Saturday, November 11, 2006

National Review's Byron York looks at Obama-mania

As mentioned by The Wolf of Guards of Magog in the comments section, Byron York explores Obama-mania in the latest print edition of the National Review.

Sen. Barack Obama has an interesting and unique background. But what of his accomplishments?

As York writes:

When he was ten, Obama returned to Hawaii, where he lived with his grandparents. He went to Occidental College, and then to Harvard Law School. He ended up in Chicago, working in community activism and teaching at the University of Chicago. In 1996, he won election to the Illinois state senate; in 2004, he won his current seat.

A success story, certainly, But compelling? Perhaps exotic, as Obama himself sometimes called it, but not the stuff of John McCain. In presidential race, Obama will have to rely on more than his biography.

Anything missing in that biography? Well, "St. Barack" has never really run anything. Yet this man is being seriously considered as a viable candidate for president.

In his two years as a US Senator, St. Barack has gotten just one bill enacted into law. Now that his party is in the majority, legislation with his name on it will have a much easier path out of committee.

But the Iowa caucuses are in fourteen months. It's hard to work as a senator when you're chowing down on pizza at a Casey's General Store with some farmers in Cedar Rapids.

But he's got Oprah's vote.

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