Thursday, February 16, 2006

Illinois Civil War records now online

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Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, has put online a treasure trove of information that will greatly please genealogists, historians, and civil war buffs: Illinois' Civil War muster rolls are now online.

Says White's office, from a press release last week:

"Personal information about the more than 285,000 Illinois soldiers who served in the Civil War is now available through our website and this will be a boon to genealogists and historians looking for information," White said. "This information was taken mainly from large, bulky ledger books that in the past could only be accessed through research at the Norton Archives building in Springfield

The data base is here. Let's put my last name, Ruberry in and see what comes up:


Joseph Ruberry: my great-grandfather.

The photo is of a 19th century cannon, but taken a couple days ago during my Jamaica trip


Gish,  3:26 PM  

I maye be mistaken but this has been available for quite some time now.

Marie Carnes 3:55 PM  

John, Thanks for point this out.

Gish, I think some part of the database did exist previously, but not with as much detail and ease of searchability.

John Ruberry 4:26 PM  

Online? Yes, but not in such detail, and also, and I could be wrong, but not from the state.

Anonymous,  8:03 PM  

This is so much better than similar sites, more complete and more detail. Thanks for the heads up John.

Bill Baar 5:57 AM  

I did a post on my blog on Edward Ayers and digital history.

These digital databases lend themseleves to all sorts of interesting uses and the Civil War offers a wealth of them.

Thanks for this link.

Gish,  8:45 AM  


Like I said I could have been wrong but cyberdriveillinois has had something but it mught not have had the detail.

Unfortunately I did not learn anything I did not already know. I am merely waiting for them to digitize all the IRAD holdings. hint hint. Holding my breath.


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