Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pat Perez and the Chevy Luminas

Democrat Pat Perez won the Kane County Sheriff's race.

Now, let's see what he does with those Chevy Luminas given to Sheriff's Office staff as perks.... gas fill up included.


fedup dem,  3:58 PM  

Perhaps the new Sheriff will auction them off as unneeded excess county property. With luck, you may get a bargain on one of them.

Anonymous,  1:29 AM  

Many in Kane County will debate the question of whether Pat Perez deserved to win the 2006 election, but we should agree that the Williams campaign and the Kane GOP, filled with opportunists, deserved to lose.

Through its own malfeasance and incompetence, the Kane GOP lost the Kane County Sheriff’s election, the prize of Kane County elected positions. For many years this office was the engine of antagonism aimed at the County Board and home to the much-maligned daily budget woes. Pat Perez needed only to capitalize on the incompetence demonstrated by the Williams campaign and the Kane GOP to capture the Sheriff’s race, and he passed that mark handily, like a Kane County Eagle running back carrying the ball past the end zone, into the locker room and all the way to the parking lot. Then, shortly after the local election results were posted, the nation fell into the Dem column like one enormous freedom-fry.

Pat Perez wanted this election to be a referendum on Ken Ramsey and the Kane GOP. Despite deplorable and meek efforts by the Williams campaign and the Kane GOP to make the election a choice between two parties, Pat Perez succeeded in making it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on just one: the Kane GOP.

And so, the Williams campaign was destined to fail. The GOP has been in power in Kane County, including our representation in Congress, promising lean government, and it has become the party that needs to learn how to push its fat self away from the dinner table and all those good lobbyist-paid meals.

To whom can we assign blame? Opportunists in Kane County, especially in the Kane GOP, have been drying their gunpowder for years, just waiting to inaugurate “their” candidate into power. “Jobs for all” is the rallying cry for these bottom feeders. Forget job qualifications; just put another “sinecure” in the position.

It's also true that the outgoing Kane County Sheriff is unpopular; that's because the office budget and morale have not gone well. If it were otherwise, the Sheriff’s office would be a political boon to the Kane GOP, and to the multitudes of opportunists looking for a headline or a do-nothing job on staff. The fact is that it is not the opportunist’s position to botch and election, especially since they need jobs to satisfy their insatiable hunger. And while we're on this point, corruption and cronyism are core to the opportunist’s platform.

Indeed, if the conservative base hadn't been disgusted with the ILGOP leadership, and if so many Democrats hadn't run as social conservatives, Kevin Williams might have done just fine in this election.

Republicans lost because they behaved like self-indulgent opportunists, not purists. Opportunists care a lot about county jobs and recognition, so that's where we'll assign blame.

Anonymous,  3:18 AM  

The only campaign more lackluster was the primary campaign for the "annointed" Kane GOP candidate.

There were HUNDREDS of "first time" voters taking ballots on the north and south ends of the county.

Many articles over the years have targeted the Sheriff's office. Both candidates that the Sheriff backed lost elections.

It is only now that the lackluster label is placed on Williams and not on the primary candidate he defeated. The Kane GOP backed both and lost.

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