Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Does It Ever Get Too Weird? Stay Tuned!

John Ruskin over at Illinois Review posted an article from the Chicago Tribune that studied the growing influence of the Unification Church among African American Churches in Chicago with the formation of the American Clergy Leadership Conference.
Very fine articles and good balanced coverage by reporters Alexander and Ramierez.

Last spring the Chicago Tribune studied the Unification Church's Fish Empire and its place in Chicago. Moon sure sells some tuna! Interesting stuff, especially when one considers the high regard Chicago's progressive community places on the man who crowned the old Rev. and his Missus way back in 2004. The Rhetorically Challenged Congressman, Danny K. Davis, is a long time friend of the powerful Korean Jimmy Swaggert. If progressive means hooking up to a religion that calls for the cross to be buried out back and thinks that 'eventually' the skin of African Americans will be less black, hold the phone Cupcake!

With important Aldermanic elections following close on the heels of this latest embarrassment of an election. It might be a good time for voters to connect some dots. The Artificial Grassroots Travelling Show seems to be gearing up to unseat some incumbants - I know some progressive activists and blogers who are taking a serious run at finding posers and suits to fill as reform candidates. As the old saying goes ' Who's with you?' My neighbors will call the tune in my Ward. We have our own home grown nut-bags and they are harmless real estate speculators. To the good folks bagging their carpets for another trip south to 'change the direction of the country' - meet the neighbors, they'll be gracious and welcoming; they probably won't make eye contact. That's a Good thing.



Sung Chel Chung,  10:34 AM  

Senator Durbin is working the 19th ward personally this morning.
Hick man what do you think?

I don't understand this stuff about the Rev. Moon?
Is your beloved Catholic Church a cult too---they also sell things profitable previously like indulgences and to this day like Chartreuse.
Brandy etc.

Pat Hickey 10:43 AM  

I hope that they are using a quality child tether on forthright Senator- don't let him too close to the tracks on Rockwell, as well; the Korean freightcars from near St. Rita have been rolling by with great frequency - I wonder if the Rev. Has a piece of Hansung Yards on 79th Street - he could piggy-back them tuna!

Just giving the advent of the progressives in the hood for the next few months a tiny tickle.

BTW - my cult is way better than this new one.

lisa,  10:56 AM  

gamja, don't hate on the koreans!

Pat Hickey 11:07 AM  

I LOVE THE KOREANS - My son,Conor is bunkng with a Seoul Man!

I just think that the Messiah should not have a head the size of a Weber Kettle. But, I'll give the Rev. this he went from tanking a dog movie and having brain-doped rose-peddlers to tuna Fleets and his own Congressman.

ahn-nyong ga se yo!


lisa,  12:30 PM  

gamja, are you surprised by the connection to moon and davis? afterall, this is the congressman that went to sri lanka - funded by the tamil tigers.

btw, i love the irish, particularly the south side irish.


Pat Hickey 12:39 PM  

Gams Ham Nee Dah, Lisa!

DKD had way too much time with a tube of Testors, I think; maybe it was Bell'sCleaning Fluid, whatever, it worked up a storm.

Yeah, them Tamil Tigers from Sri Lanka - it would be too tough not to give help to a neighborhood block club or some family getting their gas capped by Desiree Rogers - No , instead its 'Let's think Globally.'

Do not, sweetie, make eye contact with these people.



ted,  12:44 PM  

I surely hope one day people connect Moon to his politicians. If so, the conservative movement would be out of office forever since Moon spent billions bringing them to power.

And the Bushes will be gone for good.

read here and watch the video here.

here you can read about conservatives working with Moon to tear down the wall between church and state. Read about that here.

At least Davis says he will no longer attend Moon functions. A lot more than we can say for Curt Weldon, the Bushes and every conservative who buys Moon's propaganda paper, the Washington Times.

Oh btw, the article in the Tribune didn't mention that Moon made his money to fund the right and the Bushes by swindling widows in Japan.

Read some of that here

Pat Hickey 1:06 PM  

Boy Howdy! GWB has had his snout in the Moon Man's trough for longer than it takes a wart to vanish on a Mount Greenwood Homecoming Queen! It's a big trough and politically ecumenical.

Anonymous,  5:04 PM  

Pat Hickey-you are a weird guy and you have nothing to say.....again.

Pat Hickey 6:46 PM  

. . . And say it so well

Just savin' it up for the arrival of the Grassroots Travelin' Allstars - I can't wait to see all forty of them getting out of a Honda Civic on 95th Street.

CTA Bus Status

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