Monday, September 01, 2008

Emil Jones Talks to the Illinois Delegation

Illinois Senate President Emil Jones talks to the Illinois Delegation to the Democratic Convention in Denver on Tuesday, August 26th. The video is 4:59 minutes long.


Anonymous,  11:29 PM  

A 50 million dollar subcontract for his son in law on computers.

Jobs for relatives and even mistresses.

His son taking his Senate seat.

His blatant racist and ignorant statements.

Pushing the agenda of big business and utilities.

Pushing tax increases and pay raises.

Calling people Uncle Tom's.

Anonymous,  10:53 AM  

Dear Senate President:

I am a Democrat.

I am an Obama supporter.

PLEASE stop saying you are Barack Obama's godfather.
PLEASE stop saying anything.

We cannot afford 4 more years of Cheney/Bush because of your big mouth and stupidity. People out of state (and in state) think Obama is like you.

We want Barack to win.
Go on vacation until November.

Obama supporter

Anonymous,  4:21 PM  

Emil Jones is a corrupt pig joke.

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