candidates invited include Joe Birkett, Fred Bucholz, Joseph Cantore, Grant Eckhoff, Blanche Hill Fawell, Mike Formento, Bob Grogan, Gwen Henry, Chris Kachiroubas, Gary King, John Kinsella, Roger Kotecki, Linda Kurzawa, Bob Larsen, Debra Olson, Patrick O'Shea, Dewey Pierotti, Jim Rasins, Jeff Redick, Pam Rion, Darlene Ruscitti, Bob Schillerstrom, Pete Siekmann, Brien Sheahan, John Zaruba, and Jim Zay. Milton Township officials invited include Bob Earl, Sal Falbo, Jim Flickinger, Chris Heidorn, Gail Hinkle, Bob Larsen, Gary Muehlfelt, and Leonard Sanchez.

-- Obama Surges In Polls As McCain Suspends Campaign (REPORT INCLUDES A STRONG QUOTE FROM DURKIN) - Mike Flannery
-- Possible Evidence To Indict Gov. Blagojevich

-- McCain caught Obama off guard again - Lynn Sweet,CST-NWS-sweet25.article
-- Obama grant being probed $100,000 deal State to charity: What happened to garden money, other cash? - Chris Fusco and Dave McKinney,CST-NWS-watchdog25.article?dl=mainclick
-- No politicking for U. of I. staff? Button it, prof says - Art Golab and Dave Newbart,CST-NWS-button25.article
-- McCain's error: Obama isn't Machine-made He's no crusading reformer, but he's just not a political hack - Mark Brown,CST-NWS-brown25.article

-- 14th Congressional District candidates Oberweis and Foster take stances on proposed economic bailouts - Jim Fuller
-- Illinois Republican Party refund, aka, making the media happy - John Patterson
(THE POSTING: A few weeks back you may recall me whining about Daily Herald reporters getting turned away from a GOP convention event even though the Republican Party had charged the paper a delegate activity fee of $600 per person. The reception was in honor of Republican legislative leaders Tom Cross and Frank Watson and was hosted by AT&T, which explains why there might have been some miscommunication about letting the media in. Anyway, in all fairness, there needs to be an update. After hearing of the incident, an Illinois Republican Party spokesman called to find out what happened, agreed we should have been let in and then agreed to refund the Daily Herald a portion of the activity fee. I'm happy to report that the check has been received and cashed (not by me). So all's well.)
-- 8th Congressional District: GOP rival Greenberg criticizes Bean for not debating him - Russell Lissau
-- Republican group launches attack on Seals - Joseph Ryan
-- Senger v. McGuire: House District 96 hopefuls face off - Justin Kmitch
-- Health care flier sparks anger in 44th House race - Ashok Selvam
-- DuPage County: Prosecutor Liam C. Brennan tapped as new judge
-- Just 1 Illinois high school dropout costs $221,000 - AP
-- We're getting taxed out of St. Charles - Linda Jean, St. Charles
-- Candidates seeking guidance from God - Roger Willis, Naperville
(FROM THE LETTER: But if Mr. Zlotow believes that seeking guidance from God is wrong, from whom does he suggest Barack Obama should seek guidance? How about Rev. Jeremiah Wright? William Ayers? Bernadine Dohrn? No one can deny that the Wright has provided guidance to the Obama family for more than 20 years. And the latter two - leaders of the terrorist Weatherman group of the late 1960s - certainly influenced Obama in two nonprofit enterprises in the Chicago area from 1995 through 2001. During a primary debate, Obama described Ayers only as "a guy who lives in my neighborhood." Funny, I know that I would remember someone who led more than 40 bombings of public and private buildings and served with me on two boards for more than four years as more than just a guy from the neighborhood. So the question I would pose to Mr. Zlotow is, would you rather have your government officials seeking guidance from God - and admitting it - or from the likes of Wright/Ayers/Dohrn - and hiding it?)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: James D. Cook of Streamwood demonizes and denigrates Reagan and everyone who voted for him


-- News quiz: What's a fund sweep? - Kristen McQueary,092508mcqueary.article
-- Blagojevich must sign off on restored budget cuts - John O'Connor,092508budget.article

-- McGuire defends campaign ads Cites survey as source of abortion stance - Ted Slowik,6_1_NA25_MCGUIRE_S1.article
-- Senger, McGuire square off during forum Budget, funding and fuel costs among forum topics - Paige Winfield,6_1_NA25_DEBATE_S1.article
-- McGuire defends campaign mailers - Ted Slowik,na24_mcguireresponse_s1.article

-- Ozinga, Wallace back out of candidate forum claiming bias - Robert Themer

-- Beefed Up Security Surrounds Obama's Hyde Park House - Tony Arnold

-- ACLU hosts forum for candidates including Steve Sauerberg
-- Financial rescue seen as necessary - Erin Wood

-- Politics or statesmanship from McCain? Republican decides to suspend presidential campaign during financial crisis - Rhys Saunders
-- Hynes doesn’t trust Blagojevich on budget cuts - Ryan Keith
-- Feisty Callahan takes off gloves in TV ad vs. Schock - Bernard Schoenburg

-- Naperville deficit to top $10 million - Naperville Sun

-- 11th Congressional District: Congressional candidates drop forum - Susan DeMar Lafferty,4_1_JO25_11FORUM_S1.article

-- DuPage County: Democrat challenger for recorder David Meek calls for change - Sandy Illian Bosch,ch-recorder-092508-s1.article
-- DuPage County: Roselle man Stan Jagla takes on incumbent Chris Kachiroubas for circuit court clerk - Sandy Illian Bosch,ch-circuitclerk-092508-s1.article
-- Edgar recalls days as governor at packed farm bureau meeting - Diana Newton,mu-edgar-092508-s1.article

-- DuPage County Board member Paul Fichtner in no rush to install red-light cameras - Jerry Moore
-- DuPage County to hold hearing on alcohol at strip clubs

-- Time to quit talking and get to work - Fran Eaton
-- Rauschenberger vs. Obama: Round 5 - Fran Eaton
-- Roskam takes stand against big oil - Fran Eaton (Includes video clip)

-- The Left is making it easy for Sarah Palin to recapture the Reagan Democrats - Charlene Kalebic
-- Republicans should have reformed the financial system wrongly built on Democratic policies - John Biver
-- Public school economics: Productivity and oversight matters - John Biver

-- Wha? Bill Daley, Sr. Was Hired Because of His Technical Expertise in Business. . .Biden Proves What We Have Suspected - a Likeable Blow Hard e.g. Jerque. . .Mark Brown to Whom Homosexuality is a Human Right

-- Which Candidate Would You Choose? - Sandy Rios

-- They Gave Your Mortgage to a Less Qualified Minority - Ann Coulter

-- Senator Bunning Blasts “Financial Socialism” - Cliff Kincaid

-- Obama's Soft Core Racism - Yale Kramer

-- Founding Brothers What’s behind Obama’s early rise? - Stanley Kurtz

-- Obama lied about his tight link with Ayers - James Lewis

-- Boehner welcomes McCain's return - John Bresnahan

-- Now the New York Times accuses me of racism - Jerome Corsi and Michael Centanni
-- Guess who recommended Obama to enter Harvard Mystery man in senator's memoir now revealed as disciple of socialist agitator Saul Alinksy

-- Some Illinois colleges say economy slowing enrollment - David Mercer

-- Bush summons Obama, McCain for crisis talks
-- Financial crisis creates daring duel for McCain, Obama

-- Dems call McCain's move a 'stunt'; GOP welcomes return

-- Obama wants debate with McCain to go ahead

-- The mortgage-bailout trap - Editorial

-- Behind McCain's Decision to Suspend His Campaign - Chris Cillizza

-- Sarah Palin's 'Rev. Wright' or a big nothing? Watch and read for yourself - Jeffery Weiss

-- Shame on you too, Barack Obama, the truth sleuths say Republican John McCain was taken to task by fact-checking journalists for disingenuous claims against his rival. But the Democrat isn't off the hook for his own series of dispiriting distortions. - James Rainey,0,6681369.story
-- John McCain seeks to postpone debate The GOP nominee plans to suspend his campaign and stay in Washington to help craft the economic bailout. Barack Obama rejects the idea, saying whoever wins the race will be expected to multi-task. - Mark Z. Barabak,0,4677357.story

-- Another Hail-Mary Pass for McCain - Jane Sasseen

-- Kenya: 'Will the Economic Downturn Help Obama?' - Nairobi Star

-- VIDEO CLIP: "Obama's Twisted Mind - Obama's sick voting record"

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Even though virtually all federal employees are Democrats, even though Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006, and even though Democrats control Illinois' government, Democrats blame Republicans when housing prices go up and Democrats blame Republicans when housing prices go down.

-- McCain & Obama: All the Candidates’ Cars - Keith Naughton and Hilary Shenfeld
(THE ARTICLE: When you have seven homes, that's a lot of garages to fill. After the fuss over the number of residences owned by the two presidential nominees, NEWSWEEK looked into the candidates' cars. And based on public vehicle-registration records, here's the score. John and Cindy McCain: 13. Barack and Michelle Obama: one. One vehicle in the McCain fleet has caused a small flap. United Auto Workers president Ron Gettelfinger, an Obama backer, accused McCain this month of "flip-flopping" on who bought daughter Meghan's foreign-made Toyota Prius. McCain said last year that he bought it, but then told a Detroit TV station on Sept. 7 that Meghan "bought it, I believe, herself." (The McCain campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment.) Obama's lone vehicle also is a green machine, a 2008 Ford Escape hybrid. He bought it last year to replace the family's Chrysler 300C, a Hemi-powered sedan. Obama ditched the 300C, once 50 Cent's preferred ride, after taking heat for driving a guzzler while haranguing Detroit about building more fuel-efficient cars. McCain's personal ride, a 2004 Cadillac CTS, is no gas sipper, but it should make Detroit happy because it's made by General Motors. "I've bought American literally all my life and I'm proud," McCain said in the interview with Detroit's WXYZ-TV. But the rest of his fleet is not all-American. There's a 2005 Volkswagen convertible in the garage along with a 2001 Honda sedan. Otherwise, there's a 2007 half-ton Ford pickup truck, which might come in handy on the Sedona ranch; a vintage 1960 Willys Jeep; a 2008 Jeep Wrangler; a 2000 Lincoln; and a 2001 GMC SUV. The McCains also own three 2000 NEV Gem electric vehicles, which are bubble-shaped cars popular in retirement communities. Only the Cadillac is registered in the candidate's name. Cindy McCain's name is on 11 vehicles, though not the one she actually drives. That car, a Lexus, is registered to her family's beer-distributor business and is outfitted with personalized plates that read MS BUD.)

-- America’s Largest Celebration of Corvettes and Customers Mid America Motorworks’ 2008 Corvette Funfest in Effingham

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