Monday, November 13, 2006

Rahm Emanuel - Getting Less Respect from the Sun-Times

Did Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg know about Congressman Rahm Emanuel’s having given exclusive access to the Chicago Tribune before he wrote Monday’s column?

Tucked in his lead piece, entitled,

is this sentence:
And it turns out that the kid’s also been working the corridors of power in Washington, trying to win special favors for his mon, like a wee Latino Rahm Emanuel.
The story is about Saul Arellano’s being sent by his mother to lobby congressmen for a private bill to allow his mother to stay in the United States even though she has twice entered illegally. (This is the woman who holed up in a storefront Methodist Church run by a former leftwing street activist who graduated from an Ivy League college.)

Also posted at McHenry County Blog, where you can read my take on the Tribune's advice to the GOP.


Pat Hickey 11:17 AM  

Slim's tired of footing the bills - that activist gig gets pricey - especially when the Elian Gonzales photo-op never happened. Tee Heee!

Pat Hickey 11:19 AM  

Also, Steve Rhodes was ahead of the curv with his early Rahm - alama- ding-dong in Beachwood Reporter!

Bridget 11:45 AM  

Rahm-alama-ding-dong? That's the best one I've heard yet.

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