Friday, November 17, 2006

Patti and Rezko

Patti's $47K Rezko deal is the Sun Times headline.

I just wonder how many combinations of names with Rezko will be seeing in the future. We've already had Obama Rezko... I just wonder how many more are to come.

You got to wonder how long the ST sat on these records too.

The chain of events in December 2002 and January 2003 is detailed in records obtained by the Sun-Times. It's the first record of Patti Blagojevich making money off a Rezko deal around the time Rezko began seeking favors from the governor.
I hate it when MSM is vague like this.


4Piggybanks2 9:33 PM  

Brain cells are tired this Friday night. How many real estate outfits represented the seller? (The story made me recall the ancient changing the lightbulb jokes.)

And one person is saying he doesn't recall what the River involvement was but he wasn't directly involved in the deal?

I absolutely respect Mrs. B's right to pursue business interests, however, I wonder if political folks understand what the "appearance" of impropriety means to the average taxpayer?

miltongoldblatt 10:29 AM  

This is so sexist and old fashion. Why can't a Governor’s wife make a living? Do we want all Governors wives to me like Brenda Edgar and Laura “the Ted Kennedy of Drivers” Bush.


Leland Milton Goldblatt

Bill Baar 8:33 AM  

Would you let the Chief of Purchasing's significant other do business with your companies vendors.

No capitalist would tolerate this kind of relationship. No reason the people of Illinois should.

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