Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Cook Co. GOP mourns "black genocide" due to abortion

It is huge news when the Republican organization of the Nation's Second City, Chicago, issues a press release memorializing African-American children lost to abortion. Imagine the GOP in New York or LA writing such a piece.

Entitled "Black Dehumanization," the release today is one in a monthlong series by the Cook County Republican Party called "Then and Now" to commemorate Black History Month. The series contrasts the political parties' commitments to civil rights in the past (Then) and present (Now).

Today, the Cook Co. GOP compares the Democrat Party of the 1850's to the Democrat Party of 2006. There's not much change.

Then, in 1857, it was a Democrat-controlled Supreme Court that determined a former slave, Dred Scott, was not a citizen and should be returned to his master.

Now, according to the Cook Co. GOP:

The Democratic Party, true to its pro-slavery past, recently defined another group of human beings as non-citizens, thereby excluding them from legal protection under the law. This group of Americans is the unborn. In the tortured reasoning of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, unborn children are essentially property. And just as the Dred Scott case predominantly (though not exclusively) affected African Americans, the Roe v. Wade decision has paved the way for a veritable black genocide. Recent statistics indicate that since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25%....

pp ad.jpg Incredible.

The release goes on to spotlight Planned Parenthood as "aggressivly peddl[ing]" abortion to inner city black communities.

As an aside, PP's atrocious focus on blacks is spotlighted in a powerful new ad by LifeCommercials.com. Click on the "Why" ad.

Kudos to the Cook County Republican Party. Excellent job.


Skeeter 11:14 AM  
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Anonymous,  11:24 AM  

This. Will. Backfire.

Anonymous,  11:25 AM  

Skeeter - they aren't pro-life. They're Pro-Birth.

Anonymous,  11:40 AM  

Recent statistics indicate that since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25%. Because abortion has been aggressively peddled to inner city black communities, black babies today are three times more likely to be killed in the womb than white babies. Abortion kills twice as many black babies as AIDs, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined. Although it is possible that Planned Parenthood and its ilk are racially blind, 80% of planned parenthood facilities are located in minority neighborhoods.

The Cook County Republicans are just stating the facts. What judgement do you place on 80% of planned parenthood facilities in minority neighborhoods.

Michael 11:59 AM  

: )

Wow. Just, wow.

Skeeter 12:00 PM  
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Michael 12:00 PM  

Errr, that right parenthesis was supposed to be much farther to the right, i.e. my jaw dropping.

Anonymous,  12:03 PM  

Yeah...of course, that quotation was taken GROSSLY out of context. The larger context was Sanger addressing a concern by repeating it (hence, the quote) and then speaking to it.

The ad also references Martin Luther King, Jr., who said this of Sanger:

"Our sure beginning in the struggle for equality by nonviolent direct action may not have been so resolute without the tradition established by Margaret Sanger and people like her." (King, 1966)

Aaaah, "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor." The forgotten commandment.

Liars. Damn Liars. And the pro-birth movement.

Anonymous,  12:13 PM  

The Cook GOP press release are interesting. I wonder what percentage of the black vote will change the state from blue to red. I think they will need to do much more, but it is certainly interesting.

Usually I hear about Democrats launching voter attacks in DuPage and Lake. Now Republicans are launching voter attacks in Chicago. This could get interesting.

Anonymous,  12:21 PM  

No, it won't get interesting.

This is as ham-fisted as everything else they do, and won't turn any votes - and may even blow up in their faces.

If they want to attract new constituencies, they'd do better than run the generic playbook.

Jill Stanek 12:24 PM  

Skeetzoid, 12p - "[F]amily physicians" do not provide abortions, er, I mean, "medical care."

Which reminds me of a joke.

Q: What do you say to an abortionist in a three piece suit?

A: Will the defendant please rise?

Wang Chung Tonight,  12:37 PM  

Well, considering the $10,000 to indict Daley, I'm not surprised.

But personally, I don't see why abortion should be legal unless the mother faces a risk to her life, a severe long-term health risk, or she was raped. There's really no reason otherwise that you have to get pregnant when you have sex. If you're on birth control pills and using a physical contraceptive, you're chance of getting pregnant is really zero. If you choose to be dumb enough to not take those precautions, I don't see why you have the right to end a pregnancy once it's started if you could have easily prevented it from happening. You should have made the choice not to have the pregnancy back when you chose to have sex without birth control. I'd be all for the government supplying free birth control, if people claim that they can't afford it.

Anonymous,  12:46 PM  

Didn't Jesse Jackson call it a "Black Genocide" before he tried to seek the Democratic nomination in 1988?

Pat Collins 1:12 PM  

doing for poor moms and kids

so, you think we should take the money we give to PP each year and spend it on adoption? I agree.

Lessen immigration to push up wages? I agree.

As for the quote, no one in politics EVER pulls things out of context, do they? I mean, no one nailed Oberwise for getting a number wrong in his illegal ad, did they?

Bottom line: Illegals ARE a problem in Illinois.

Abortion clincs ARE located mostly in minority areas.

Anonymous,  1:21 PM  

Well, Pat, the last person to nail Oberweis was current girl with the strawberry curls among the GOP - Bill Brady.

And the ad doesn't "get a number wrong," It takes a quote completely out of context puts a 180 degree spin on its meaning.

Anonymous,  1:24 PM  

Its amazing what people claim is the GOP response. You can choose to live in ignorance or you can learn.

The Cook GOP wants to provide merit hiring versus patronage so minorities have a fighting chance. They also want to increase the minority contracts from Stroger's pitiful 4% to Peraica's 33%. They also want to fix the juvy center and jail so minorities aren't mistreated.

You Blago-staffers (BS'ers) can claim Republican irrelevance, but your rhetoric reveals your fear.

Levois 1:34 PM  

I'm very much anti abortion but I think that this message by the Cook County GOP which is already an extreme minority in Cook County is only looking like an extremist group. Even if this information might be factual. I just want to be honest about it.

Anonymous,  1:57 PM  

There are more poor whites in America than blacks hence the number of whites on welfare out number blacks yet the vast majority of Plan Parenthoods are in the black areas.

Censourship Is Unamerican,  2:14 PM  

To state my points again

1) The GOP IS extrmeist for doing this

2) The Irrevalance of the GOP is reenforced again

3)If Ms. Stanek would have not have informed us of this, many of us would have never known


Anonymous,  2:25 PM  

Why is the GOP extremist? What possibly are you speaking about.

The GOP was founded to end slavery, they are merely re-iterating their consistent position.

The Democrats have never apologized for slavery. And they have destroyed the black family with their welfare programs. Now that is extreme to me!!

Wumpus,  2:49 PM  

Perhaps people should be more responsible in their reproductive activities. That too, would reduce abortion. But call me crazy.

Anonymous,  3:09 PM  

Holy Sanctimony...how many times will I read that guy's post about the irrelevence of the Cook Co. GOP, only to come back and find it gone?

Anonymous,  3:10 PM  

Well, 2:49 - they could use contraception - but of course, the pro-birth movementarians are against that too...(see Daily Show tonight for more)

Levois 3:28 PM  

I wish I can agree that the GOP is doing the right thing using this information. It's valuable but it's just going to make them look bad. I can't disagree about the Democrats' history on issues of race the thing is perception is in their favor. You can fight perception one just have to be smart about it. Abortion is not an issue that any political machine could ever hope to win with. Especially if they're trying to attract blacks who may agree or disagree with this statement

Anonymous,  3:29 PM  

Jill Stanek is an animal. Absolutely an animal, and the Cook County GOP, the most irrelevant political organization in the country, is disgusting,and whatever hack consulting firm they're using for this (a few likely candidates, like the imbeciles who masterminded the $10,000 bounty) are hate-mongering punks. Margaret Sanger said those words but, of course, meant the exact opposite--she was quoting a concern.

Stanek, you are a misleader, a liar, intellectually dishonest, a queen of the facile analogy, and best of all politically and socially irrelevant. Pathetic. This is absolutely disgusting, and you deserve this type of vitriol, because that is the kind of hate and vitriol you're putting out into the world.

Single-handedly turning Illinoize into the all-abortion obsessed whack-a-doo all-the-time website.

Anonymous,  3:32 PM  

Oh, and let's stop with all the "Republicans are secretly better on race issues," garbage, huh? Please. For every "Democrats supported slavery," argument, how about 1,000 examples of, "Republicans resisted every piece of civil rights legislation since the 14th amendment was passed." Where did all those racist Dixiecrats go in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s? Where did Strom Thurmond go when Truman started a program of civil rights and addressed the NAACP?

To the Republican Party. You know, the racist party. So stop it.

Anonymous,  3:36 PM  

The quote, in context, is contained below. The county GOP and Ms. Stanek have no shame and trotting out the "Sanger's motivation was race" ploy is neither a new, nor particularly creative approach. The anti-choice crowd have been misquoting Sanger, quoting her out of context and just plain making up quotes for decades now:

It seems to me from my experience . . . in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas, that while the colored Negroes have great respect for white doctors, they can get closer to their own members and more or less lay their cards on the table. . . . They do not do this with the white people, and if we can train the Negro doctor at the clinic, he can go among them with enthusiasm and with knowledge, which, I believe, will have far-reaching results. . . . His work, in my opinion, should be entirely with the Negro profession and the nurses, hospital, social workers, as well as the County's white doctors. His success will depend upon his personality and his training by us.
The minister's work is also important, and also he should be trained, perhaps by the Federation, as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs (Sanger, 1939, December).

Pat Collins 3:38 PM  

In the 1920s and 30s, Sanger calculated that the success of the eugenics idea gave her own movement legitimacy, and tried to ally her cause with the movement. Eugenics was a dominant theme at her birth control conferences, and Sanger spoke publicly of the need to put an end to breeding by the unfit. In 1920 Sanger publicly stated that "birth control is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit [and] of preventing the birth of defectives."


Skeeter 3:56 PM  
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Anonymous,  3:56 PM  

Come to think of it - the comment about the pro-birth sniper is gone too.

Playing Taliban Censor doesn't eliminate the fact that crazies on the peripheries of society (but in the mainstream of the pro-birth movement) kill doctors in God's name.

Maybe there should be a loyalty oath filled out before posting comments - like Hero Bush requires when he (mis)speaks - so as to avoid questions about gay cowboys and cooked intelligence and dead American soldiers and other topics of varying degrees of import.

Charlie Johnston 4:28 PM  

I am not going to get in the middle of this - except to note that there is a very good reason why Planned Parenthood groups have all sorts of brochures about Margaret Sanger available, but never have the books she actually wrote available. Sometime I'll write a piece simply quoting Sanger from her book, "The Pivot of Civilization." Forget my words about her AND Planned Parenthood's words about her - make your judgment based on her own words. And I will cite page numbers as well, so if you can actually get hold of a copy, you can check it yourself. It's tough, though. Planned Parenthood and the abortion movement work to try to keep those books entirely out of circulation.

Anonymous,  4:33 PM  

Anon 3:36

The Cook County GOP did not use the Sanger quote. At least read the press release before you make your remarks.

Turned-off Pro-lifer,  4:48 PM  

So Jill,

I would like you to go sit with the pro-choice members of the black caucus and make your pitch that they are a bunch of racist baby killers intent on self-destruction. This post was so far over the top that you can't even see the bottom anymore. I thought I agreed with Rep. Fritchey's post before, now I am positive that I do.

Anonymous,  4:51 PM  

4:33...I am not anon 3:36 - but don't you think a blog comment about a quote clearly shown on the blog entry is fair game?

It's right there (literally) in black and white.

At least read the blog entry before you make your remarks.

Pat Collins 5:10 PM  

Come to think of it - the comment about the pro-birth sniper is gone too.

Yours, or mine? Mine is for sure gone.

Wouldn't her books be in public domain now? Or did they somehow renew the copyright?

Pat Collins 5:15 PM  
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Pat Collins 5:22 PM  

Let's try this again:


The lack of balance between the birth-rate of the ``unfit'' and the
``fit,'' admittedly the greatest present menace to the civilization,
can never be rectified by the inauguration of a cradle competition
between these two classes. The example of the inferior classes, the
fertility of the feeble-minded, the mentally defective, the poverty-
stricken, should not be held up for emulation to the mentally and
physically fit, and therefore less fertile, parents of the educated
and well-to-do classes. On the contrary, the most urgent problem to-
day is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally
and physically defective.

Pat Collins 5:24 PM  

It is true that the cases reported from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, do
not represent completely ``Americanized'' families. This lack does
not prevent them, however, by their unceasing fertility from producing
the Americans of to-morrow.

This is fun

Anonymous,  5:27 PM  

OWNED!! From Sanger's own mouth. That hurts. Watch the Democrats howl with that one.

Pat Collins 5:29 PM  

There is but one practical and feasible program in handling the great
problem of the feeble-minded. That is, as the best authorities are
agreed, to prevent the birth of those who would transmit imbecility to
their descendants. Feeble-mindedness as investigations and statistics
from every country indicate, is invariably associated with an
abnormally high rate of fertility.

Pat Collins 5:31 PM  

(3) Eugenics: Eugenics seems to me to be valuable in its critical
and diagnostic aspects, in emphasizing the danger of irresponsible and
uncontrolled fertility of the ``unfit'' and the feeble-minded
establishing a progressive unbalance in human society and lowering the
birth-rate among the ``fit.'' But in its so-called ``constructive''
aspect, in seeking to reestablish the dominance of healthy strain over
the unhealthy, by urging an increased birth-rate among the fit, the
Eugenists really offer nothing more farsighted than a ``cradle
competition'' between the fit and the unfit. They suggest in very
truth, that all intelligent and respectable parents should take as
their example in this grave matter of child-bearing the most
irresponsible elements in the community.

Anonymous,  5:35 PM  

And what high school do you go to 5:27?

Anonymous,  5:35 PM  

There is no way those are the words of Sanger! No way possible. Those are from a KKK site or something. No way.

Pat Collins 5:35 PM  

Last one;

The danger of recruiting our numbers from the most ``fertile stocks''
is further emphasized when we recall that in a democracy like that of
the United States every man and woman is permitted a vote in the
government, and that it is the representatives of this grade of
intelligence who may destroy our liberties, and who may thus be the
most far-reaching peril to the future of civilization.

Pat Collins 5:35 PM  


Read it and weep.

Anonymous,  5:53 PM  

This isn't the only press release. If you go to the website, there are more (there is a link). It looks like they are going to send one out every day in February. I read the first ones. Not bad.

I especially liked the one about stereotypes. Imagine the irony of republicans asking African Americans to not stereotype them as "enemies of the poor and perpetrators of unjust social policy".

Clever, if one group knows about stereotyping its African Americans.

Anonymous,  6:04 PM  


They call it Klan Parenthood. Funny, yet sick and disturbing.

Charlie Johnston 6:47 PM  

Oh yes, Pat Collins' quotes are verbatim from Sanger's book, "The Pivot of Civilization."

How about this quote:

"the most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it." - Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race, published by Brentanos of New York, 1920, page 67

Anonymous,  7:04 PM  

"Funny, yet sick and disturbing"

Nothing about purposefully killing millions of black children is FUNNY.

This is sick and disturbing.

Anonymous,  7:09 PM  

"The example of the inferior classes, the
fertility of the feeble-minded, the mentally defective, the poverty-
stricken, should not be held up for emulation to the mentally and
physically fit, and therefore less fertile, parents of the educated
and well-to-do classes"

How do you know Sanger is speaking about African Americans and not mentally retarded people.

Anonymous,  7:17 PM  

Verbatim Charlie doesn't mean complete and in context. The quote you refer to is taken out of a section of the book on the infant mortality rates among the poor. We can debate whether we agree or disagree with the overarching points she makes, but please be honest enough to yourself and the cause you claim so dear, to not pull one provocative statement out of context as "proof" of anything. It was an ironic statement meant to highlight the alarming infant death rate:

The direct relationship between the size of the wage-earner's family and the death of children less than one year old has been revealed by a number of studies of the infant death-rate. One of the clearest of these was that made by Arthur Geissler among miners and cited by Dr. Alfred Ploetz before the First International Eugenic Congress.[*] Taking 26,000 births from unselected marriages, and omitting

[* Problems in Eugenics, London, 1913.]

families having one and two children, Geissler got this result:

Deaths During First Year.

1st born children












Thus we see that the second and third children have a very good chance to live through the first year. Children arriving later have less and less chance, until the twelfth has hardly any chance at all to live twelve months. This does not complete the case, however, for those who care to go farther into the subject will find that many of those who live for a year die before they reach the age of five. Many, perhaps, will think it idle to go farther in demonstrating the immorality of large families, but since there is still an abundance of proof at hand, it may be offered for the,
sake of those who find difficulty in adjusting old-fashioned ideas to the facts. The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it. The same factors which create the terrible infant mortality rate, and which swell the death rate of children between the ages of one and five, operate even more extensively to lower the health rate of the surviving members. Moreover, the overcrowded homes of large families reared in poverty further contribute to this condition. Lack of medical attention is still another factor, so that the child who must struggle for health in competition with other members of a closely packed family has still great difficulties to meet after its poor constitution and malnutrition have been accounted for.

The probability of a child handicapped by a weak constitution, an overcrowded home, inadequate food and care, and possibly a deficient mental equipment, winding up in prison or an almshouse, is too evident for comment. Every jail, hospital for the insane, reformatory and institution for the feebleminded cries out against the evils of too prolific breeding among wage-workers.

Anonymous,  7:19 PM  

That sounds pretty racist to me. Give up trying to defend Sanger.

Your best argument for Sanger was that it was in the past.

Anonymous,  7:29 PM  

It's not a question of defending Sanger. I wasn't defending any of the points she was making, rather demonstrating the dishonesty of taking a sentence out of context to make a point. Also, given that she is referring to "wage earners" in London circa 1920, she's actually talking about poor whites. That sort of attitude towards the poor would make her a rising star in 21st century GOP.

Anonymous,  8:23 PM  

You are defending Sanger. Her context is racist. And you only wish the GOP had that sort of attitude.

Time to sit down. That's the problem with you liberals. You have good intentions, but can't think straight.

It seems the Cook GOP is right on message.

Anonymous,  8:33 PM  

That would be because the extent of what you've read about and by Sanger is limited to these posts today. Her context is not the issue, as you said yourself during your single moment of lucidness, these statements were made in a different time under different social circumstances. Using Sager to paint all pro-choice viewpoints is the same as using Lincoln to make the insane claim that the current GOP is in any way tied to the legacy of the original founders of the party. Lincoln, and the good folks who founded the party, would not recognize what it's become. The GOP of today has more in common with the Dixiecrats or the Knownothings than it does with the Republicans of 1860.

Anonymous,  9:25 PM  

What I want to know is when did this place turn into the Illinois Leader :)

Anonymous,  10:35 PM  

Wow - sooooo...since I left, this post has gone from taking margaret sanger's decades-old quote as reported by the Cook GOP (and Life Ads, or whatever the heck they're called) absurdly out of context...to dissecting her (also decades-old) writings which, though certainly outdated and wacky (and denounced by Planned Parenthood, incidentally), essentially call for birth control as a means of keeping the dirt-poor and severely disabled from having children who will neither be healthy nor properly cared for.

Well, good to see things haven't changed. This is probably more space dedicated to this story than any other outlet will give...

Anonymous,  11:16 PM  

It seems to me, having actually read the Cook GOP press release, that the point of it was to demonstrate the way in which abortion has subtly accomplished the original goal of the Democratic Party and the Ku Klux Klan; reducing black political power. The Klan helped Democrats win back the South after reconstruction ended and prevented blacks from exercising the electoral power they might otherwise have wielded. Once the Democrats and their Klan cohorts could no longer curb black political power through sheer intimidation, abortion conveniently came on the scene. The simple truth is that the black community would have far greater political power today had they not fallen for the Democratic abortion propaganda. Same ends, different means... Sounds like the same Democrat party to me.

Anonymous,  11:19 PM  

Anon 8:33

The Republican Party of today more closely resembles the Republican party of the past than the Democrat Party of today resembles the Democrat party of the past.

JFK would roll over in his grave if he heard Hillary, Pelosi, Dean, Kerry, Reid, Daschle, Gore, Feinstein, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.

I think Martin Luther King, Jr would still support the Republican Party and their continuing fight for true freedom. The emotional feel good entitlement program has destroyed the black family.

This is an excellent issue to discuss. I think the Republicans have the advantage.

Mr. Independent

Anonymous,  11:23 PM  

60 posts. Must be a slow news day.


How many have gone over 100?

Anonymous,  11:25 PM  

For the record, the Democrat Party of the past, even during Kennedy's day, wasn't that hot. Most people don't know that a larger percentage of Republicans voted for the civil rights act of 1964 than Democrats. And some idiot earlier in this posting mentioned that Republicans opposed every civil rights law after the 14th amendment. The result of our public school system. grrrrr. Republicans passed 19, count em 19 civil rights laws after the civil war. Once Democrats regained Congress they overturned every single one of them. The civil rights act of 1964 and the voting act of 1965 were only necessary because the Democrats had rolled everything back. Kennedy and LBJ were leaders in their party and I salute them for it, but the Democrat Party as a whole was still the same racist organization it had been for over 100 years.

And no, the dixiecrats did not all instantly become Republicans. After getting trounced by Truman, they all returned to the Democratic Party. Every single one. Strom Thurmond didn't join the Republican Party for another 16 years. By that time the Democrat Party had begun morphing into the completely liberal wackjob institution it is today. Howard Dean????!!! Get real.

Anonymous,  11:31 PM  

Well said Anon 11:25

Republicans do a poor job explaining/teaching about their positions. I am surprised they let the Democrats try to define them.

The Cook GOP pressers have done a good job defining the true beliefs of the Republican Party and look how the liberals have gone nuts on this. They feel entitled to whine without any accountability.

Time for the truth to set us free.

Anonymous,  1:01 AM  

This is such a joke. We know what this is about, right? A bunch of white guys and their sleazeball consultants meeting in whatever shack in Park Ridge these guys meet in and asking, "How can we get some press? Duh, how can we use a wedge issue to get some black votes?" They don't give a whit about African-American voters or their issues or any of that.

They just want morons like Jill Stanek to coo about how they're trying to save black babies, please. How about the black babies (or any baby, really) that were successfully born, that Republican policies abandon completely? How about the incarceration rate of young African-American males outpacing their enrollment in college, and how those numbers spike under Republican administrations?

Or how about cutting pell grants and federally subsidized student loan funding for low income families?

Of course, Republicans are all of the belief that African-Americans are so dumb, they don't know any better than to vote for the Democrats who, according to the whack-a-doos on this site, are secretly conspiring to destroy them by forcing them to have abortions thereby decreasing their political power. Do you people listen to yourselves?

We all know this is just a useless game they play: wedge issues to divide people. Let's weaken the Democrats so we can get in power and pass more tax cuts to big business and lax labor laws and keep the minimum wage low and make it impossible for working people to get ahead.

Those are issues. Republicans are on the wrong side of all of them. White, Black, Latino, whatever, they screw working people. Abortion is about 500th on the list of importance. So they jump on it to divide.

Why? Because they're lapdogs for the bosses, and nothing more. A public relations machine for the leisure class. Pathetic.

Anonymous,  8:19 AM  

This Cook County GOP thing is a pathetic joke. Those people over there are clueless. Nothing but dishonest.

Keep in mind, the Chairman of the Cook County GOP, GARY SKOIEN is PRO-ABORTION! And when Skoien ran against the pro-life Phil Crane TWICE he ran as pro-choice. And those challengers were long before Crane started slipping.

Also, note that they try to throw mud at the Dems on abortion, but I challenge them to produce JUST ONE iota of evidence that the Cook County GOP under Skoien has EVER said anything about the pro-life cause. You can't criticize someone else for inaction, if you've done ZERO yourself.

Also, Skoien held some made up Convention a few weeks ago, and they adopted a new platform. NOT ONE WORD ABOUT ABORTION!

And by the way, Skoien just lies again when he told people it was "the first Cook Co. GOP convention in decades." Cook and every other county has a convention every 2 years!!! That's required by law. Cook Co. GOP will have a real convention in just a couple of months. Skoien obviously knows that, he just lies.

Finally, Skoien's people are all about Tony Peraica's run for Cook County President. That's basically all they piddle around on. This Peraica is another less than honest guy who has flipped flopped between Dem and Repub. Just an opportunist. Today he says he's a Repub. But he's on record saying recently that if he won he would NOT end abortions at Cook Co. hospital.

Jill Stanek is a very good person, a hero even. Just got bamboozled by some snake-oil salesmen.

Jill Stanek 8:45 AM  

Anon, 8:19a - I wasn't bamboozled. Cook Co. GOP took an amazing pro-life stand by that press release yesterday, and I support that.

You gotta start somewhere, and to start with the Holy Grail(s) of the Democrat Party - African-Americans - is simply brave.

About the press release another blogger wrote, "I think for the Cook County party to take this line is pretty powerful for the pro-life movement. Hopefully, this will begin a trend of the establishment not treating pro-lifers like lepers."

To rightfully accuse the Democrat Party of being instrumental in keeping Blacks in true minority status - because of its adamant pro-abortion position - is a big deal, no matter what the GOP's sins of the past might be, and I daresay even what its motives might be.

The only reason there are now more Latinos in the US than Blacks is because of abortion. That's a fact. And the Democrats urge it on. And Blacks should know that.

Anonymous,  10:23 AM  

"The only reason there are now more Latinos in the US than Blacks is because of abortion."

Yeah right, it has more to do with African American's having an almost three times higher infant mortality rate than Hispanics. The problem is most pro-lifers don't care what happens after the live birth. Economic opportunity and access to quality health care would do more to reduce the number of abortions than the lies and damn lies of the anti-choice zealots.

Infant mortality rates per 100 live births (2000 census):

African Americans was 13.6.
Native Americans was 8.2.
Hispanics was 5.6.
Asian/Pacific Islanders was 4.8.
Whites was 5.7

Anonymous,  10:31 AM  

Anon 11:25 - you really aren't that bright, are you?

Jill Stanek 10:48 AM  

Anon, 10:23a - Your cliche that pro-lifers don't care about babies after they are born is old, tired and wrong. There is a waiting list for adoption of babies - white, black, healthy, or handicapped. There are thousands of crisis pregnancy centers scattered across the US. I could go on.

While you can pick apart pro-lifers as not being perfect, I, on the other hand, think the solution you and fellow pro-aborts offer - to kill babies who are potentially unwanted or who may be born into poor homes - is far less noble.

Anonymous,  10:50 AM  

You're so blinded by your self righteous crusade that you continue to lie, cheat and obfuscate rather than address the fact that abortions decrease when there is economic opportunity and access to health care.

Perhaps if you told the truth for a change you would stop alienating many of those who might agree with you. You have never demonstarted an ounce of compassion or a desire to to do anything other than race-bait, name-call and sloganeer.

Jill Stanek 10:59 AM  

Anon, 10:50a - The actual fact is that abortions decrease where there is a decrease in abortion mills. Planned Parenthood targets poor communities. Wealthier communities don't want sleazy abortion mills to tarnish them. Poor communities don't have the wherewithal to keep them out.

The fact also is abortions increase where illicit sex increases. Over 90% of all abortions are for secondary birth control. Where more and more money and time are poured into sex "education," the rate of unexpected pregnancies skyrockets.

One solution is to teach girls self-respect and to teach boys to stop behaving like sexual animals. These aren't values that have any monetary attachment.

Anonymous,  11:06 AM  

Right there, at 10:48, the example of demagoguery over dialogue continues.

I don't work for, donate to, or get involved with Planned Parenthood, or any similar organizations, personally.

I'm not even opposed to common-sense laws restricting abortion.

But when you call Planned Parenthood an "abortion mills," when you insinuate that pro-choice folks only want to kill babies; you are doing the exact thing you decried in the first paragraph of your post - trotting out old, untrue statements.

Planned Parenthood also offers pre-natal care and physician reference. Planned Parenthood also refers pregnant women to adoption agencies if they so choose.

The problem with extremists (on both sides) is the unwillingness to even have a dialogue. My way or the highway may be a great way to raise the dander of the true believers - but it is also a fine way to never get what you want.

A pox on both of your houses.

Anonymous,  11:06 AM  

Got Facts? I'd like to know how many African American babies have been adopted by all of the pro-life politicans and the wealthiest third of their contributors and voters. And how many of the above people are on that adoption waiting list? I'm sure it is each and every one of them. But funny I don't see their adoptees at church with them on Sunday. Hmmmm.

Heck, with their money, they could adopt more than one and hire nannies to boot, and not even have to change diapers or stay home from work on baby's sick days. They could keep going to work Monday-Friday creating harmful policies and cutting public funds making life harder for African Americans, right after claiming to be compassionate Christians on Sunday. Do they say, "praise the Lord and pass the tax cuts?" Or is it simply "welcome to the world baby, but you're on your own now - gotta go 'cause I have a tee time at the Christian capitalist millionaires' club."

(if this posts more than once, blame the 'system' that wouldn't 'take it' the first time.)

Anonymous,  11:08 AM  

Of course comprehensive, reality based sex education would be a great answer. The problem is the troglodytes from your movement who don't understand what a joke abstinance only education is.

Your insane statement that:

"The actual fact is that abortions decrease where there is a decrease in abortion mills. Planned Parenthood targets poor communities. Wealthier communities don't want sleazy abortion mills to tarnish them. Poor communities don't have the wherewithal to keep them out."

is either a knowing lie, or you've not bothered to notice all the folks from the "wealthier communities" who slum it down to those "abortion mills" when it's their kid.

Jill Stanek 11:27 AM  

Anon, 11:06 - Pro-aborts have their terminology, for instance, "the right to choose." Allow pro-lifers the same right.

Planned Parenthood is the Nation's largest abortion provider. They make 1/3 of their profits from abortion. They make another 1/3 from selling birth control. If birth control doesn't work, they sell abortion. What a deal.

Anon, 11:08 - From the Alan Guttmacher Institute (research arm of Planned Parenthood): "When a state introduces restriction on access, their abortion rate tends to drop."

From the Atlanta-Journal Constitution in 2005, reporting that only one abortion mill remains in Mississippi: "But teen births have declined 24 percent in Mississippi since 1991.... The state's abortion rate dropped by more than half during the same period, to less than one-third of the national rate."

Anonymous,  11:37 AM  

Nice attempt at the "half-truth" ploy. The rates in neighboring states and communities go up as a result.

How many children have you adopted? I'm guessing less than me. I'm guessing you spend more time generating lies, trying to make abortions unsafe and birth control harder to obtain than you do contributing anything to society beyond name calling and finger pointing.

Jill Stanek 11:42 AM  

This post has certainly drawn the ire of Planned Parenthood and Personal PAC propagandizers. Claims of nonassociation weaken when spouts from the playbook are made.

Anonymous,  11:42 AM  

This post has drawn sane people who understand what a vile liar you are out.

Anonymous,  11:45 AM  

It's a free country. The First Amendment applies to you too.

The point is, your acerbic language is good for firing up your members - but that is preaching to the choir, now isn't it.

My own mother is the perfect example of a target for you folks. Mid-50s. Not exceedingly political. Religious.

But when the movementarians came along with tv ads showing children singing in a cemetary - she was utterly repelled.

This is anecdotal - but not without merit.

Either side of the abortion argument, the gun argument, or any host of others -- turn down the crazy a few notches, and you'll accomplish more.

Anon 11:06 - reporting live from the middle of the road, where I can pretty clearly see both sides.

Jill Stanek 11:49 AM  

How am I a vile liar? Is or is not the Democrat Party the pro-abortion party? Did or did not a Democrat-controlled Supreme Court determine Dred Scott was not a citizen? Was or was not Margaret Sanger a eugenicist? Are or are not 80% of Planned Parenthood mills planted in poor, inner city neighborhoods?

Anonymous,  11:55 AM  

You lie with statistics that you know are not true. You use parts of quotes to change their meaning. You are either a liar or a fool to compare the Democrats with the Dred Scott Court to the party of today. It doesn't matter where the clinics are located, what matters is that people from communities such as yours who won't have then in their neighborhood use their services. Sanger wrote and spoke often with a message of Eugenics, one of the most outspoken leaders of your movement has bragged about having sex with animals. He defines the pro-life movement no more than Sanger defines the pro-choice movement.

Anonymous,  12:02 PM  

The comparison made by the Cook GOP press release between Dred Scott and Black abortion accurate.

They do not claim that they are equivalent; they claim "The result of Dred Scott was to strip African Americans of their standing under the law and thereby prevent them from ever exercising political power for the good of their
people. Roe v. Wade subtly accomplishes the same ends by a different means."

Are you people even reading the press release or just yelling nonsense like "republicans lie" and "tax cuts for the rich". How about "Halliburton".

You must listen to the other side before you formulate an argument. If all you want to do is speak, no one will want to listen.

Start by actually reading the press release. Then comment.

Jill Stanek 12:04 PM  

It was not I who made the comparison. It was the Cook Co. Republican Party. However, I agree.

Is or is not the Democrat Party the pro-abortion party? Was or was it not the pro-slavery party? Because the ratio of blacks to whites aborting is huge, how is it wrong to draw a comparison?

Does or does not Planned Parenthood locate most of its clinics in poor, minority neighborhoods? How is it wrong to associate the modern Planned Parenthood with its founder?

Stick to the topic.

Anonymous,  12:11 PM  

Has anyone other than the Cook GOP asked the black community what they think of all the black abortions?

Black republicans are writing press releases, but what do the black democrats have to say?

Are they concerned about their declining population. I once heard an social anthropologist state that the black population will be extinct in America within 150 years because of abortion and jail.

Anonymous,  12:18 PM  

You continue to argue black and white in a world full of grey.

For some who are inarguable intelligent-minded (like Jill), it is contrived, used as a somewhat cynical political gambit.

For others, it is the foolish consistency that is the hobgoblin of small minds.

Anonymous,  12:19 PM  

"Black republicans are writing press releases..."

Don't count on it.

prolifegirl1 12:41 PM  

You sure have alot to say. Why are you staying anonymous?

Anonymous,  1:43 PM  

Anon 12:19

Nice racist comment. I sense a strong undertone of black anger toward democrat indifference. I am not surprised black republicans are starting to speak up. I thought it would have happened sooner.

Watch they will be called sell-outs and oreos.

Anonymous,  2:29 PM  

1:43 - nice try, genius.

The contact person on the press release is Tom Swiss. Mr. Swiss is as white as his namesake cheese (and his words as full of holes).

Go to the Cook County GOP web site.

Black executive board members? Zero.

Black staff members? Goose egg.

And only a smattering of very marginal candidates (whose campaigns could probably put better use the cash wasted on this ad campaign better).

Anytime pretend-conservatives go about calling people racists, they always end up looking stupid. This exchange has proven no exception.

Anonymous,  2:33 PM  

Scratch the word "better" above.

And while we're at it, here's a little of that "undertone of black anger at Democrats" at work:

"But of the 4 Pres in attendance [at Coretta Scott King's funeral] "Clinton was the obvious favorite of the crowd." A "huge cheer went up as he reached" the podium, "and the crowd gave him a thunderous standing ovation when he approached the microphone"

Skeeter 2:47 PM  

Jill Stanek said...
It was not I who made the comparison. It was the Cook Co. Republican Party. However, I agree.

Is or is not the Democrat Party the pro-abortion party? Was or was it not the pro-slavery party? Because the ratio of blacks to whites aborting is huge, how is it wrong to draw a comparison?

Does or does not Planned Parenthood locate most of its clinics in poor, minority neighborhoods? How is it wrong to associate the modern Planned Parenthood with its founder?"

Interesting that you would raise that issue, Ms. Stanek. As you may recall, I previously addressed that very issue and you responded with a personal insult. That's your way, though, isn't it?

You know that arguments exist, and you are unable to counter them. At least have the courage to admit that.

Anonymous,  2:57 PM  

Is that relevant or not. I think so. How is it that there are more whites on welfare than blacks, yet 80% of klan parenthood clinics are in ethnic minority communities. And the founder had the intent to reduce ethnic minorities because she felt they were inferior.

How is this not seen as racist? What do you think will happen when black people stop drinking this liberal koolaid.

Anonymous,  3:08 PM  

"And the founder had the intent to reduce ethnic minorities because she felt they were inferior."

This has been dubunked numerous times here (with no reputtal to the contrary. You're an idiot.

Big Thing Jim,  3:15 PM  

I don't see why you can't both teach girls to have self-respect and boys to not be sex animals and the clear benefits of abstinence and monogamy plus teach about birth control. I'm sick of people who think sex ed has to be one or the other. It can have the best of both approaches.

Anonymous,  3:16 PM  


Anonymous,  3:17 PM  

Try again 2:29

Swiss may be the contact person, which is appropriate since he is the ED.

The Black History Month press release team is made up of 12 people. I can tell 10 are black, 1 is white (Swiss) and 1 I am not sure (Dunn).

Also, there is 1 African-American on the party staff. Use your scroll button.

Many black committeemen also. Why can't African-Americans express their socially conservative values as Republicans? Why do you have to hate so much?

Embrace change.

Anonymous,  3:19 PM  

3:08 "You're an idiot" is not an argument and learn to spell rebuttal.

Skeeter 3:21 PM  

Anonymous said...
"Try again 2:29

.... Why can't African-Americans express their socially conservative values as Republicans? Why do you have to hate so much?

Embrace change."

Response: Because the President Of the United States does not know what the Voting Rights Act is. If you can't vote, none of this matters.

50 + 50 = You 2 Slow,  3:22 PM  

I think it's kind of weird that you commemorate Black History Month by shaming all the black mothers who've had abortions. It's kind of like celebrating MLK day by commemorating his extramarital affair.

Anonymous,  3:26 PM  

That is a syllogism with a false premise. Blacks can vote whether the president can cite the Voting Rights Act or not.

Besides, that is just plain silly. Are you arguing that the President doesn't know if black people can vote or not?

Try again.

Anonymous,  3:28 PM  

100 posts. A century for Ms. Stanek and Rich Miller!!!

Anonymous,  3:29 PM  

50 + 50 = You 2 Slow said...
"I think it's kind of weird that you commemorate Black History Month by shaming all the black mothers who've had abortions. It's kind of like celebrating MLK day by commemorating his extramarital affair."

Actually, they think African-American women aren't smart enough to make personal decisions about their own bodies. If they're getting abortions it must be because they're being tricked into it by evil Planned Parenthood people.

Anonymous,  3:32 PM  

Amen. Racism sucks.

V_V()V,  3:33 PM  

I just want to say that I support gay marriage 100% and oppose abortion.

Skeeter 3:42 PM  

Anonymous said...
"That is a syllogism with a false premise. Blacks can vote whether the president can cite the Voting Rights Act or not.

Besides, that is just plain silly. Are you arguing that the President doesn't know if black people can vote or not?

Try again.

3:26 PM"

No, I am saying that African Americans can vote ONLY because the Voting Rights Act exists.
Read some history.

Jill Stanek 3:48 PM  

Big thing jim, 3:15p said, "I don't see why you can't both teach girls to have self-respect and boys to not be sex animals and the clear benefits of abstinence and monogamy plus teach about birth control."

You married, Jim? Or gotta girlfriend? Does she allow you to get away with that logic? "Sure, hon, you can go out with the boys. Now, no messing around! But just in case you cant' control yourself, here's a condom."

Why expect less of our kids than we expect of each other?

Anonymous,  3:50 PM  

"3:08 "You're an idiot" is not an argument and learn to spell rebuttal."

No..."This has been debunked several times" IS an argument.

Learn to read previous posts.

Oh, and sorry. Make that ONE Black staff member and zero Executive Board members. And five (FIVE!) candidates.

And who says Blacks (or anyone else) AREN'T allowed to express their views, conservative or otherwise? More idiotic argument by inference.

Anonymous,  3:54 PM  

People in steady, long-term monogamous relationships such as marriage use birth control. Me and my wife use it all the time.

Big Thing Jim,  3:55 PM  

No, I trust my girlfriend just like I think we should trust kids.

Anonymous,  3:56 PM  

Jill, I am speechless at that response to Jim. It is logic so twisted it would shame a pretzel.

No doubt we should EXPECT our kids to behave themselves. But here on planet earth, it doesn't always work out that way.

So if, like everyone in history except Jesus Christ, and, apparently you; our kids do succumb to temptation, wouldn't we rather they use a condom?

Would I be ashamed? Yes. Would I be saddened? Yes. But I would be the ashamed, saddened parent of a kid without a baby they were un-equipped to support and without diseases. And shame, sadness and sins can be overcome.

Jill Stanek 4:03 PM  

Anon, are you married?

Anonymous,  4:05 PM  

You're gonna have to be more specific than anon

Jill Stanek 4:13 PM  

You're right. Almost all detractors post anonymously here.

Ok, Anon, 3:56p - Are you married?

Anonymous,  4:17 PM  

yes...with children.

And, no, it wouldn't be ok for either of us to cheat (condom or not).

Hell, I want to send my daughter to a convent. But that probably isn't practical.


Gay Man Chicago,  4:38 PM  

The best part about being gay is you don't have to worry about abortions!

Anonymous,  4:46 PM  

Only the eternal fires of hell, sinner!

In case you couldn't tell - I was kidding.

Jill Stanek 4:51 PM  

Anon, 4:17p - Do you expect you'll have to lock your spouse in a convent in the event you must abstain from sex? Or do you expect your spouse to abstain with you?

Or will you hand your spouse a condom or diaphragm and hope s/he remains faithful anyway?

Anonymous,  4:59 PM  


I'm not sure what you're implying - but I'll take a crack, without getting too into details.

We took vows. At an altar. With a wiccan voodoo priestess.

Just kidding - he was a real live Catholic priest.

We honor our vows, and as adults, have better self-control than teenagers.

And there's always the way of Onan.

But teens don't always have self-control. Even the ones with really really good parents. And college students are generally adults, and free to do as they please.

BEEF,  5:01 PM  

There's a difference between teaching about condoms and handing them out. The more knowledge the better.

East Side Tony,  5:04 PM  

I believe in the rape exception b/c I think it has no right to be in there and woman has natural law right to get it out. But if you so pro-Life, why not get rich pro-Life guy pay rape victims $2,000 not to abort?

Anonymous,  5:06 PM  

And do spare the lesson about interpreting Onan's story as God's rejection of contraception or masturbation.

Because I will then have to assume you neither finance your home nor have an interest-bearing bank account, nor do you enjoy lobster, shrimp, etc.,

Noah's Black Ark,  5:13 PM  

Yeah, anything in Genesis really shouldn't be taken literally. If you do, you is nutsos.

Jill Stanek 5:36 PM  

Anon, 4:59 said, "But teens don't always have self-control."

So this particular branch of the conversation has come full circle. I began by stating we should expect our teens to rise above behaving like animals in heat, and you don't think they can.

You also practice a double standard. You expect one type of sexual behavior from your spouse - because you understand the consequences of infidelity, including emotional trauma, violation of trust, stds, etc. - yet expect your children to practice illicit sexual behavior, knowing they will suffer the same if not worse consequences.

Furthermore, you follow your own faith, and it's not Catholicism. You make up your own rules to suit.

It's not pie in the sky to believe we can teach our children self and mutual sexual respect via abstinence. This belief is based on Scripture and the teachings of Catholicism.

Anonymous,  5:40 PM  

We can't rely on all priests to remain abstinent, but you'll take that chance with kids with no knowledge of what their home life is like. Because of course, every child is raised with the same belief system as you. Good plan.

MD Hawk,  5:44 PM  

Do we really need to teach kids about birth control? If they're at all interesting people, they'll find out about it through non-school means. But then they'll probably hear something dumb like "she won't get pregnant if you rub yourself with Mountain Dew first"

Skeeter 5:49 PM  

I have to say that Stanek's last comment was too funny.
Good plan: Just teach them not to do it.
That will work.

Unfortunately, I think she was serious.

Of course, Jill Stanek would rather see poor kids die of AIDS then to teach them about condoms.
Yet she claims to be "pro-life."

What is that in the air? Isn't that the foul stench of hypocracy?

Her post is absolutely clear: She just doesn't care.

Also, Ms. Stanek, don't lecture us about Catholicism. You support a party that has cut back on medical care for children. You don't anything about Catholic values.

Convert yourself first. Then worry about the rest of us.

Jill Stanek 5:52 PM  

Anon, 5:40p - You're right. So the teaching in school should be abstinence - the higher bar - not "how to," followed by "how to to avoid consequences," followed by "and if the how to to avoid consequences fails, here's the # of closest abortion mill."

And don't forget that the organizatoin promoting this concept - Planned Parenthood (another full circle to this discussion) - makes money off the sex ed, off the birth control, and then off the abortion. It's a great scam. And you fell for it.

Olly Okbal,  5:55 PM  

The only reason we have sex ed in schools is because parents are too chicken to talk to their kids about it themselves. How about every one just teach their own kids about it. I'll tell my kids all about birth control when they're teens, but I don't see why the school has to teach kids to pick abstinence or birth control or anything.

Anonymous,  5:56 PM  

"It's a great scam. And you fell for it."

Like the abstinence only programs that right-wing groups are making money off of selling to schools? Now that's a scam.

This is sort of your own version of sexual Eugenics. If you only teach abstinence then those that fail to have enough piety to meet your personal religious standards are just on their own in terms of disease and unwanted pregnancy. What a wonderful, caring Catholic you are!

Anonymous,  5:58 PM  

"expect your children to practice illicit sexual behavior"

No. But I am not so obscenely naive to think it can't happen.

"Furthermore, you follow your own faith, and it's not Catholicism."

I should be offended that you've haughtily appointed yourself the arbiter of my faith, but I'm not. Because it's laughable at best, delusional at worst.

"It's not pie in the sky to believe we can teach our children self and mutual sexual respect via abstinence."

It is pie in the sky to believe some will not give in to their basest temptations. It's pie in the sky that some will not believe they're "in love." It's pie in the sky to believe that some will not rebel. And it's pie in the sky to believe many kids won't spend their late teens and 20s involved in at least some pre-marital sex simply because they want to.

But, hey, thank you for being the virtual Jesus...hanging out here with us online lepers and tax collectors.

Skeeter 6:00 PM  

"Olly Okbal said...
The only reason we have sex ed in schools is because parents are too chicken to talk to their kids about it themselves. How about every one just teach their own kids about it. I'll tell my kids all about birth control when they're teens, but I don't see why the school has to teach kids to pick abstinence or birth control or anything."

Because crack-heads have kids too.

That's the problem.

Please jus assume that all parents care about the kids.

It is not true.

You want to punish the kids for having bad parents.

goatcheese,  6:02 PM  

Why not let parents choose what kind of sex ed their kid gets? If parents want their kid to learn abstinence only, then he'll learn that. If parents want their kid to learn all about condoms and birth control, then he can learn that. What's wrong with letting parents decide?

Anonymous,  7:25 AM  

Planned Parenthood shouldn't be criticized for focusing on minority neighborhoods. They're in business to make money, and just like any business they will locate where they will make money. You're not going to see a tractor dealership in Garfield Park because that's not where the business is. You can argue that abortion shouldn't be a legal business, and I'd probably agree with you up to a point, but as long as it is legal, they have no social responsibility other than to follow the law and they should be free to locate wherever they think they can maximize profits just like any other business.

Anonymous,  10:04 AM  

Not a valid argument because there are more poor whites than blacks. They would make as much money in white neighborhoods, maybe more. The eugenics that is in the DNA of the organization is the reason for the disequilibrium.

Anonymous,  10:31 AM  

Funny how two opposing sides can be full of it - but 7:25 and 10:04 - you've managed.

Though 10:04 has done it with lies - whereas 7:25 did it with faulty logic.

Anonymous,  5:00 PM  

Hey fool. Is Cabrini-Green a lie. Maybe the Robert Taylor homes never existed.

Lets just continue to give the black community free entitlement programs

Anonymous,  5:01 PM  

and see what happens.

Anonymous,  12:19 AM  

Jill, all of your pro-life arguments are right on as usual.

But it's wrong for Skoien's Cook County GOP to throw mud at the Dems for being pro-abort, when Skoien and his crew have been equally spineless on this issue.

This isn't "a first step" as you assume. This is simply some ego-centric white guys looking for relevancy, and throwing stones within their little glass house.

Skoien and friends are do-nothing hypocrites on this issue. My criticism of your piece is limited to the point that I think it hurts your cause in the long run to prop-up hypocrites, who aren't really with you.

Skoien and the other phonies over there are just using this issue, hoping someone will notice them.

Jill, just ask Skoien for example why he recently adopted a new Platform for the County Party, and then not one iota about abortion or any social issue for that matter.

Obviously these are only issues for attacking the Dems on, not something they actually want to promote in their own organization. That's pretty incredible, not to mention hypocritical.

All I'm hearing is that their patronizing, hypocritical rants are turning off a lot of Black folks.

But keep up the great work Jill! You're the best.

Skeeter 8:53 AM  

Anonymous said...
"Hey fool. Is Cabrini-Green a lie. Maybe the Robert Taylor homes never existed.

Lets just continue to give the black community free entitlement programs

5:00 PM"

How "Pro-Life" of you.

Jill Stanek 9:22 AM  

Anon, 12:19a - "Nothing matters except that, in one way or another, people are told the message about Christ, whether with honest or dishonest motives, and I'm happy about that." - Philippians 1:18

Jerry P,  10:28 AM  

Sounds like the Libs don't like their own kind of tactics. Out of context, etc. Good job Jane. I mean it.

Anonymous,  3:15 PM  

If abortion is such a blessing, why don't white communities want clinics in their neighborhoods? I heard a black comedian joking that when a black woman gets pregnant, she and her girlfriends have an "abortion party" where they decide if she's goint to keep the baby or abort. It was a sick joke but the sentiment and has led to Hispanics, who do not buy into the abortion mentality, becoming the leading minority with the political clout. Our family is black and we are republicans--we just don't advertise.

InklingBooks 3:30 PM  

Those who'd like to know more about the Margaret Sanger/eugenics connection can find a historical overview at:

Inkling University

I once had a liberal English professor and Planned Parenthood supporter point to a young black man standing nearby and whisper, "That's why we need abortion." If that isn't targeting a specific racial population, what is?

--Mike Perry
Editor, Eugenics and Other Evils
Editor, The Pivot of Civilization in Historical Perspective

Anonymous,  11:42 AM  

"colored Negroes"... isn't that redundant?

Anonymous,  11:45 AM  

so the opposite of pro-life or pro-birth must therefore be pro-death?

Timothy 11:38 AM  

With this controversy, I wanted to point out to folks here that Sanger did another just as evil as her membership in the babykilling Holocaust organization of Planned Parenthood. She went to a KKK rally in 1926 at Silverdale, New Jersey. She admitted at source called "Margaret Sanger: An Autiobiography" (on pgs. 366-367 1971 reprint by Dover Publications, Inc. of the 1938 original published by W. W. Norton & Company). Mike S. Adams' article called "Margaret Sanger: An Intellectual Moron" on September 23, 2004 has evidence on it. www.klannedparenthood.com is a link on it. Emily Taft Douglas wrote about it.

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