Friday, November 10, 2006

Bollywood Friday - "Lakshmi"

"Lakshmi Baava" from the movie "Lakshmi". This song has been stuck in my head all week!


Pat Hickey 3:54 PM  

Bridgey - this one could scare me back into Church -close to the exit for a quick Murphy-duck, of course.

Walking Wounded,  10:35 AM  

Can't help but smile when I watch this. Now I have to find out what Lakshmi baava means. Thanks for posting's nice to escape the "real world" here once in a while.

Bridget 2:35 PM  

Glad you liked it. There's something about Bollywood that makes it the antithesis of politics. Pure entertainment with ZERO agenda aside from adhering to the typical love-triangle-with-villains formula (which has remained almost exactly the same since the beginning). The Bollywood flicks that veer away from The Formula are never as popular as those that don't.

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