Monday, September 15, 2008

Huntley Teachers Walking Picket Lines Today

Huntley School District 158 teachers are on strike today.

A notice was sent posted on the school district web site at 3:30 AM, after negotiations went well into the night.

Teachers had rejected an average pay raise of 5.43% in the school board's "Last, Best and Final" Offer of August 18th, the details you can see in a story below.

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On top is the Huntley School District web site at 5 AM this morning. Phone calls and emails went out to parents announcing the strike at 5:30 AM.

You see the web page of the school district on top. The picketers were practicing before the August 21st school board meeting. (That was the "Quid pro Quo" meeting. More photos of the teachers in that story and most of the stories before Sunday.)

All images may be enlarged by clicking on them.

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