Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chicago Documentary: Where Is Obama?

This video from the John McCain campaign looks at what has Sen. Barack Obama done for the Latino community.

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Yayo,  12:43 AM  

A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Daley corruption.

For my African American friends who vote for Obama because of racial pride, ask one question:
What has Barack Obama said about the torture of hundreds of African American men including electrocution of testicles in Area 2 and 3 in Chicago with dozens of police under the Command of JON BURGE???????????

Obama has been silent about Jon Burge.
Obama has been silent about Daley corruption (and Todd Stroger, and Emil Jones and Rod Blagojevich)

Look into the KATZ radical links.

Obama has done nothing for the African American community and did nothing on Burge and police torture.


Anonymous,  12:52 AM  

What has Barack Obama done for anyone?
He was only in the Senate 2 years before he announced for President. Let him work his current job instead we are paying him while he is running for President.

I am not a Republican and do not like Bush. There is a foreclosure problem, the Iraq war sucks, unemployment is up, the stock market is down, rights are gone because of the fight on terrorism, the economy is decreasing especially home ownership. So this is not a McCain propaganda post.

But Barack Obama has NO managerial experience (besides maybe some academic)
Barack Obama has NO Military experience. Not even reserve or ROTC.
Barack Obama has very limited international and foreign policy experience.
Barack Obama has lacked courage on key issues.

McCain does seem independent and speaks his mind and is a man of integrity. Not a perfect man but a man who has seen life and has some experience.
Obama has a high opinion of himself and Obama seems like an egomaniac, his wife seems like a bitch (Michelle) who has a false victim position and a lack of patriotism, and Obama's followers are like a messianic cult. Obama is not my messiah or savior. Nobody in politics is.

I would of preferred a Ralph Nader, Ron Paul or Average Joe but none of them can win.

Obama has no experience.

Omar Lopez for Congress,  1:02 AM  

Barack Obama is worse on immigration than John McCain.
Barack Obama supports a wall between the US and Mexico.
Barack Obama responded arrogantly and said he was the best thing for Latinos.

How many Latinos are in Barack Obama's inner circle? ZERO
Especially Mexican Americans: ZERO
When does he come to Latino events?
ALMOST NEVER--a couple of times in 2004 when he was running for Senate
How many of his Senate staffers are Hispanic or speak Spanish?
How much money has he spent on Hispanic outreach?
Who are his key Hispanic outreach people?

Obama has NO experience for the Latino/Hispanic/Mexican/Puerto Rican/Cuban/Columbian/Central America/South America/other

Obama is an arrogant academic. Obama and Axelrod are running an anti-Hispanic campaign.

Anonymous,  7:19 AM  

What is little Luis the corrupt conartist do nothing Congressman doing for obama?

Mortimer,  8:36 AM  

This video is spot on.

There is video footage of Barack Obama coming off very arrogant and dismissive when asked about the immigration bill he voted for and the building of the wall between Mexico and the US and his response was that he was the best thing/friend for Hispanics.
You have to see his demeanor and explicit words, the words speak for themselves but also the attitude. He takes Hispanics, Hispanic issues and the Hispanic vote (which is not monolithic for granted)

Also, Mary Mitchell from the Sun Times is anti-Hispanic and racist.

Chad Spinks,  9:29 AM  

It's important to point out the huge fallacy in this ad. The background shadow in the beginning of the film is in the exact same spot at the end, after telling us he was supposedly talking "all day" to Latinos in Chicago. Either the sun doesn't move in Chicago, or this "credible" Latino knew the answer he wanted before he got it.
This is propaganda rubbish.
McCain has no shame.
Do you really want someone who "approves this message" to pull the wool over your eyes for another 4 years?
This guy is evil.

Anonymous,  12:09 PM  

Chad, I have no idea about the ad nor the gentleman (if he is one) who does it. I did notice one flaw that it had the former Mayor of Cicero (a true bufoon and corrupt although not as corrupt as the mobbed up fat cop who beat him Larry Dominick) Ramero Gonzalez.
However, the ad and message does reflect a sentiment in the Latino community (although the Latino community is a number of communities with the Mexican-American being the biggest) that is prevalent. I know the polls say that Obama is ahead 3 to 1 with Hispanics (and that may be the case but still bad for a Democrat)and that Latinos are racist and that why they are not voting for Obama--but I think it goes deeper than that in that some Blacks are racist to Latinos and that many Latinos think that we are at the bottom of the barrel and lowest on the socio-economic ladder. If Barack Obama healed the racial divide of Black and White in his historic nomination how come the media did have the same sense of healing or history with Bill Richardson? African Americans can justifiably feel pride for possibly electing the first Black President (or even half Black) but it is wrong to want to elect any Latinos to the White House (or even half like Richardson) This is not fair.

When you look at who is being talked about to replace Obama in the US Senate (if that happens which certainly is possible) there are no mentions of Latinos.
There are no Latinos elected to Statewide office in Illinois that are elected Statewide from the entire state as a constituency and no Latino State constitutional officers. There are and have been African Americans. In County Government there are no Latinos elected countywide at Large yet many African Americans and many of those African Americans have little to no Latino employees in their office and even have hostile work environments. Ask Latino employees of Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore or Latino employees of Clerk Dorothy Brown. Than look objectively at statistics to see how many Latino Americans they have working for them. Latinos are mistreated in Cook County and Illinois politics. State government has very few Latinos less than 4% yet our population is 12% and growing. Todd Stroger has no major Latinos in any positions except Cook County Commissioner Mario Moreno's sister who had her married Polish name in the Juvenile home in a position she had no qualifications for. Look at the crews that follow Todd Stroger with his entourage of bodyguards and aides and not one Latino. Look at the entourage that follows Dorothy Brown with her suburbans and multiple body guards and aides. NO Latinos. NONE

Go to Rainbow PUSH and see the Rev or the Congressman and see how many Latinos have Pizza in Jewel like Reggios (Connies is better frozen Pizza) or have Budweiser dealerships or car dealerships or no show jobs with unions like Congressman Jackson with Hanley or even around. The Rainbow is a Black rainbow with the occasional white liberal.

This last election showed the fallacy of the white liberal/Black alliance and ignoring other communities like Latinos.
This is why Jay Paul Deratany, Maryanne Spyropolous and Larry Suffredin went down in a flaming defeat. The White Liberal establishment in Chicago has completely ignored Latinos.

I have seen questions like Who are Obama's Latino advisors? and I can't name any but do know he knew Miguel DelValle in the Senate and Iris Martinez endorsed him early in 2004(although it begs the question about his contact, support and activity in the Mexican community and despite the Luis Guttierrez endorsement he still lost Puerto Rico to Hillary Clinton) I don't know anything Obama "did" for the Latino community? He certainly is not a fixture at events or member of organizations nor as Senator did not bring any grants.

I don't see much activity in the Latino community for Obama. I don't know any operatives on staff (although I am sure there are some)
I think many Latinos feel left out.
I think many Latinos are not supporting Barack Obama because they are racist (although some are) they are not supporting Barack Obama because they feel some Blacks are racist and they will not be at the table. Bush II (who has been a failure as a President) did reach out to the Latino community and did have many prominent members of the Latino community in his cabinet. There is not even a circle of Latinos close enought to Obama that one could predict like you could with Bush II.

For all of Obama being bi-racial and bi-cultural and appealing across race lines--Obama's appeal seems to be limited to wealthy, educated and younger white voters--this appeal has certainly not resonated among Latinos or at least not as much as for those other younger, white voters.

While Latinos have many problems and some should come to grips with racism against Blacks. Many Blacks need to come to grips with their racism and maltreatment of Latinos. That may not be politically correct to say. But it is true.

Anonymous,  3:57 PM  

Why are we paying Obama's salary while he is running for President?

Daley is also responsible for the foreclosure crisis. Bill Daley and his son (the John Marshall private Judge tutoring him and failing bar exams becoming a Mayer Brown lobbyist because of Danny Rusty Rostenkowski) lobbied for FREDDIE MAC AND FANNIE MAE even chairing them and putting Danny Solis there. Mayor Daley has pushed overbuilding of high end residential housing with high percentages of evictions, foreclosures and vacancy. Outright structural engineering fraud like in Bridgeport Village.
Town homes with no one living in them in the 12th ward that no one can afford. Substandard construction all over the West and South Loop and 2nd and 3rd wards with politically connected developers.

Pedro,  6:02 PM  

McCain will probably get 40 to 50% of the Hispanic vote.

Manuel Flores,  8:39 PM  

McCain for President

Omar Lopez for Congress

Anonymous,  8:13 AM  

I don't know about McCain I want to wait and see how he handles foreclosures or do a protest vote for RALPH NADER.

BUT I do know that OMAR LOPEZ for Congress is the best way to go.
Luis G is a DO NOTHING and only for himself.

Raymundo,  2:52 PM  

Omar Lopez is getting a lot of steam for Congress.

Obama is not trusted or even known.
Obama seems to slick and gamesmenship and just a good talker for most Latinos.
However, We cannot have another 4 years of the Bush oligarchy. We cannot have another 4 years of the Daley oligarchy. Stop the oligarchies and crooks.

I am also torn between McCain or Nader but am probably not going to vote for Obama. There is a guy with the website AVERAGE JOE for President who I like but is not a probably candidate to win.

Jack GS,  2:58 PM  

Bill Daley was part of the same banks and investment banking firms that caused the mortgage crisis.

Bill Daley WAS a lobbyist for Mayer Brown in the 80s and for NAFTA and for SBC Ameritech (and their high rates). Bill Daley was on the board of Amalgamated Bank where he had the kids money from CPS earning no interest. Bill Daley invested into nuclear energy equipment deals and got bailed out by ComEd.

Bill Daley was going to work for Bear Stearns.

Bill Daley was going to work for Goldman Sachs.

Your high phone rates are because of BILL DALEY at SBC Ameritech.

Bill Daley headed Fannie Mae and he and his son also were lobbyists for Freddie Mac--directly tied to the loans.

Bill Daley's son also worked to buy and privatize the parking lots that increased prices.
Bill Daley has a role in the his nephew Vanekco's pension deals.

Bill Daley has an interesting divorce and personal habits.

Bill and Rich Daley are hypocrites for criticizing the ad.

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