Monday, February 27, 2006

Ed Burke on George Ryan

Rick Kogan quoting Chicago's elder statesman: Ed Burke,

"The law business is good," he says. "I have been fortunate to have the best of both worlds. I have enjoyed the political side of it and also enjoyed my private legal practice. Yes, there have been temptations, [but] if you try to conduct yourself under the rules, in the long run you are better off. But sometimes those rules are changed in the middle of the game."

For example?

"I see some of that in the Ryan case. Frankly I don't see that what George Ryan did was a great deal different than what every other governor has done for the last 100 years."
I'm guessing the jurors agree and Ryan walks.

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Pat Hickey 7:42 AM  

Mr. Burke is a fine scholar and an astute observer of the life political.

More to my particilat prejudices, I have observed Ald. Burke at Mass in Old St. Pete's and at funerals and such.

Unlike so many political animals, (I remember what an obnoxious and insensitive jerk Carol Mosely Braun made of herself at Steve Neal's wake) Ed Burke makes no show in his decotions and sits in the back and out of the way. That speaks well of him.

I think that Ryan will walk. He has made powerful enemies in both Parties and few of the people who feigned friendship will stand by him now. That is the hideous underside of political life. I am sickened by Carol Marin and the WLS news stooges, Don Wage and Roma, working up the ditto-heads on today's broadcast.

Anonymous,  8:22 AM  

Like Rostenkowski, Ryan is caught is shifting winds and will likely be blown down as a result.

Ain't Ready for Reform,  9:28 AM  

You folks think that Burke's "daily communicant" act is an original idea....NOT! Old Mayor Daley pulled the same routine, attending Mass daily at St. Peter's.... What a great pose...does it make these guys any less crooked or slimy?

Burke's comment on Ryan is predictable... sticking up for the establishment. Ryan's defense is that he did not "do" any of the things he's accused of. The prosecution has weaved a case of circumstantial evidence. So if Burke is commenting on what the prosecution has alleged Ryan was "doing", Burke's slip is showing. If, for example, telling Swanson that a prison will go into a certain town before anyone else knows, and letting Swanson fleece the town by telling them he is the "lobbyist" that can make the prison happen, isn't "wrong" than not much else is according to "Burke's Law".

Pat Hickey 9:43 AM  

Goin' Ta Church Ain't A Routeen All da Time.

Some Birds Like Da Smells'nBells On Da Square - See?

Udders Like Burke Go Ta Church Cuz Dat's What Dey BuH-Leeve.

'Corse Most Phonies Don't Act Like Phonies - 'Cept Da Ones Dat Are Good Atit.

Bill Baar 9:55 AM  

Mr Dooley becomes blogger it seems.

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