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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - September 7, 2008

DIERSEN: The title of Crain's article is "Business leaders aim to revive Illinois GOP." But "business leaders" who dominate the Illinois GOP State Central Committee elected Andy McKenna Jr. to lead the Illinois GOP in 2005 and reelected him in 2006.

-- Business leaders aim to revive Illinois GOP - Paul Merrion and Greg Hinz
(FROM THE ARTICLE: As GOP presidential nominee John McCain enters the stretch run, Chicago executives are trying to reverse the Illinois Republican Party's long slide from power. After losing the last two gubernatorial races and every statewide race two years ago, when divisive primaries produced relatively weak candidates, the party's leading donors are trying to find viable, business-oriented contenders for governor and other top posts in 2010. "We want to put together a meaningful ticket of fresh faces, without baggage," says Mayer Brown LLP partner Ty Fahner, chairman of the Illinois GOP's finance committee. "That's where we'll put the money." Some members of the finance committee have been meeting privately with potential candidates over the past year. Mr. Fahner won't say who's involved besides state party Chairman Andrew McKenna Jr., president of Schwarz Paper Co. in Morton Grove. But insiders say the finance committee includes top donors Michael Keiser, CEO of Recycled Paper Products Inc., Edgar "Ned" Janotta, chairman of William Blair & Co., Oak Brook investor Peter Huizenga, Goldman Sachs & Co. Managing Director Muneer Satter and Bruce Rauner, chairman of Chicago private-equity firm GTCR Golder Rauner LLC. Business leaders are trying to restore the party's traditional role in tapping nominees, which has diminished amid recent scandals that drove the Illinois GOP from power and discredited its leadership. That weakness opened the door for wealthy upstarts such as dairy magnate Jim Oberweis and investment banker Jack Ryan, who both won GOP nominations in self-financed races but couldn't get elected. There's no guarantee the effort to reassert party control will work. Self-funded candidates or single-issue activists could still draw enough support to win crowded primaries, and business-backed contenders lacking grass-roots support could be labeled candidates of business as usual rather than reformers. Still, Mr. McKenna says "the No. 1 request from the financial community and grass roots is, 'Give us good candidates.' It's a matter of getting financial support and grass roots together." Some conservatives view slate-making with suspicion and doubt business leaders seek candidates with strong views on abortion or other social issues. "I love our political process," says Waukegan attorney Kathy Salvi, a leading Illinois conservative and a candidate for the U.S. House two years ago. "I think some of our strongest leaders have come from grass-roots initiatives." Anyone who contributes at least $25,000 a year can be on the GOP finance committee, but Mr. Fahner says a smaller group of eight to 12 Chicago-area business leaders has been meeting periodically with prospective gubernatorial candidates. They are looking for someone relatively young who can bridge the divide between the party's conservatives and moderates, as former Republican governors James R. Thompson and Jim Edgar did for many years. THE CONTENDERS Aside from several statehouse leaders known to be eyeing statewide races, Illinois Chamber of Commerce President Doug Whitley may throw his hat in the ring. Mr. Whitley told his Springfield-based business group's board last week that he was forming an exploratory committee to weigh a bid. Another who might fit the bill is Mr. Rauner. He gave the party $50,000 this year and dropped in to meet Illinois delegates at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., last week, adding to the buzz that he's considering a run for governor. Mr. Rauner declines to comment. Steve Preston, the U.S. secretary of housing and urban development, could appeal to both social conservatives and the business community. He is the former chief financial officer of ServiceMaster Co., a company known for its Christian orientation, which moved last year to Memphis, Tenn., from Downers Grove. Mr. Preston also declines to comment. Chicago executive Ron Gidwitz, who lost a primary race for governor in 2006, has been mentioned as a possible contender in 2010, as well. His own initiative to help the party this year has raised more than $1 million from Chicago-area executives for the Economic Freedom Alliance, an independent political action group he formed under Section 527 of the tax code to buy television and radio ads aimed at some of the state's tightest congressional races this year. "I'm not saying yes or no" to running for governor in 2010, Mr. Gidwitz says. "I'm just focused on 2008." Mr. Fahner won't discuss which prospective candidates have met with his group but says, "They're people who've accomplished something at this stage of their lives and are still plenty young enough to give the party a new face.") (NOTE: As of 8:00 AM, Sunday, September 7, 2008, one of the six color photos included in this article was of Andy McKenna Sr. instead of his son, Andy McKenna Jr. How could Crain's make such a monumental mistake?)
-- Robert Novak writes of cancer treatment - AP
-- Open questions - Greg Hinz

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Phil Kadner argues that Peter Fitzgerald "made Obama possible," but he really is arguing that Chicago newspapers, Richard Daley, George Ryan, Hastert, and other Combine members "made Obama possible." Kadner says: "As for many of the Illinois Republicans touting McCain's virtues today and denouncing Obama, they're the very folks who couldn't stand Fitzgerald because he was honest.",090708Kadner.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama's supporters blame Republicans for all problems that minorities have had, are having, and ever will have. William Lee constructively argues that if you don't support Obama, you are a racist. Does Obama approve of that racist message?,090708barbershop.article,090708hate.article
-- Some lawmakers see park and historic site closings as Blagojevich's political payback - Ryan Keith,090708stateparksside.article
-- Shotgun wedding doesn't make everything OK for Palin family - Kimberly Brehm,090708brehm.article
-- Why Southland should vote 'yes' to con-con - Kristen McQueary,090708mcqueary.article

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH COLOR PHOTOS OF MCCAIN AND OBAMA: DIERSEN HEADLINE: Over the decades, the Daily Herald has made it clear that it exists to elect candidates who can and will efficiently and effectively advance the Combine and the Democrat Party platform. So of course, between the lines, its "Road map to Election Day" steers you in that direction.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Everyone on the planet earth knows that the news media in America is overwhelmingly Democrat and overwhelmingly anti-conservative. The Daily Herald outrageously tries to downplay the tremendous, tragic, and destructive influence that the Democrat anti-conservative news media has in America.
-- VERY SAD: Aisha Pulido of Chicago demonizes Palin
-- Much 'hate speech' comes from liberals - Tom Manion, Mount Prospect

-- Obama, McCain polling-tie again
-- 2 Americas, a world apart For each party, the struggle is on to convince voters its view of the U.S. matches their reality - Jim Tankersley and Christi Parsons,0,3127838.story
-- U.S. attorney asks Republican to stop using photo in campaign flier Fitzgerald says Peraica ad could incorrectly be interpreted as an endorsement - James Kimberly,0,6051550.story
-- Peraica won't stop using Fitzgerald photo in state's attorney race - James Kimberly
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Chicago Tribune demonizes Republicans, again,0,1436498.story
-- A Democrat machine in Chicago? Don't be naive - John Kass,0,6575704.column
-- Man who held Wheaton bank customers hostage was going through difficult emotional time, relatives say 'It just wasn't him,' his father says - Azam Ahmed,0,5036228.story

-- My brain tumor brings out best in people "The first sign that I was in trouble came on Wednesday, July 23, when my 2004 black Corvette struck a pedestrian on 18th Street in downtown Washington while I was on my way to my office." - Robert Novak,CST-EDT-novak07.article
-- Enough mommy stuff -- focus on issues - Carol Marin,CST-EDT-CAROL07.article
-- I'm wary of pit bulls, with lipstick or not Tune out the political ads. You can do it. Yes, you can. - Mark Brown,CST-NWS-brown07.article
-- Why is GOP sneering at Obama's work as community organizer? - Editorial,CST-EDT-edit07a.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: North Chicago and Waukegan minorities demonize police. What is Obama's position on this? (Includes video clip)
-- Obama rebukes Palin on earmarks - AP

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VIDEO CLIP: Conaty discusses the conventions; Radogno discusses Palin and women in politics

-- Brady's bunch: Can he stand out in crowded 2010 GOP primary pool? Bloomington's Bill Brady among many looking to become governor - Kurt Erickson

-- Modest hope for solution to state’s woes - Editorial

-- Budget plan aims to get something for nothing - Doug Finke

-- DIERSEN QUESTION: The Democrat Party platform rejects all the religions of the world. All the religions of the world discourage sexual intercourse outside of wedlock. Why are more and more teenagers in DuPage County rejecting all the religions of the world and engaging in sexual intercourse outside of wedlock anyway? Is it because more and more people who promote the Democrat Party platform are moving into DuPage County to take advantage of the safety and prosperity that religious people created?,2_1_AU07_TEENPREG_S1.article
-- Senger v. McGuire: Candidates from 96th District race to debate,2_1_AU075_DEBATE_S1.article
-- Oberweis sets three more energy forums,2_1_AU07_14THDIST_S1.article

-- Berkowitz to join Johnston on Roeser tonight, again

-- Some questions for Whitley's exploratory committee - Fran Eaton

-- OUTSTANDING: Ideas X-Change to Feature John Kass The Chicago Tribune columnist kicks off a revamped speaker series on Sept. 9 with "Campaign 2008: Illinois Politics."

-- The media's attacks on Sarah Palin backfire - William Kristol
-- Why They Hate Her Sarah Palin is a smart missile aimed at the heart of the left. - Jeffrey Bell

-- McCain-Palin becoming Palin-McCain? - Sara Kugler

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Palin has dubbed herself a "pit bull with lipstick." I am sure that Palin has the vote of Joan R. Klem in my precinct. Joan is an AKC Judge, Rottweiler Breeder, and Founding Member of the Medallion Rottweiler Club based in Illinois

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Anti-religious Lisa Miller tries to equate Palin's former pastor with Obama's former pastor


-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Letter from Francis Cardinal George concerning abortion and politics

-- VERY SAD: David R. Carlin: Why I'm Not a Republican

-- Gov. Sarah Palin: Unequally yoked - Alan Keyes

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: "robnesvacil" anonymously demonizes and denigrates Diersen and continues to claim that he/she is not hiding behind anonymity

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: All the religions of the world discourage homosexual activity. Tragically, the Democrat Party platform promotes homosexual activity. Therefore, tragically, the Democrat Party rejects all the religions of the world.

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