Monday, September 29, 2008

Oberweis on the bailout

Waiting until Thursday seems a pretty good idea to me. I'm with the ice cream man on this one. via his website

(BATAVIA, September 29) -- Republican Congressional Candidate Jim Oberweis - after the House of Representatives voted 228-205 to reject the $700 billion bailout for financial insitutions - made the following statement:

"I support the action taken by the House of Representatives this afternoon in rejecting a flawed bailout plan that would have put American taxpayers at risk for $700 billion. Had I been a Member of Congress, I would have voted 'no.'

"Now that the flawed measure has been rejected, Congress can take the time necessary to strengthen the legislation to improve the odds of its success at solving the problem at hand, while reducing taxpayer risk and improving taxpayer protections. It is important that Congress address this very serious economic crisis that we are facing, but it is equally important that Congress address this situation in a way that will subject taxpayers to the smallest loss possible while doing what is necessary to keep our financial system working in a positive way. We must not sow the seeds of future, equally serious problems by trying to solve this situation too quickly. We must do this right with reasonable speed rather than doing this wrong with great speed."


Oberweiss is right/DALEY DEM CORRUPTION,  10:06 PM  

Bill Daley was with Fannie Mae.
Rahm Emmanuel has big chutzpah voting for the bailout.

High Property taxes do correlate although may not be the only causation for high foreclosures.

The Daleys are only for rich people
Chicago is becoming a playground for the superrich.
Even the old white ethnic middle class neighborhoods are too expensive for the residents especially seniors and taxes are too high. It is hard to live in the city with property taxes, high sales tax, cameras giving you tickets, boots after 2 or 3 tickets, building inspectors, the adminsitrative kangaroo court, licenses for garage sales, taxes on everything, gas is high, food is high, insurance is high.
Daley doesn't care and steals so much that it does make a difference.

Rahm Emmanuel was part of the Clinton administration that wrote the mortgage law that created this mess that was predicted by the New York Times that endorsed Al Gor and predicted the mortgage crisis based on Clinton policies in 2000.
Bill Daley and Rahm Emmanuel were both involved with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bill Daley and son were involved with Investment banks including the downtown parking garages that cost more to park in. Rahm Emmanuel got 2 million on a buyout that laid off thousands of workers. Bill Daley was on the Almagamated Bank board.

steve schnorf 11:09 PM  

In saying no, but nothing else, Oberweis fails to show the sort of leadership that might get him elected to something, someday. Rejecting the proposal at hand leaves two options; Do nothing (which Oberweis seems to not think is a good idea ["It is important that Congress address this very serious economic crisis that we are facing"] or do something else.

Aye, there's the rub. Do what else, Jim? That's what leaders do, they say here is my proposed answer. Let's hear it.

Bill Baar 5:31 AM  

Scroll down for my live blog of O's TeleTown Hall... he's not without ideas and was pretty constructive... This is really his kind of issue. I wonder if their our debates scheduled with Foster becuase O will come off well...(and I was no fan of the guy, believe me)

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