Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where are they now?

You know, those people like Eric Zorn and the blog commenters and campaign operatives that were saying a vote for Whitney is a wasted vote. Where are they now? What's the justification this week?

Back in the summer, when the Blagojevich/Madigan double-team were trying to disenfranchise what turned out to be almost 350,000 Illinois voters by kicking Rich Whitney off the ballot using questionable tactics and unbelievable arguments, Blago supporters were saying "a vote for Whitney is a vote for Topinka". You know they were, we all heard if we were listening.

Then comes Labor Day and down the stretch the tables turned and it was Andy McKenna, the Chair of the Republican Party of Illinois, and Judy Baar Topinka herself that were saying "a vote for Whitney is a vote for Blagojevich".

So which is it? Are they both right? Was a vote for Whitney a vote for Blagojevich or a vote for Topinka? Make up your minds people, you can't have it both ways.

As it turns out, a vote for Whitney was a vote for Whitney, imagine that. All of them were wrong and you shouldn't need any more evidence than the reality of what happened. Both the Rs and Ds were making the same claim trying to scare away people from voting for the person they really wanted.

So when you hear that argument again, which you certainly will in Illinois, don't buy it for a second. It's complete nonsense and you have more than 350,000 people in Illinois backing you up on that. Your vote belongs to you to give it to who you want. It doesn't belong to the candidate with the "best" chance to win. It doesn't belong to the candidate 11% down in the polls. It doesn't belong to the R or D, it belongs to you. Use it the way you want to.

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Bill Baar 7:03 AM  

A vote for the Green in Viginia was a vote for Webb. Sometimes it does work out that way.

Jeff Trigg 9:58 AM  

Are you sure they weren't votes for Allen like the Republicans claimed in Illinois?

No, Bill, you are wrong. A vote for the Green in Virginia was a vote for the Green in Virginia. The people owned those votes and gave it to the Green. No one else can claim ownership.

Anonymous,  11:16 AM  

Well said Jeff. Votes must be earned, not expected; and if Democrats and Republicans don't earn the votes, they're not entitled to them, and they shouldn't expect them. The vote for the Green in Virginia was a vote for Instant Runoff Voting and an end to the so-called "spoiler effect."

Anonymous,  6:28 PM  

Uh, isn't this what people were saying before we elected George W into office?

Bill Baar 8:09 AM  

I don't think a vote is ever wasted.

A vote can be cast badly though.

That's how the rascals we have to throw out from time-to-time, get voted in.

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