Friday, November 24, 2006

Looking for Tribune's Rahm Emanuel's Hired Truck References

The only Illinois congressman I remember being mentioned in any of the Hired Truck scandal indictments was Rahm Emanuel.

Remember that Sunday piece where the Chicago Tribune wrote a whole section about how he guided the Democratic U.S. House candidates to victory. It took 9 pages on the Tribune internet site.

I searched every one of them for a "Hired Truck" reference and couldn’t find a reference to the Hired Truck scandal mentioned once. (I didn’t read the massive piece yet, but my search surely did not find the words “Hired Truck,”)

Why is that important?

The Hired Truck guys apparently helped get him elected in his Democratic Party primary against class act former State Rep. Nancy Kazak.

That’s what is said in the May, 2005, plea agreement of Water Department’s Director of Finance and Administration Gerald Wesolowski. Wesolowski was one of Donald Tomzak’s assistants.

Oh what McHenry County Blog does with its spare time.


Bill Baar 8:42 AM  

I think this was the only hint in the whole article,

This no-holds-barred politics came naturally to Emanuel. In the 1980s he joined the campaigns of Sen. Paul Simon and Mayor Daley, proving adept at raising money. (Daley would later return the favor by fielding city patronage workers to help Emanuel win his first congressional election in 2002; that get-out-the-vote operation is now part of a federal investigation.)

Chicago Clout 10:31 AM  

Hired Truck Scandal proved the little guy can take on Mayor Daley, big city clout, and corruption. I hope the Citizens of Chicago see the Chicago Department of Water Management is running well with Union Teamsters. Chicago residents are now behind the wheel. Of course old habits die slow, (read between the lines)many of the new trucks were rented (leased) which needs more looking into. I hope more Chicago Employees step to the plate and expose Mayor Daley for all the existing Corruption, more work to be done. Many politicans seem to get a pass on Hired Truck, what do you think?

Gregg,  7:20 PM  

Gregg Goldsner was the campaign manager for Rahm Emmanuel.

Victor Reyes was active on his campaign.

Hired Trucks workers and money was used.

HDO was used.

Rahm is a sleaze.

Whispering Vic,  9:30 PM  

To be fair to Rahm Emmanuel. He may have taken the Tomczak and HDO support to first get elected BUT he has since rejected it and recognized that HDO is a scumbag criminal organization. Rahm Emmanuel does not want anything to do with Victor Reyes. Emmanuel also gave back the money from the HDO Federal. Emmanuel also endorsed Forest Claypool over HDO backed Todd Stroger.

Rahm probably did not even know that they were supporting him. It was all through the Mayor through John Dore.

Rahm took back the House from worse people than Daley. He has good ideas in his book.

We need to get out of Iraq and lower oil prices. Good Democrats need to get rid of HDO.

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