Tuesday, November 07, 2006

McSweeney Not Doing Well Enough in McHenry County to Win Contest

My rule of thumb is that a Republican needs to win 60% of the vote in 2-way statewide contest to have a chance of winning statewide.

David McSweeney, Republican challenger to Congresswoman Melissa Bean, is trailing Bean by 48 votes. Bean has 10,711 votes, ahead of McSweeney's 10,663.

The percentage spread is 46.72% for Bean to 46.51% for McSweeney.

Moderate anti-war Party candidate Bill Scheurer, who, has garnered 1,528 votes, 6.66% of the vote.

Only 2 of the 69 McHenry County precincts have not reported in.

Assuming that Scheuer does as well in Lake and Cook Counties as he is in McHenry County, those who wish to run for partisan office as a member of the Moderate Party will be able to do so without gathering enormous numbers of signatures.

I believe it was a bad day for Republicans," McSweeney repeated again and again on Channel 7 after conceding.


Lovie's Leather 5:31 AM  

And the award for understatement of the year goes to... DAVID MCSWEENEY!!!

Skeeter,  9:11 AM  

McSweeney lost because he had no issues.

When will the GOP learn? When all you have is the tired old "she's a liberal" line, you are going to get kicked around.

The Republicans used to walk away with this district. Now the best they can do is front some numbskull anti-war and anti-abortion freak and then trot out the usual lines.

This race is Exhibit A on everything wrong with the ILGOP.

Cal Skinner 6:48 PM  

There is no evidence I have seen that Bill Scheurer had Republican help getting on the ballot.

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