Thursday, February 16, 2006

Machinist Union Behind Cegelis in 6th Dist Race

I was going to post a little something about Christine Cegelis earning the endorsement of the International Association Machinists and Aerospace Workers, but Hiram got the jump on me:

International Association of Machinists Backs Christine Cegelis In The Congressional 6th

This is a big endorsement for Cegelis - the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) is a big union with a big local presence in the 6th Congressional District. It means money, boots on the ground and access to 6,000 local members in the 700,000 strong union. Plus, with union airline employees hurting in jobs that paid a decent wage, this may be a highly motivated union membership. It certainly will cause some recalculating about Christine Cegelis' chances in the race.
Christine explained why this endorsement is so important to her and her campaign:
They work here, they live here, and they understand the issues that affect this District. This isn’t a symbolic or long-distance endorsement. It’s my friends and my neighbors and hard-working constituents who deserve better than they’ve been getting from the decision makers in Washington. I couldn’t be more proud. Or more encouraged by the faith they’ve placed in me.
This kind of local, rank and file endorsement puts motivated district residents out on the street getting out the vote. And that face-to-face, neighbor to neighbor communication and motivation might just edge out the bulk-rate postcards in this race.

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Philosophe Forum 8:45 PM  

There are a few unions that still donate to the Dems. This is one of the better ones with common sense. Unlike those contributing to Reps. that consistently vote against pro-labor legislation: iron workers, teamsters, carpenters, & bricklayers.

They'll find out in Nov. that the smart money's on Cegelis!

Bill Baar 5:53 AM  

This mean Cegelis is going to have to commit to Federal Welfare for United Airlines?

The 68 radical in me more attracted to the William Jennings Bryan like Lindsey Scott appealing to the immigrant vote with a social gospel.

The patriotic side of me respects Duckworth's sacrifice and her statement that however she feels about Bush's conduct of the war, it was not in vain.

This endorsement just sounds like a stakeholder pushing for a corporate bailout....

...radical, leftist, or passionate it's not.

Pat Hickey 7:31 AM  

"There are a few unions that still donate to the Dems. This is one of the better ones with common sense. Unlike those contributing to Reps. that consistently vote against pro-labor legislation: iron workers, teamsters, carpenters, & bricklayers."

Now, THAT is a serious giggle.

Bill Baar 7:36 AM  

Rich has a round up of the race today telling us Cegelis is in disarry.

We've got a Democrat of Faith. We've got a Democrat of Service.

And then we have Ms Cegelis and the IAM looking for a bailout of United.

That speaks volumes to me about where mainstream liberals have gone.

Pat Hickey 7:39 AM  

You mean Progressive ; don't you William?

Bill Baar 7:48 AM  

If Cegelis comes in last, I don't think the progressives can hang Emmanuel on it.

It's a clear signal to me Democratic Primary voters are looking for people with evidence of believing in something... something positive.. in values if want to use a tired word I try an avoid..

But in a rush right now... there is a real message to the folks behind Cegelis if this comes to pass and Rich suggests it's unfolding.

Pat Hickey 7:53 AM  
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Pat Hickey 7:57 AM  

Well, Bill me boy, the empirical evidence of this 'move-on' melt down is more than manifest in regular guy land - the people who vote.

All of that pre-packaged progressive/reform/only-real-choice nevr really wins the hearts and minds of people who actually belong to unions, pay their mortagages, the taxes on public schools, and their kids Catholic school tuition.

That might be why we Democrats seem to get along with our Republican neighbors.

So-Called Austin Mayor 9:16 AM  

"We've got a Democrat of Faith."


If you had attended some of the candidate fora you would know that Christine Cegelis is also a "Democrat of Faith".

One does not have to be an anti-choice, Wheaton College employee to be a "Democrat of Faith."

Drop by the district some time and you would see that there are many kinds of "Democrats of Faith" here.

Bill Baar 9:37 AM  

I might take you up on it Austin.

She may be a candidate of Faith, but she's running with the support of the Ayatollahs of Militant Secularism over at and Kos.... they seem like bigger religous fanatics to me sometimes then Scot.

Philosophe Forum 8:17 PM  

People can seriously giggle all they want. Unions give big to the Republicans all the time.

Since John Shimkus (IL-19), a "market conservative Republican", has been in congress, the unions have given him $146,424. Never once has he voted for any pro-labor legislation. Those union organizations that have broken away from the AFL-CIO are routine contributors to Republican incumbents. The employment numbers show that union membership dues used as PAC contributions hasn't been "buying" votes. IL-19 has the highest unemployment in the state.

Cegelis is a progressive Democrat. She's not a mainstream Democrat. Very different things. She'll definitely be a greater asset in congress than DeLay's little protege', Roskam.

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