Friday, November 03, 2006

Manzullo Makes 6th Mailing

I should have been posting them all, but, suffice is to say, Don Manzullo is using the money he has accumulated over the years to try to retain his 16th congressional district seat.

He is running against Democrat Dick Auman who probably has a better ground game than Manzullo. The congressman is apparently trying to counter with the carpet bombing of mailboxes.

Manzullo still has a sign presence in the district that stretches back to his original victory in 1992. In fact, on a trip to Wisconsin in early October, the only sign I saw was one for Manzullo on Route 14 in Harvard north of the cow.

Democratic Party challenger Dick Auman has enough signs in Crystal Lake to allow me to remember how to spell his name.

The wild card, which must be driving Manzullo nuts, even if I’ve never heard of a write-in candidate winning a congressional race, is retired General John Borling.

He must be preparing to run as independent on the ballot in 2008.

Borling is making lots of noise and putting up lots of signs on rights-of-way in the Rockford area, while making no perceptible impact in McHenry County, which contains, what, a quarter of the district’s vote.

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Candidate photos are from their web sites. Road side signs from a trip to Rockford.

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