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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - September 19, 2008

Only 46 days until the election!

-- Lake County sheriff Mark Curran says 21.5% of jail inmates illegal immigrants - Tony Gordon
(ROSANNA PULIDO STATEMENT: I am Rosanna Pulido, an active member of You Don't Speak For Me. We are American Hispanics speaking out on illegal immigration because, contrary to popular belief, a sizable number of Latinos strongly object to illegal immigration. But our voices have largely been muffled by journalists and the mass media that absolutely refuses to report the story of law abiding American Hispanics. I am baffled because my government, who I trust to enforce the law no matter what the ethnicity or national origin of a person is, has been looking the other way while America is destroyed. What you and I must abide by, illegal aliens need not. The negative implications span our entire society. Congressman Steve King of Iowa announced that since 9/11 over 40,000 American Citizens have lost their lives at the hands of illegal aliens. Schanna Gayden, a thirteen year old African American rising star was gunned down in Chicago by an illegal alien who had been arrested 27 times before he took her life. Had the 287G program been in effect, Schanna Gayden along with tens of thousands American citizens would still be with us. Regardless of what you have heard Illegal immigration is not solely the responsibility of the Federal Government. When the Sheriff's Department and local police Departments in their normal course of daily activities comes in contact with an illegal alien, it might be an alien who is a previously deported alien or a wanted fugitive in another jurisdiction. Having worked as a Police Dispatcher I understand that when officers cannot fully do their job, it puts all officers across America at risk as well as American citizens. When officers can't do their job, we are not assured of a civil society where the rule of law actually allows our freedom, prosperity and liberty. With an estimated 20 millions people living outside the law, we're all at risk. Law Abiding citizens are well aware that Cook County because of their "Sanctuary County Status" actually promote disregard for the rule of law to help illegal aliens. Truthfully this is a paradoxical way of hurting them. The rule of law is the sustainer of the free and prosperous society that draws legal immigrants to the United States. It is something that their own countries often cannot guarantee them, and it is what makes our country look so appealing. And if we shirk the rule of law we are cheating all law abiding immigrants out of the kind of society they are seeking in the first place. On behalf of American Hispanics and legal immigrants we applaud the Lake County Sheriff's Department for promoting the rule of law, It is not animosity to enforce our laws. It is simply justice, a justice law abiding Americans are hungering for.)
-- Lawmakers hold committee debate on death penalty - Christy Gutowski
-- Behrend v. Murnane: Will constitutional convention spur state to change? - David Beery
-- Anti-abortion leaders plot demise of Planned Parenthood clinics - Justin Kmitch
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD IN DUPAGE EDITION: NIU continues with proton therapy center construction Central DuPage's OK to build similar site nearby doesn't alter plans - Jake Griffin
-- Governor orders lawmakers back to Capitol, again - John Patterson
-- Rally for Route 59 road funds turns into blame game - Melissa Jenco
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Frank Sasevich of Bolingbrook points out the damage suffered by the Republican Party because of elected officials and party leaders who say they are Republican, but who outrageously ignore/reject the Republican Party platform
-- Evidence abounds of liberal bias in media - Mike Davitt, Naperville

-- Lake County sheriff continues push for power to deport (ILLEGALS) Curran blasts Daley, Cook County and Washington over lack of deportation efforts - Emily S. Achenbaum,0,707324.story
-- Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran outlines plan targeting (those who are in Lake County illegally) - Susan Kuczka,0,3402315.story
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: Surprise power play Obama phone call triggers pols' unlikely dash for state ethics reform - Ray Long,0,5160379.story
-- Obama: Don't just 'get rid of one guy' - John McCormick
-- Obama v. McCain: Who's bankrolling whom? - Bob Secter,0,6519500.story
-- The ethics show returns - Editorial,0,5102589.story
-- Illinois' August unemployment rate rises to 7.3% - James P. Miller (DIERSEN: Given that Democrats control Illinois, why doesn't the Democrat Party dominated Illinois news media blast Democrats for Illinois' high unemployment rate?),0,3691163.story

-- Lake County sheriff rips city's crime. Do you agree? 'How many public school kids did we have to bury last year' because of Chicago's woes? - Andrew Herrmann and Stefano Esposito,CST-NWS-sanctuary19.article
-- Michelle Obama: Don't vote because 'she's cute' -- was she talking about Sarah Palin? - AP,michelle091808.article
-- Obama's call works: Jones to reconvene Senate - Chris Fusco and Abdon Pallasch,jones091808.article
-- Barack calls, ethics vote a go - Editorial,CST-EDT-edit19b.article

-- Lake County Sheriff Curran: We'll send them back County moves to deport 75 illegal alien inmates - Nicholas Alajakis,5_1_WA19_CURRAN_S1.article
-- Daley (TRIES TO DEFEND) Chicago's 'sanctuary' status,5_1_WA19_CURRAN_S2.article

-- Jones caves on ethics bill; Senate to meet next week - Greg Hinz
-- Illinois' 7.3% unemployment rate tops U.S. average - Lorene Yue (DIERSEN: Given that Democrats control Illinois, why doesn't the Democrat Party dominated Illinois news media blast Democrats for Illinois' high unemployment rate?)

-- Illinois lawmakers to vote on disputed ethics bill - Christopher Wills,091908jones.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Income and wealth redistribution? Socialism? Communism?: Kadner wants Illinois government, that is, Blagojevich and the Illinois Democrat Party, to a) take more and more away from those who earn more and have more and b) give more and more to those who earn less and have less,091908Kadner.article

-- General Assembly returning Monday Blagojevich calls both houses for ethics bill; Jones summons Senate - Ryan Keith

-- Senate gets called back to vote on ethics bill - Patrick Ferrell,4_1_JO19_ETHICS_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Anthony Stanford of Aurora constructively argues that anyone who votes for McCain-Palin is a racist. Does Obama approve of Stanford's message?,2_4_AU18_STANFORD_S1.article

-- Schillerstrom to speak on "Communicating Across Generations" in Naperville, Monday, September 22,6_9_2_NA19_BIZCALENDARWEB_S1.article
-- Second proton center approved,6_1_NA19_PROTON_S1.article
-- Rally cry: 'The time is now' Local leaders rally for capital bill - Kathy Cichon,6_1_NA19_RALLY_S1.article

-- Wheaton City Council delays vote on half-percent sales tax hike - Hank Beckman,6_1_NA19_WSCOUNCIL_S1.article

-- 59th Senate District: Forby and Burzynski gain endorsements - Becky Malkovich

-- Senator Matt Murphy lets it rip on ethics legislation - Fran Eaton
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Fran Eaton reports on the political blogger forum held Tuesday evening at Loyola University
-- Burzynski wins backing of key business groups - Fran Eaton

-- Obama Releases His "In-Your-Face" Hounds - Michelle Malkin

-- Democrats Own the Wall Street Debacle - Michael Reagan
-- VERY SAD: Palin Gaining Support Among Gays - Tim Collie
-- VERY SAD: Sen. Hagel: It’s a 'Stretch' to Say Palin is Qualified

-- Why Islamists Cheer For Obama - Vasko Kohlmayer

-- "Change" Can't Outlast Character - James R. Edwards, Jr.

-- Columnist’s Labeling Palin Backers ‘White Trash’ Spurs Review at Canadian TV

-- Wall Street firms shower $50 million on Obama, McCain - David M. Brown

-- Many attend outstanding Bob Larsen fundraiser in West Chicago including Bucholtz, Connelly, Earl, Early, Edwards, Fawell, Fortner, French, Fuesting, Guerin, Jedlovec, King, Kmiecik, Konewko, Kwasman, Marchese, Millner, Mitton, Muehlfelt, Murphy, Oberweis, Peterson, Popejoy, Reyes, Sanchez, Saverino, Sexton, Smith, Sutter, Zaruba, and Zay - Dave Diersen
Many attended an outstanding Bob Larsen fundraiser at Tamazula Grill in West Chicago Thursday evening, September 18. Attendees including Fred Bucholtz, Nan Connelly, Bob Earl, Don Early, Chris Edwards, Blanche and Jeff Fawell, Mike Fortner, Dorothy French, Matt Fuesting, Dan Guerin, Joe Jedlovec, Gary King, Mark Kmiecik, Mike Konewko, Mike Kwasman, Jerry Marchese, John Millner, Jane Mitton, Al Murphy, Gary Muehlfelt, Jim and Julie Oberweis, Dennis Peterson, Ken Popejoy, Tony Reyes, Leonard Sanchez, Frank Saverino, Elizabeth Sexton, Ron Smith, Ron Sutter, John Zaruba, and Jim Zay.
-- DuPage County Republican Day is Monday, September 22, at St. Andrews Golf Course in West Chicago - Dave Diersen
The always outstanding DuPage County Republican Day is this Monday, September 22, at St. Andrews Golf Course in West Chicago on Route 59, just 1/4 mile north of North Avenue. Dinner, which is served continuously between noon and 8:00 PM, is only $75. Golf and dinner is only $175. For more information, phone 630-653-7200. The many reasons to attend include the 2008-2009 DuPage County Republican Directory, McCain-Palin yard signs, live music between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM, delicious Oberweis ice cream between 6:00 and 8:00 PM, Palin lipstick for the first 200 ladies, and an outstanding program at 8:00 PM. Please look for the full page GOPUSA ILLINOIS ad in the directory.


-- OUTSTANDING: Jack Roeser to speak at TAPROOT breakfast meeting tomorrow, Saturday, September 20 - Dave Diersen
All Republicans are invited to attend TAPROOT's breakfast meeting Saturday, September 20, in the North meeting room of the Old Country Buffet at 551 E. Roosevelt Road in Lombard. The restaurant opens at 8:00 AM and the meeting starts at 8:30 AM. Attendees need to purchase a meal ticket. TAPROOT is honored that Jack Roeser will speak at the meeting. His topic will be the future of the Illinois Republican Party. The many outstanding individuals who have spoken at TAPROOT events in recent years include: Stan Austin, Bruno Behrend, Patti Bellock, Bob Biggins, Joe Birkett, Scott Bludorn, John Borling, Bill Brady, Pat Brady, Wally Brown, John Cox, Dan Cronin, John Curran, John Demling, Joe Denner, Edward Derwinski, Pat Durante, MaryAlice Erickson, Blanche Fawell, Mike Fortner, Steve Greenberg, Gwen Henry, John Kinsella, Peter LaBarbera, Chris Lauzen, Andy McKenna, Jim Nalepa, Jim Oberweis, Teri O'Brien, Sean O'Kane, Pat O'Malley, Kenneth Popejoy, Dan Proft, Mike Prueter, Rosanna Pulido, Steve Rauschenberger, Sandy Rios, Tom Roeser, Peter Roskam, Darlene Ruscitti, Jack Ryan, Richard Russo, Steve Sauerberg, Brien Sheahan, Dave Smith, Fred Spitzzeri, Rick Stock, Ray True, John Tsarpalas, Sandy Wegman, Jon Zahm, and Dan Zanoza. Phone Dave Diersen at 630-653-0462 or George Kocan at 630-393-6401 if any questions.

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