Sunday, November 05, 2006

Beachwood Election Guide To Throwing The Bums Out And Smashing The Machine

Dear Beachwood:

I'm completely stumped on a few races.

I really want to send the Republicans in Congress a message, but it looks like all of the local races involve sending the Democrats a message. I'm torn. Voting Republican actually makes my skin crawl, although I've done it a few times in the past in extraordinary cases.

I've met Judy Baar Topinka a dozen times, but I just can't get myself to vote for her. I won't vote for Blago (didn't last time either . . . I abstained, although I do like Pat Quinn. Should I vote for indictment? I'm leaning Green Party here, even though I know he can't win.

As for Cook County Board . . . I can't and won't vote for Stroger . . . but a Republican? Is there a third choice? I'm leaning toward abstaining.

My congressman is Mark Kirk, who is a decent man (I've met him many times), but he voted for the Iraq War. I'm voting for Seals.

I can see why so many people don't bother voting . . . and it's not because we're uneducated about politics. It's because the more we learn, the less we want to vote.

Aaargh. Help us.

- Stumped and Torn

Dear Stumped and Torn:

Help is here.

Indeed, the elections this year are all about sending messages . . . or more like, sending the same message but to members of both parties: We've had enough. Don't shy away from voting against candidates with glee this year, instead of voting for candidates. Consider it a first step toward reclaiming our democracy.

Governor: Rich Whitney. If the frickin' Rockford Register Star had the guts to endorse the man, why can't you? He's polled as high as 15 percent in recent days despite operating in a virtual media blackout. He's right on the issues and every indication is that he's honest. Nobody owns him. And you know what? There's no reason to think he'd be anything but a fine governor - unlike his two opponents. Sure, the General Assembly would stiff him at every turn. What else is new? That's just one more reason why you should vote against tyrannical House Speaker Michael Madigan if you live in his district. Vote for the stooge he put up as his "competition." It's time to say you've had enough. Go Green.

Lt. Gov: You don't get to vote separately for this office, but it is worth keeping in mind that Judy Baar Topinka's running mate comes out of the infamous DuPage County criminal injustice machine. Pat Quinn becomes governor if/when Rod Blagojevich gets indicted/convicted. Whitney's running mate, Julie Samuels, is, as far as we know, the least compromised.

Secretary of State: Vote Rutherford (Republican) or Karen Young (Green). Jesse White might be popular, and he might employ a troupe of tumblers as the greatest name-recognition gimmick the state has seen, but he's still a Machine Hack who sees nothing wrong with tripling his daughter's salary, among a series of hiring scandals that have marked his tenure.

Attorney General: Lisa Madigan might be Michael Madigan's daughter, and the way she rode her father's strong-arm tactics into the office is indefensible, but she's done a relatively decent and honest job and might even make a fine governor or U.S. senator one day - if she would only tell her dad to cool it. My suggestion: Skip this race. Madigan will win in a walk. You will be on record as having voted neither for nor against her. So you kind of send her a message, but you don't turn her out of office.

Treasurer: Vote Radogno or Schlorff. Radogno appears to be a relatively solid, respected legislator. I don't know that this office is particularly sensitive to political ideology. Democrat Alexi Giannoulias supposedly has a batch of new ideas for the job, but how many new ideas are we looking for in a state treasurer? Barack Obama endorsed Giannoulias because Giannoulias gave him a ton of money, which tells you something about Obama. Giannoulias appears to be an arrogant, careless, overly amibitious, rich 30-year-old who has never seemed to adequately address the questionable loans given out by his bank.

Comptroller: Dan Hynes is in much the same spot as Lisa Madigan; both ascended to state office in large part due to their political families, but both have performed admirably in office. Like Madigan, Hynes is a potential future governor (and unlike Madigan, already a failed U.S. senate candidate). Hynes has been candid about the state's finances - in particular contrast to the sitting governor. I see no reason not to vote for him.

Cook County Board President: If Tony Peraica becomes the accidental county board president by virtue of the Democratic Machine's shenanigans, then so be it. The Machine must be destroyed; it is immune to reform. Don't be fooled: There is nothing to fear from a President Peraica. Not voting in this race is not an option (unless you don't live in Cook County, though maybe even then). Todd Stroger and his puppetmasters (Richard M. Daley, Barack Obama, Dick Durbin, Bill Beavers) must be stopped. A Todd Stroger victory would be the ultimate insult. Don't let it happen. Please. I beg you.

Sixth Congressional District: I don't live in this district, but if I did I would consider not voting. I can't stand Tammy Duckworth - she is a Dick Durbin/Rahm Emanuel creation who has nothing unique to say about Iraq despite her service there. If she hadn't lost her legs, she wouldn't be a candidate. If she had lost her legs and had something worthwhile to say about the war, like, say, Ron Kovic, she'd be a fine candidate. But that's not the case. Christine Cegelis got screwed. Meanwhile, Peter Roskam doesn't deserve the job if only because of the poor judgement shown in using a photo of himself in a Speedo in one of his television ads. What is he thinking? If you're a Dem, write in Cegelis. If you're a Repub, write in yourself. If you're independent, write in Stufflebeam, even though he doesn't live in the district. Neither does Duckworth.

Eighth Congressional District: I don't live in this district either (I live in the Fourth), but I can't stand Melissa Bean or David McSweeney. Vote your party and go home and throw up.

Other House Races By District:

* First: Bobby Rush is in bed with the telecoms. Send him a message.
* Second: Jesse Jackson Jr. is the smartest of the bunch. Send Daley a message.
* Third: Dan Lipinski is quite possibly even more disgusting than Todd Stroger. You know what to do.
* Fourth: I have mixed feelings about Luis Gutierrez, but he's been on fire this year on immigration and City Hall corruption. See Jackson.
* Fifth: My impression is that Rahm Emanuel is one of the most cynical, power-hungry politicians on the planet.
* Seventh: Danny Davis seems like a decent - if sometimes misguided - sort. Don't vote.
* Ninth: I don't have a fix on Jan Schakowsky, but I doubt she deserves your vote.
* Tenth: Mark Kirk is a smart guy who would have a brighter future as a national leader if moderate Republicans were more in vogue. I haven't followed Dan Seals's campaign, but up to now he hasn't gotten much support from Emanuel, who has the keys to the party's cash, so that's in Seals's favor. Vote your party. Or your conscience. Either way.
* Eleventh: Jerry Weller is a walking, talking, sitting conflict-of-interest. You know what to do.
* Twelfth: I have no idea who incumbent Jerry Costello is.
* Thirteenth: Judy Biggert is a captive of corporate interests, as far as I can tell. Doesn't Corporate America own enough public officials?
* Fourteenth: House Speaker Dennis Hastert is a greedy dick who thinks anyone who is against tyranny at home is soft on terrorism. Or at least pretends to think that. He has gotten a free ride long enough. Send him home.
* Fifteenth: I have no idea who incumbent Timothy Johnson is.
* Sixteenth and Seventeenth: You know, I just don't care. Really.
* Eighteenth: Ray LaHood is Hastert's mouthpiece - and not a very good one. Send him a message.
* Nineteenth: John Shimkus was in charge of the congressional page program. If anyone should pay, it's him.

Cook County Board of Review: Brendan Houlihan.

Judges: Judges, people. Find out who to vote against.

These views represent me and me only; I will not foist upon you the illusion that an editorial board has come to these conclusions after considered reasoning and study, as the daily papers try to do, instead of telling you that in the end the publisher comes into the room and rips up all the work that has gone before him in order to satisfy personal and business agendas which readers are never let in on, making endorsements one of the most fundamentally dishonest things newspapers do.

Cross-posted at The Beachwood Reporter.


Levois 4:20 PM  

This is a good laundry list. Thanks for this.

Bettina,  5:53 PM  

Puppet masters? And what would you call Betty-Loren Maltese and Eddie Vrdolyak, the people who propelled Tony Peraica to victory three short years ago? Oh wait, I know what you can call Betty -- convicted felon!

Anonymous,  5:58 PM  

Tony Peraica in his own words:

“I don’t think we should have Gay Games any more than we should have African-American Games or Croatian Games. I know this is a hot-button issue, a wedge issue. But as you look at the long-term picture, decay comes from within.”

Cook County Board President Candidate Tony Peraica to the Chicago Reader, August 4, 2006

Equating Gay people with decay? Yeah, I want him in charge of my local government.

Rob 7:00 PM  

Tammy Duckworth is smart & genuine and an excellent candidate. Christine Cegelis is simply too liberal for the district--her on the ballot would have been handing it to Roskam. As it is, Duckworth has a legitimate shot at keeping that xenophobic jerk out of the Congress, and that is worth a vote.

Very few other major objections, though! Whitney/Rutherford/Madigan/Hynes/Peraica, a winning mishmash!

theproprietor 7:26 PM  

The news release below appeared on my blog, Thought you might find it interesting in that it deals with an Illinois politician. Read on...

(CHICAGO) — Fresh on the heels of the launch of a Warning Labels On Politicians™ campaign, which included a “Warning: Hillary Clinton™” label, the group behind the effort has introduced a “Warning: Barack Obama™” line of merchandise.

“With all of the media attention given this relative newcomer to the national political scene,” said I.M. Fedup, spokesperson for the group that refers to itself as WLOP — or “Wallop”. “Honestly, we felt obligated to inform the American public about some of the ’side effects’ they will likely experience as a result of voting for Barack Obama.”

Fedup said voting for Obama would likely produce results similar to voting for Hillary Clinton, the namesake of WLOP’s first warning label.

Representatives of Senator Obama could not be reached for comment.

Copyright © 2006 Bob McCarty, L.L.C. All rights reserved.

Pat Hickey 7:41 PM  

Steve, You independant you!

Jesse Jackson Jr. is the smartest of the bunch.

Is this why you are so dismissive of Neil Steinberg?
Because he out-ed Kid Staples as a dim-bulb, or is there some sinister machination afoot?

A corporate imprimatur MayHaps?

“This is the famous Budweiser beer. We know of no other beer produced by any other brewer, which costs so much to brew and age. Our exclusive beachwood aging process produces a taste, a smoothness, and a drinkability you will find in no other beer at any price.”

HMMMMM Beachwood.

Them there Blogs cost do good money!

Steve Rhodes 8:16 PM  

If only I was getting Budweiser funding!

I wrote a profile of Jackson for Chicago magazine a couple years ago, and whether you agree with his positions, there is no question he is a very smart and thoughtful person.

My problem with Steinberg starts from the fact that he rarely knows what he's talking about, and just go on from there.

Pat Hickey 8:21 PM  

Keep Hops Alive!

It may Happen.

Your Bud,

Lovie's Leather 9:14 PM  

Now wait a minute here. I agree with you on a lot of this stuff. But then you go and insult Ray Lahood as a "mouth piece" of Hastert! In your first weblink, all that I see is Lahood fighting for his district and the district interests. If you live in the 18th district, you not only would be stupid but also unelectable if you did not support CAT. It is a huge supplier of Peoria area jobs. In your second weblink, he was just saying what he feels. That is one thing you will get from Ray Lahood, honesty. There are few in Congress that I can say I like. But Ray Lahood is definately one of them.

Randall Sherman 9:22 PM  

Electing Tony Peraica is the key to this election. If he topples Toddler Stroger, that may well constitute the biggest office pickup by the Republicans NATIONWIDE on Tuesday. Unless Topinka pulls out a political miracle, the GOP may not pick up a single gubernatorial seat, House seat or Senate seat from the Democrats anywhere on Election Day. To beat the Machine's hack under those conditions would show everyone how fed up people are with the status quo in Cook County.

Anonymous,  8:44 AM  

Funny AND true! Great list, Steve!

Napoleon Dynamite,  10:21 AM  

Steve, Google "Jerry Costello." It's worth the time.
He's a hack's hack, an unindicted co-conspirator in a notorious Metro East corruption/gambling scandal from about 8-10 years back.

What I can't figure out is why the likes of U.S. Sen. Penis "Dick" Durbin (D-Moscow) keep cozying to the guy.

Steve Rhodes 11:25 AM  


Right you are, and shame on me for forgetting that . . . I did know that about Costello and simply had a memory lapse.

Pat: Yes, Keep Hops Alive!

Love it.

Pat Hickey 11:30 AM  

BTW - Outstanding work on Beachwood Reporter - great and thoughtful source for all readers; especially for us fans of old fashioned professional public servants.

Anonymous,  12:38 PM  

Sure go ahead, vote for Whitney. Communists are GREAT for the economy.

Pat Hickey 1:40 PM  

Hey, pal, you ever see Commies at an Olde Country Buffet - them lads can consume!

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