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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - September 8, 2008

-- Sarah Palin's pastor says pray for the press - AP,pastor090708.article
-- Sarah Palin's church hopes to 'pray away the gay' and convert homosexuals to heterosexuals - AP,gay090708.article
-- Biden: I'm used to debating 'tough, smart women' - AP,biden090708.article
-- Oops! Obama says 'my Muslim faith' - Matthew Nickerson,CST-NWS-faith08.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: It seems that Obama supporters are far more likely to pay $3.50 for a cookie than McCain supporters. What does that say about Obama supporters? Many Obama supporters are limousine liberals.,CST-NWS-cookies08.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Promiscuity advocate Laura Berman gives advice on "how to tell if he will be a cheater",CST-FTR-berman08.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Liberal Democrat Black Female Obama Promoter Dawn Turner Trice Carries Out Latest Obama Campaign Directive: Equate Palin with Keyes,0,4096703.column
-- University of Chicago medical practices drawing critical eye Sen. Grassley looks into program to dismiss poor and uninsured patients - Bruce Japsen,0,4276333.story
-- Lindesmith v. Claar: Convicted businessman alleges scheme to give money to Bolingbrook mayor's campaign Mayor Roger Claar says: 'Of course, I didn't know' - Matthew Walberg,0,2730933.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Where you choose to live says a lot about you. Diersen, a conservative Republican, chooses live in conservative Republican Wheaton. Obama, a liberal Democrat, chooses to live in liberal Democrat Hyde Park.,0,6463044.story
-- Sarah Palin? 'She is definitely Alaska' McCain running mate Sarah Palin is 'definitely Alaska,' say residents used to its many contrasts - Jason George,0,6001949.story

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Daily Herald reports on Winfield's "Good Old Days," but refuses to report that Republican participants in the event's outstanding parade included Bucholz, Falbo, Fortner, Grogan, Hultgren, Kachiroubas, Ramey, Roskam, and Zay
-- In next Chicago storm, ask feds for a hotel room - Chuck Goudie
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Are advocates of the EJ&E sale to CN playing the race card?
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Phyllis O'Neill of Mount Prospect who advocates the sale of EJ&E sale to CN plays the race card
-- What's right about DuPage vs. Cook - Kirk W. Dillard, R-Hinsdale, Illinois Senate Republican Whip
(Not posted as of 7:00 AM)
-- We're still a Christian nation - Elizabeth Pearson, Elmhurst
(Not posted as of 7:00 AM)
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH COLOR PICTURES: DIERSEN HEADLINE: Burt Constable contrasts Obama supporting Island Lake mayor Thomas P. Hyde with Palin

-- Obama bytes into new-media effort - Gary Salazar

-- Family says Wheaton standoff suspect troubled

-- Oprah Explains Palin Snub Queen Of Talk Won't Interview VP Nominee Until After Election (Includes video clip)

-- Schwarzenegger Could Face Recall Election

-- Republicans rally in McLean County - Michelle Mantel

-- Sarah Palin really is ‘the real deal’ - David Keene

-- Top 25 Competitive Congressional Races (includes the 11th in Illinois) - Reid Wilson and Kyle Trygstad

-- VIDEO CLIP FROM THE GOP CONVENTION: VERY SAD: No More "Build the Fence" in McCain's House

-- Sarah Palin's Speech: What Really Happened
-- Obama’s Muslim Past Dogs Campaign - Bradley Owens

-- The Media Plan to Destroy Palin - Cliff Kincaid

-- From Newark Pulpit, Rev. Wright Praises Obama - Andy Newman
-- The Vanishing Republican Voter - David Frum

-- McCain: Obama Never Took On His Own Party GOP Nominee Tells Face The Nation That His Ticket Offers Reform, Calls Criticism Of Palin's Experience "Denigrating"

-- Floundering in a sea of change - Paul Sheehan

-- Convention rejuvenates GOP - Susan Page
-- Poll: Convention lifts McCain over Obama - Susan Page
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: The Democrat Party platform promotes the rights of criminals. The Republican Party platform promotes the rights of victims of criminals. Sadly, Tom Krattenmaker seems to hold non-criminals responsible for the problems that criminals have and he seems to argue that Jesus wants all criminals to be let out of jail so that they can vote for Obama.

-- The GOP's wrong message about unplanned pregnancy - Caille Millner

-- VERY SAD BUT NOT SURPRISING: Defenders of Wildlife Launch Attack on Palin - Josh Gerstein

-- What Did Obama Do As A Community Organizer? And is it really a qualification to be president? - Byron York

-- Obama' As Community Organizer -- Organizing Blacks Against Whites To His Own Benefit - Steve Sailer

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Midwest Business picks top 10 Illinois blogs on politics: 10-Reverse Spin, 9-Joe Irvin's Blog, 8-Prairie State Blue, 7-Illinois Reason, 6-Capitol Fax, 5-Illinois Review, 4-Illinois Pundit, 3-Daily Kos Illinois, 2-ArchPundit, 1-Progress Illinois. Copies of GOPUSA ILLINOIS daily emails are posted each and every morning on Illinois Review and on the Illinoize page of Capitol Fax. Political blogs focus on providing political commentary. GOPUSA ILLINOIS at focuses on providing Illinois Republicans political news and information on upcoming political events each and every morning. Since January 1, 2005, GOPUSA ILLINOIS has brought 33,786 internet postings to the attention of Illinois Republicans as well as information on many upcoming events.

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: "robnesvacil" anonymously demonizes and denigrates Diersen again and claims again that he/she is not hiding behind anonymity
(NOTE: At, George Dienhart discusses an anti-conservative who goes by the name of "Rob Nesvacil.")

-- Republican participants in outstanding Winfield parade include Bucholz, Falbo, Fortner, Grogan, Hultgren, Kachiroubas, Ramey, Roskam, and Zay - Dave Diersen
Republican participants in the outstanding Winfield parade on Sunday afternoon, September 7, included Fred Bucholz, Sal Falbo, Mike Fortner, Bob Grogan, Randy Hultgren, Chris Kachiroubas, Randy Ramey, Peter Roskam, and Jim Zay. Those who had the honor of walking with Fortner included myself.
-- Outstanding restored historic large luxury home for sale in a Wheaton precinct in which 155 of 431 registered voters cast Republican ballots on February 5, 2008 - Dave Diersen
An outstanding restored historic large luxury home at 619 Frazier Court in my Wheaton precinct just went on the market for $1,349,000. I am proud that 155 of the 431 registered voters in the precinct cast Republican ballots on February 5, 2008. Needless-to-say, I hope that a Republican family buys the home. The home overlooks the beautiful home that Joe Keim build as his personal residence and lived in between 1974 and 2004. Much of 619 Frazier Court's lengthy north lot line is also my home's south lot line. A 6-inch subterranean "drain for the mutual benefit" crosses that lot line. I learned in 1985 that the land that Keim sold me in 1984 and built my home on in 1984 served until about 1950 as part of the septic field for 619 Frazier Court and for another historic home at 924 Golf Lane.

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