Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's official: Topinka deserves to lose

If there was one lingering doubt about whether I was wrong to support Rich Whitney instead of Judy Baar Topinka for governor, all questions were answered by what I heard her say tonight at an appearance in Bloomington/Normal Springfield, namely that Rob Blagojevich has perhaps spent more time at Wrigley Field than at the State Capitol:

"Maybe he ought to run for manager of the Cubs. They're a bunch of losers too and they need the help."
And she was booed. At her own rally.

How absolutely symbolic of her clueless campaign. I mean, exactly how many votes did she think she'd pick up by saying that?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I fully expect to read tomorrow that she also made a crack about the Bears losing to the Miami Dolphins, then topped it all off with a few dead baby jokes.

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Anonymous,  11:36 PM  

Is she flippin' insane? My jaw hit the floor when I heard this on the news today. The only votes Judy was going to get in Chicago is from the Northside, including Wrigleyville, where all the hardcore Cub fans live. Well, there goes 40% of that vote. I'm a JBT supporter, and still plan on voting for her, but she has spent the campaign shooting off her mouth. She's like John Kerry on crack. It's one of the reasons why she has had so much trouble raising money and why she'll lose on Tuesday. I REALLY dislike Blago, to the point of borderline hatred, but at least he's a Cubs fan.

Bill Baar 11:42 PM  

That's Judy...

If she loses, when it's all over, I think the reason will be the ghost of George Ryan, and the only way she could could have exorcised him was to admit she had it badly wrong about a fellow Republican Peter Fitzgerald.

That's the tragic thing about this election. We've had plenty of corruption in both parties, but it was a reform minded Republican, Peter Fitzgerald, who --if the other Fitz succeeds-- will have done more to root out corruption then any other Illinois politician I can recall.

Topinka should have admitted that mistake.

Anonymous,  5:01 AM  

Yet another example of why she is not ready for prime time.

What an idiot.

Anonymous,  7:31 AM  

The spinners are down-playing the fact that she was booed at her own rally. It was more of an "oooh", they claim.

A good friend of mine attended the rally (I have yet to bring him over to my side), he told me it was clearly a BOOO.

4 more for Rod.

Anonymous,  7:44 AM  

Just like a partisan to base their vote on a ball team.I still say we need a I.Q. test in Illinois to vote.Sure would leave people like you out.

dan l 8:31 AM  

Ohhhhh come on. The Cubs are a joke.

Especially given the fact that Blago wore a cubs hat to the World Series, when the major league team in Chicago won - I think it's fair enough to say it.

Hell, if I were a republican running for gov, I'd probably base my candidacy around the fact that Blago is a cubs fan. It would be better than running it off of What Jeebus Says like Snufflebeam or Tree Hugging like Rich Whitney

Anonymous,  8:42 AM  

All y'all are a bunch of crybabies. Elections are about choices. You might not like the choices you got, but you gots these choices. Somebody's going to win. Who cares who "deserves" to lose? Who will do the better job for the state? That's how you should vote.

Self-important idiots!

Anonymous,  11:32 AM  

Who will support Instant Runoff Voting and eliminate the so-called "spoiler effect?" THAT'S who we should vote for.

Anonymous,  12:36 PM  

Judy spoke truth to power, baby. Cubs fans don't like losing, what a shock!

That kind of comment plays GREAT in southern Illinois, she doesn't need Chicanocago to win.

Disgusted,  7:53 AM  

Anonymous 7:44 and 8:42 a.m.: I couldn't have said it better. Bravo.

Milton 2:15 PM  

Republicans have this fear of George Ryan, but a poll came out wear Ryan had higher favorably numbers than Bush in Illinois. What does JBR do, still campaign with him in the big media market. I am sure the Chicago market where she campaigned with Bush they have even higher favorably of GHR over W.

If the democrats ran a campign on health care lower Rx drugs and opposes free trade, which deprives American workers now even white-collar workers, they would be on to real leads.

What was Judy thinking?


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