Monday, September 01, 2008

CFL's Dennis Gannon Talks to IL Delegates

Chicago Federation of Labor President Dennis Gannon speaks to the Illinois Delegation to the Democratic Convention in Denver on Monday, August 25th. The video is 5:13 minutes long.


Pedro,  11:12 PM  

Dennis Gannon is the same guy who:
1. Lives in Navy Pier luxury housing.
2. Endorsed Todd Stroger
3. Allowed Daley to privatize and layoff union workers
4. makes a huge salary he will not disclose
5. had not endorsed Hispanics in the last election in 2 key elections

Anonymous,  10:30 AM  

Dennis Gannon is a hypocrite.

Thanks Dennis Gannon for Todd Stroger.

Operating Engineers,  10:51 AM  

Where do Terrence J OBrien of the MWRD and Dennis Gannon and other racist "labor" drink?
DUI's covered up?
what else

Anonymous,  4:20 PM  

Dennis Gannon is an anti-Latino racist.

IBEW,  12:42 AM  

Gannon has made a good life from his ties with organized labor and continues to give back to the movement hoping to allow every individual the same opportunity that he had. Jorge Ramirez, Secretary-Treasurer, is latino and if Gannon didn't help the Latino movement enough, he found an individual who has strong roots in the community to help do so.

And his wife is succesful herself, so yes they can afford good housing but it isnt at Navy Pier. Don't speak ill of a good man with no merit to your argument.

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