Monday, February 27, 2006

Disclosure Updates

Cross-posted from ICPR's blog, The Race is On:

ICPR and the Sunshine Project have finished analyzing reports for all statewide and legislative candidates and have posted that data to the Sunshine Database on ICPR's website. For information on top donors for all those candidates through Calendar Year 2005, visit the site. We hope to get that posted for the 175 or so judicial candidates soon; in the meantime, learn more about judicial candidates at our other website,

We're also in the A1 period for the March primary; digging through the reports we found these bits:

Giannoulias News: The candidate for the Dem nomination reported getting $100K from an "Anna Giannoulias". His report suggests that he doesn't know who she is, either by occupation or employer. Apparently, one of the nice things about running for office is that you might be reunited with long lost relatives; rich ones at that. He also formed a second political committee, with the same officers, called Alexi for Illinois (State ID 9138).

Eye on Eychaner: Fred Eychaner is giving again, handing out at least $140K so far this calendar year. Forest Claypool is the big recipient at $100K, while DPI and Cook County Clerk David Orr both report $20K.

Family Values: The Family Taxpayer Network still hasn't paid their fines, but that hasn't stopped them from giving money away. They show $10K each to two contested House candidates.

Challenge for Madigan: Chicago resident Naisy Dolar has formed a PAC to seek the Democratic nomination for Attorney General. Filing for the March Primary closed weeks ago; she's either running as a write-in or she's planning ahead for 2010.


Anonymous,  4:59 PM  

Check your work there David.

When you file electronically, you don't have to list occupation according to the state board.

So, cut the snark, I'm sure he knows who it is, he just doesn't have to list it.

David 6:14 PM  

Snark? At least I put my name on my posts, M(r/s) Anonymous.

Actually, electronic filing has no bearing on whether or not you have to disclose occupation or employer. A-1s are required by Section 9-10 of the Election Code (I don't know how to post links in these comments, or I'd post one). Section 9-10 describes all of the reports committees have to file, including D-2 reports and A-1s. Section 9-11 of the Election Code requires that all reports filed under 9-10, including D2s and A1s, include occupation and employer for individual donors of more than $500.

But more to the point, this is a donor who gave $100K and shares the same last name as the candidate; wouldn't someone ask? If only because they gave so much. When in doubt, disclose. The committee took the time to type in "information requested" on the form; in the same number of key strokes, they could have typed occupation and employer information. Just that easy!

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