Monday, September 29, 2008

How the Illinois delegation voted on the Wall Street bailout bill

Thanks to Larry at Archpundit, here is how the Illinois delegation voted on HR 3997 (the $700B bailout of investment banks):

YEA (for the bailout)

Bean (D)
Danny Davis (D)
Emanuel (D)
Foster (D)
Gutierrez (D)
Hare (D)
Kirk (R)
LaHood (R)
Schakowsky (D)

NO (against the bailout)

Biggert (R)
Costello (D)
Jesse Jackson Jr (D)
Tim Johnson (R)
Lipinski (D)
Manzullo (R)
Roskam (R)
Rush (D)
Shimkus (R)


Weller (R)

So, Illinois had a 9-9-1 vote with the Dems voting 7-4 and the GOP voting 2-5-1.

For my perspective on why voting no was the right thing to do, you can read my blog Progressive Advocacy.


Thomas Distajo,  4:35 PM  

They should vote against. You are right a no vote is right.

Both parties are responsible.

But also Bill Daley is responsible as he was on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and both he and his son were lobbyists.
He and his son are also in lucrative investment banking and sat on banks that did a lot of this.

Daley has raised property taxes--which makes it hard to keep you home especially for Seniors or anyone on a fixed income and also Daley pushed an artificial beyond the market demand real estate boom especially in high end residential in town homes, luxury homes, and condos including in low income neighborhoods were the residents could not afford the homes.
The home prices were too high because of Daley.
Look at the 2nd, 3rd and 27th wards.
Look at Bridgeport Village.
Look at Developers and consultants like Tommy DiPiazza, Tim Degnan, Snitzer, Kinsella, Oscar D'Angelo, Victor Reyes, Michael Marchese and many others.
Overbuilding, substandard building with building inspectors being part of the conspiracy.

It was under the CLINTON administration that the mortgage re-write took place. Yet Republicans are for deregulation and Bush appointed the crooked and now dead head of Argent mortgage company as an ambassador.
Many of these alderman had cozy relationships with mortgage brokers.

Ray Suarez is involved with Mortgage.
Roberto Moldanado, the brother of Luis Gutierrez has a mortgage company.
Rahm Emmanuel was in high end business deal like the ComEd and buyouts investment banking where he made 2 million on one deal and thousands of people lost jobs.
Alderman Manny Flores has close ties to Tamayo financial. Tamayo gave a lot of money and support to Flores on and off the books.
The GD street gang did mortgage fraud and a lot of alderman knew about it.
Luis Guttierrez wife is in bond and finance deal that she has no education in that are political deals. Gutierrez never did anything about the BC lending that was rampant in his district.

These politicians and our Congressman are disgusting.

Anonymous,  9:42 PM  

Manny Flores is close to the Tamayos who own Tamayo financial and Jamie Guttierez. Jamie Gutierrez thinks he is a major player hob knobbing with Mayor Daley and kissing ass to politicians. The mortgage industry gave a lot of money to politicians.

Anonymous,  10:07 PM  

Bill Daley was with Fannie Mae.
Rahm Emmanuel has big chutzpah voting for the bailout.

High Property taxes do correlate although may not be the only causation for high foreclosures.

The Daleys are only for rich people
Chicago is becoming a playground for the superrich.
Even the old white ethnic middle class neighborhoods are too expensive for the residents especially seniors and taxes are too high. It is hard to live in the city with property taxes, high sales tax, cameras giving you tickets, boots after 2 or 3 tickets, building inspectors, the adminsitrative kangaroo court, licenses for garage sales, taxes on everything, gas is high, food is high, insurance is high.
Daley doesn't care and steals so much that it does make a difference.

Rahm Emmanuel was part of the Clinton administration that wrote the mortgage law that created this mess that was predicted by the New York Times that endorsed Al Gor and predicted the mortgage crisis based on Clinton policies in 2000.
Bill Daley and Rahm Emmanuel were both involved with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bill Daley and son were involved with Investment banks including the downtown parking garages that cost more to park in. Rahm Emmanuel got 2 million on a buyout that laid off thousands of workers. Bill Daley was on the Almagamated Bank board.

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