Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mayor Daley to Kerry: Apologize

John Kerry won all fifty of Chicago's wards in the 2004 presidential election. The city's mayor, Richard M. Daley, is a Democrat. And he's another Democrat calling for Senator John Kerry to apologize to apologize for his "botched joke" comments.

From the Chicago "Free registration required" Tribune:

Mayor Richard Daley, whose son is a soldier, said today that Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) should say he is sorry for telling students that they will "get stuck in Iraq" if they don't make the most of their educational opportunities.

The remark was "uncalled for," Daley asserted. "I think he should apologize." Kerry suggested that "they are dumb and they are stupid and that is why they went into the military, and they are over in Iraq," the mayor said. "He owes them an apology (and) all their families."

If the comment was meant as a joke, it was "a sad joke," he said.

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