Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Trib's House that Rahm build

I'm not even linking it because everyone who reads Illinoiz will know about it. It's great fun to read. I used to think of myself as a DLC style Democrat, so this is just a wonderful image,

"I know your field plan. It doesn't exist," he [Emanuel] recalled saying. "I've gone around the country with these races. I've seen your people. There's no plan, Howard."
You gotta wonder though, if this is true,
He [Emanuel] did it, in large measure, by remaking the Democratic Party in his own image.
and then if this goes south,
This no-holds-barred politics came naturally to Emanuel. In the 1980s he joined the campaigns of Sen. Paul Simon and Mayor Daley, proving adept at raising money. (Daley would later return the favor by fielding city patronage workers to help Emanuel win his first congressional election in 2002; that get-out-the-vote operation is now part of a federal investigation.) [Baar's empahsis]
Then maybe this whole new house comes tumbling down sooner-rather-than-later. That would be a very bad thing. So as I said with Obama-and-Rezko, tell me it ain't true.


Anonymous,  1:20 PM  

Absolute horsesh*t. Rahm LOST in many of the important races he had hand picked candidates for, whereas Dean's 50-state strategy, and the field organizers he seeded in all of the states, was crucial to taking advantage of the wave toward Democrats. Until that, many in much of the country had voted R because the D's gave them no place to go. Dean was right - more so than Rahm. The key going forward though will be whether Dean or Emanuel can spin the winner label the best and so far on that score it doesn't look good for our boy Howard. Nonetheless, Rahm's greed - wanting to push Harold Ford for a coup at the DNC - will blow up in his face. He may have been "out" but he hasn't talked to the local State chairs who - from the netroots accounts I've read - are singing Howard's praises. Rahm needs to remember - Dean doesn't work for him, he works for the DNC members who are mainly State party leaders. Which Rahm sure ain't in Illinois, for one thing. He's All About Rahm and All About DC and off the radar for most State party leaders.

Disgusted,  1:39 PM  

The only things I know about Rahm Emanual is what I read today in the Trib and what I heard about him being the orchestrator of the Democratic takeover.

I can tell you, as a voter, that I didn't like what I read in the Trib. He's just Karl Rove in a Democratic coat. I wonder if Karl is as profane as Rahm? These guys are the Gordon Geckos of the world - it doesn't matter what you stand for or who you hurt in your rise to the top, winning is the only thing. If this is the direction of modern politics, then we are in even worse trouble than we thought.

I only hope Mr. Emanuel remembers how devoted he was to the Democratic cause and his own, when his children don't show up for family events because they figure he doesn't care. You sow what you reap and a ego -driven profane father who is rarely home when you want him to be is a recipe for disaster.

Bridget 1:50 PM  

The House that Rahm Built

Less politically aware and out-of-state folks actually *do* read Illinoize. Best give them the reference.

Anonymous,  5:04 PM  

Rahm represents the worse in human nature, human relations, and politics.

He exploited homosexuals in the Mark Foley scandal--cynically but oh so effectively.

Rahm lied, he hurts people, he defended the indefensible with Clinton. People to him are commodities.

He made 2 million on the ComEd deal with political connections not skill or anything else--and thousands lost their jobs.

He never lived in his district, the most cynical type of carpetbagging and oligarchic elitism.

The Republicans lost because of a trend due to the war, gas prices, and yes Rahm does have the media contacts to exploit the Foley scandal (although it may come and bite Dems too even in Illinois and was bad for gays in a cultural sense), yes Rahm recruited some conservatives--but it was the WAR and FOLEY and a BIG YEAR.
Duckworth lost, Seals lost
and people, the public and Congressman in BOTH parties HATE Rahm Emmanuel NOT because he is "effective" (So was Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove ostensibly) but because he is a cynical, condascending, arrogant jerk who does less for his district and more for his ego and power nationwide.

Pat Collins 5:17 PM  

Should we dump on Rahm because Duckworth and Seals lost?

Or praise him since he made two "safe" districts competitive.

Skeeter,  6:03 PM  

It is pretty funny reading the words of the Rahm-haters.

Hey kids, he kicked your ass this year. Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

Rahm solidified his record this year as one of the best of our generation.

He showed genius working for Sen. Simon.

He showed genius working for President Clinton (as Pres. Clinton noted in the article, with Rahm there probably would not have been a President Clinton).

He showed genius working for Daley, and he showed genius this year.

He is a political master.

As a Democrat, I took the lessons from the Republican greats -- Reagan, Atwater, and even Rove (who I consider to be a piece of human waste morally, but at the same time, I must admit that he was very good political mind).

Republicans would be fools to just bash Rahm. Instead, they should do what Dems did with Atwater (and for that matter what Patton did with Rommel): Study him. Learn what he did and how he did it. That is the way you win elections. Crying in your beer about what a poor father Rahm is will not win anybody any elections.

Bill Baar 8:59 PM  

anon 5:04,

Thanks for letting me know Camille Pagilia and me aren't the only ones who saw,

He exploited homosexuals in the Mark Foley scandal--cynically but oh so effectively.

I don't know to what extent it was Rahm or not behind this.

I took my daughter to see Hastert at a final ralley at the Mill Race Inn. Code Pink was there including some guy about 6'11" who followed my daughter and I down main street Geneva shouting about Hastert, perverts, and the pages... not about Hastert and Iraq, or about Walmart, or about min wage... it was all about perverts.

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