Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Little Village Lawndale High School Principal Martha Irizarry: We are a part of a struggle

Her words as reported in the People's Weekly World in appreciation of Citgo's $400,000 grant for a health clinic at the Little Village Lawndale High School,

Dr. Juliet Bradley of the Dr. Jorge Prieto Community Health Center, a partner with the project, told the gathering of the importance of the school-based clinic. “Students every day deal with migraines, asthma, seizures, eating disorders, anxiety and depression, and they need somewhere to go during school hours,” she said.

One of the school’s four principals, Martha Irizarry, thanked Citgo for the donation. “We are a part of a struggle,” she said, “and now I see we are being supported, our dreams continue. Thank you so much. So many lives will be touched because of this.”
Venezuela’s general consul in Chicago, Martin Sanchez, told the World that this project is an “expression of friendship and solidarity between the two people.”
In 1918, Lenin wrote on the importance of Accounting and Control for the Socialist Revolution.
The state, which for centuries has been an organ for oppression and robbery of the people, has left us a legacy of the people’s supreme hatred and suspicion of everything that is connected with the state. It is very difficult to overcome this, and only a Soviet government can do it. Even a Soviet government, however, will require plenty of time and enormous perseverance to accomplish it. This “legacy” is especially apparent in the problem of accounting and control—the fundamental problem facing the socialist revolution on the morrow of the overthrow of the bourgeoisie.
Part of the struggle in Chicago and Illinois is making sure the money doesn't go unintentionally into someone's pocket. I hope there's an audit attached to this grant. Lenin would have wanted it that way.


Pat Hickey 4:33 PM  

Shucks,Bill- I thought I was only one around here reading the People's Weekly World. 'Course how else can one keep up with all the mobilizing and revolutionary megaphone snapping news of the world?
Hugo's dough goes to a Pilsen school is fine with me - so long as it's for readin',writin' and rhetoric.

Bill Baar 5:18 PM  

Read David Osler's (Osler is a communist of a sort too) Venezuela: banking on the revolution. He quotes a Fin Time story,

Venezuelan bankers get rich from Chávez's revolution

Bankers traditionally face firing squads in times of revolution. But in Venezuela, they are having a party.

Dirán Sarkissián, president of the local subsidiary of Stanford Bank, a US bank with offshore operations based on the Caribbean island of Antigua, is proud of his rapidly lengthening list of high-net-worth customers who are enjoying President Hugo Chávez's self-styled "Bolivarian Revolution".

"As far as growth is concerned we're very happy," says Mr Sarkissián. That might be an understatement. Deposits have increased by 600 per cent to $106m (£57m, €84m) in the year since the boutique bank opened for business in Caracas …

Venezuela's abundance of usually limitless "black" credit cards would seem to sit uncomfortably with Mr Chávez's fiery anti-capitalist rhetoric and his occasional threats to jail bankers …

I hope the money is used for the purposes stated, and that we're not contributing to the systematic plundering of Venezuela that's going on now.

Extreme Wisdom 10:07 PM  

A Leninist Government giving money to a Leninist institution. You need accounting?

I mean really. We know that the money is going toward the "Revolution" and that's all the accounting you'll ever need or get.

Pat Hickey 10:21 AM  

Makes me wonder what the 'struggling' good Doctor is yanking down per annum.

The eggs in her six figure annual take might be the ingredient for the revolutionary omellet.

You gotta love the rhetoric.

Venceremos! Basta Ya!

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